AC Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Door of Darkness

Exactly as Xiao Xiao guessed, the undead’s strength that were summoned depended on the casting time. Due to Shi Xiaobai’s taunting, The Arch-Cardinal had choose not to hold back for a bigger and more powerful move. Instead, he would immediately summon the undead once a wave of skeleton soldiers was destroyed.

By considering the Arch-Cardinal’s actions, be it taking the risk to forcibly intrude into this world or lose his calm and composure from Shi Xiaobai’s taunting, it was easy to tell that the Arch-Cardinal had a high opinion of himself but had an easily enraged heart made out of glass.

Xiao Xiao keenly sensed this point and planned to use it to buy time.

Although her imagination was perfect, reality was cruel. Despite possessing a heart of glass, the Arch-Cardinal did not have a brain made of tofu. He could not have become an Arch-Cardinal in the Church of Virtuality if he was that stupid.

He knew how the risk increased the longer he stayed in this world. After he struggled for a moment, he finally decided to choose the most secure method. In fact, this was what he should have done from the very beginning, but he had let his anger get to his head.

But it was still not too late!

As the black gas constantly rose up from the ground, they surged into the black halo in Arch-Cardinal’s palm. The heaven and earth resounded with the wails of ferocious specters as an eerie atmosphere enveloped the jungle, turning it to a shade of gray.

The next undead summoning would end everything.

Xiao Xiao spaced out slightly as she realized the gravity of the situation.

The Arch-Cardinal was using all his strength to channel the undead summoning, and it would definitely be a level that could crush them.

“We have to interrupt his channeling!”

Xiao Xiao hurriedly shouted at Shi Xiaobai, who was about a thousand meters away. However, she seemed to realize something after she shouted. She could only shake her head with a wry smile plastered across her face.

The Arch-Cardinal was obviously quite afraid of Shi Xiaobai’s Pig Slaughtering Knife. He deliberately flew to a height of a hundred meters to channel his super move. Unless Shi Xiaobai could fly, there was nothing they could do to the Arch-Cardinal.

The only person who could interrupt the Arch-Cardinal’s channeling was her!

However, could her arrow break through the Arch-Cardinal’s defenses?

Xiao Xiao smiled bitterly, but her eyes immediately turned resolute. Regardless of the outcome, she had to give it a try.

Xiao Xiao raised her crystal arrow and aimed at that cassocked figure. Psionic Power surged to her fingertips from her body, condensing into a hard Psionic Arrow. As she pulled the bow open, she took a deep breath and released the arrow!

“Crimson Netherworld!”

Xiao Xiao did not dare to have any reservations for this arrow.


A black barrier suddenly flashed, blocking the arrow in mid air!

“Barrier of Darkness!” Xiao Xiao sighed. If WindWithoutTrace could be protected by the Barrier of Darkness, it was only natural for the Arch-Cardinal to also be protected by the Barrier of Darkness.

Just thinking back on how the Barrier of Darkness could perfectly withstand four of her Crimson Netherworld arrows, she immediately felt somewhat discouraged. She could not even cause the Barrier of Darkness to quiver with crystal arrows, what more Psionic Arrows that were one grade lower in hardness?

Against this black barrier, the weak her was powerless.

Suddenly a voice shouted from afar.

“This barrier is ten times weaker than before!”

Xiao Xiao hurriedly traced where the sound came from and she saw Shi Xiaobai’s figure disappearing into the jungle. Despite that, his voice still echoed out of the jungle into her ears.

This sentence was specifically meant for her.

Wait, did this pervert said the Barrier of Darkness was ten times weaker than before?

How did he tell?

After a moment of thought, Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up. If she did not remember wrongly, Vision of God had an ability known as “Eyes of Numeric Data”. It could reduce all sorts of information into numbers. If Shi Xiaobai possessed the Eyes of Numeric Data, then he could indeed see how much the Barrier of Darkness had weakened.

However, wasn’t this little pervert’s Vision of God “Discerning Weakness”?

Xiao Xiao was somewhat puzzled. Although there were many forms and abilities for the Six Senses of God, there had been no records of people having multiple abilities or having such amazing abilities. Theoretically speaking, “Eyes of Numeric Data” and “Discerning Weakness” could not coexist in the same pair of eyes.

Xiao Xiao shook her head and flung her doubts temporarily away. She did not have the time to consider these academic issues.

“It appears that when the Arch-Cardinal is channeling his skill, he is unable to place emphasis on his defense, which results in the Barrier of Darkness being ten times weaker.”

Upon coming up with the most reasonable judgement, Xiao Xiao felt a glimmer of hope rise up in her heart.

Since the Barrier of Darkness had weakened by ten times, it was still possible for her to shatter it!

Xiao Xiao released her Psionic Power again as she formed a new Psionic Arrow.

Moments later, Xiao Xiao languidly lowered her crystal bow.

Ten times. She had shot “Crimson Netherworld” a total of ten times. She had used all her strength to shoot ten “Crimson Netherworld” consecutively. But in the end, the Barrier of Darkness did not shatter. It did not even have the slightest tremor!

Didn’t he say that it was ten times weaker?

