AC Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: I want to know you

“Foolish worm, how can the Bishop’s summoning of the dead have such a laughable limitation. Do you feel despair? The limitless army of the undead will tear you to pieces!”

The Arch-Cardinal was floating high in the sky as he laughed in a cruel and ruthless manner.

The eighty red-colored skeleton soldiers held a bone saber in hand and wore a suit of armor. They charged at Shi Xiaobai the moment they appeared. That lone, trembling ordinary skeleton soldier seemed to find its courage when it found its cadres.

When Xiao Xiao saw this scene, she was both nervous and curious. She could not understand the Arch-Cardinal mode of actions. If the undead summoning did not have the limitations as she said, why didn’t he just directly summon a gigantic army and overwhelm them?

Time was likely something very valuable for the Arch-Cardinal.

The Church of Virtuality’s acts of terror were typically carried out in the real world. The virtual world was only the place where they “lured talent”. This was because once a parishioner of the Church of Virtuality did anything big in the virtual world, the various statistics that were connected to the World Divine Realm would reveal their location in the real world. This could be said to be fatal for a terrorist who was hiding from the authorities.

The existence of the Church of Virtuality had once caused the virtual competitive industry to decline, but the various countries could not harden their hearts to ban virtual competition. Firstly, there was a reliance on this piece of technology and secondly, the danger caused by the Church of Virtuality in the virtual world was nothing compared to calamity fiends or astral beasts.

If every parishioner of the Church of Virtuality could freely invade the virtual world like the Arch-Cardinal, or even cause the system to crash and the death of players, then would there be any reason for the virtual competitive industry to exist any further?

The Arch-Cardinal definitely had paid a huge price and taken a huge risk for the present situation to occur. But even so, he still had the limitation of being unable to attack in this world.

Hence, the most important thing for the Arch-Cardinal was time. To reduce the risk of exposing his location, it only made sense for him to end the battle as soon as possible. Why did he use an attacking strategy that sent wave after wave that gradually increased in strength?


Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up slightly. “Different levels of undead summoning requires a different casting time!”

Xiao Xiao finally understood why the Arch-Cardinal was using an attacking method with a gradual growth. There was no other reason—Shi Xiaobai was too fast with his killing. Furthermore, every time he was done, he would taunt the Arch-Cardinal with the words “anymore”!

The Arch-Cardinal could not tolerate such humiliation and gave up on a long casting time. After Shi Xiaobai was done with a wave, he would immediately use the undead summoning again. As such, even though the undead summoning was being improved every time, its increase was not that much!

Xiao Xiao found the reason quite amusing, but immediately became alert.

“Once the speed at which the army is cleared slows down, the next undead summoning will become stronger.”

Realizing this gave Xiao Xiao a huge fright. At this moment, Shi Xiaobai was battling eighty red skeleton soldiers. If nothing surprising happened, the next wave would be a hundred and sixty, but once he slowed down due to exhaustion, the next wave might even increase to three hundred and twenty.

Their situation was currently no different from wading upstream!

She could not let the pervert wade alone. She had to move the two oars as well!

With this thought in mind, Xiao Xiao immediately raised her crystal bow, and shot out a Psionic Arrow!


Xiao Xiao’s eyes could not help but widen as the arrow hit a red skeleton soldier in the peripheral. All it did was cause a few bones to break!

Although she had used ordinary archery techniques in order to conserve Psionic Power, the red skeleton soldiers’ defenses caught her by surprise. The defense was more than a grade higher than the normal skeleton soldier from before.

Xiao Xiao turned her head to look at Shi Xiaobai, who appeared to be swimming in a crowd of red skeleton soldiers. With that, she was completely dumbfounded. Although his dodging took more time because he was heavily surrounded, Shi Xiaobai’s speed at killing the skeleton soldiers did not slow down. The red skeleton soldiers were as weak as tofu under his blade. They shattered to the ground upon contact.

Apparently, the knife technique was called Pig Slaughtering Knife?

That sure was some f*cking divine Pig Slaughtering Knife!

For the first time, Xiao Xiao found her intelligence lacking. Gritting her teeth, she raised her crystal arrow and shot out another arrow. This time, the arrow was “Crimson Netherworld” that contained her grievance!


With an explosion, a large swath of skeleton soldiers was reduced to smithereens.

The corner of Xiao Xiao’s lips suffused a slight smile as she regained a bit of her confidence. However, her tiny face scrunched up once again. In order to produce a Psionic Arrow that could be the medium for “Crimson Netherworld”, the arrow had consumed a great deal of her Psionic Power. At this rate of consumption, her remaining Psionic Power could only allow her to produce a few more “Crimson Netherworld” shots.


“Crimson Netherworld!”

Xiao Xiao gritted her teeth and resorted to Crimson Netherworld once again. She felt the pinch as she experienced the loss of her Psionic Power.


Another skeleton soldier was blown to smithereens by the arrow.

Under the combined efforts of Shi Xiaobai’s Pig Slaughtering Knife and her Crimson Netherworld, the wave of skeleton soldiers was quickly cleared. The Arch-Cardinal appeared dumbfounded as he fell into inaction.

A sly smile suffused on Xiao Xiao’s lips as she faced the Arch-Cardinal and deliberately taunted, “Any~more?”

“Courting death!” The Arch-Cardinal immediately gave an angry laugh. With another wave of his hand, the door of darkness appeared before red skeleton soldiers walked out with surging killing intent.

Xiao Xiao scanned and immediately smiled. There was indeed only eighty red skeleton soldiers for this wave! Her guess was correct. The longer the casting time, the stronger the undead summoning would become!

“Since you are such a cardinal, then don’t blame me for a little scheming