Xiao Xiao faintly sighed as she looked up into the sky. The black halo that was gradually condensing was becoming extremely large. It was slowly forming the outline of a gigantic door.

Xiao Xiao could not imagine how many undead legions would pour out once the Arch-Cardinal was done channeling his super move. It was probably a number that would throw them into a state of complete despair.

“Is this the end?”

Xiao Xiao’s lips trembled slightly as she felt a tinge of despair.

But at that moment, a shout suddenly resounded from the jungle. A figure suddenly appeared in mid air!

Xiao Xiao focused her eyes as her pupils constricted violently. The figure that had leaped high into the air was none other than Shi Xiaobai. With a knife in hand, he stabbed into the sky with his Pig Slaughtering Knife, as though he wanted to poke through the black fog that filled the sky.

However, the highest height Shi Xiaobai reached from jumping was only slightly more than ten meters.

As for the Arch-Cardinal, he was situated about a hundred meters in the sky.

His knife had without any suspense, stabbed into nothingness. After struggling in mid air for half a second, Shi Xiaobai fell to the ground in a funny posture.

What was this fool doing?

Xiao Xiao was dumbfounded.

Just as she was in a daze, she saw Shi Xiaobai rapidly getting up from the ground. This time, she saw the entire process.

She saw Shi Xiaobai look around his surroundings to find a relatively tall tree. Next, he climbed up the tree like a monkey. After reaching the top, he would stagger to stand up before leaping high into the sky.

However, the tallest trees in the jungle were still less than twenty meters tall. His jump was destined to never touch the Arch-Cardinal, who was a hundred meters high!

Without any suspense, Shi Xiaobai failed, but he immediately got up and continued repeating these attempts that were impossible to succeed.

“Does this fool think he can jump ninety meters?”

Xiao Xiao fell into stunned silence, but for some reason, she felt somewhat upset.

She was very tempted to yell at Shi Xiaobai, “Give up. You are doing something foolish.” However, it was as though there was a fish bone stuck in her throat, preventing her from saying anything.

If this was in the past, she would definitely scoff at such ridiculous behavior. She might even secretly mock in her heart.

However, at this moment, her eyes turned slightly red.

She was somewhat touched, but it was mostly guilt.

As she was about to give up, he was still persisting with his laughable efforts.

He was still hopeful when facing the huge distance of ninety meters.

As for her, she had felt despair when she looked at the few centimeters where her fingers moved when releasing an arrow.

He did not say “don’t give up” to her. He did not request for her to persist on in this life-and-death juncture. He was just silently giving his all without wavering in his resolve. He was doing everything within his power.

As for her… what did she do?

“What a fool.”

Xiao Xiao exhaled. Her heart felt like something was slipping away, but it also felt like something was filling it up.

She raised her crystal bow as streams of white Psionic Power surged out from her fingertips, gradually forming a Psionic Arrow.

Not enough! Not enough! Not enough!

Xiao Xiao gritted her teeth and did not stop releasing her Psionic Power. The white energy constantly flowed into the Psionic Arrow, condensing it into a harder and more solid arrow.

Sensing how specks after specks of Psionic Power was draining from her body which did not have much Psionic Power left to begin with, the corner of Xiao Xiao’s mouth gradually formed an arc.

Slowly, her body began to turn limp while her vision began to turn blurry. Her legs were constantly trembling as her hand could barely hold the Psionic Arrow that was getting more and more dazzling. However, Xiao Xiao did not stop. It was as though she wanted to squeeze out every drop of energy from her body to release the Psionic Power.

At the instant she was about to drain off all her power, Xiao Xiao finally released!

By releasing her fingers, she could regain the ability to grasp onto hope!

This arrow was called never giving up!

Xiao Xiao did not see the scene of the arrow shooting up into the sky. At the moment she released her hand, she had fallen backwards and plopped to the ground.

However, she knew that the arrow would succeed, because at the moment she shot out Crimson Netherworld, it had reached the Exemplary Mastery realm and also because she had used all her strength for this arrow.

Indeed, a deafening explosion resounded from the sky as an angry voice boomed.

Xiao Xiao imagined the Arch-Cardinal’s flustered appearance and smiled in her heart. She struggled to get up, but just lifting her upper body had expended all the strength she had left.

But being able to hold up her upper body was sufficient.

This was because Shi Xiaobai happened to be falling from mid air. When he got up from the ground, he could see her when he turned around.

They were separated by a thousand meters and their eyes interlocked over the great distance.

She nodded at him.

He waved at her.

At this moment, a gigantic black door fell from the sky. The door firmly embedded itself into the ground, as though a black wall had been built across half the jungle, separating Xiao Xiao and Shi Xiaobai on two ends.

In Xiao Xiao’s vision in front of her, all that was left was darkness.

In the darkness, dozens of gigantic bone dragons flew out as row after row of black skeleton soldiers marched out.

They appeared from both sides of the door. One headed to the left, while the other headed to the right. This door of darkness split the jungle into two worlds, but they were the same hell.

Xiao Xiao’s face immediately turned white because numerous bone dragons were already flying towards her with a roar, but she no longer had any strength to escape.

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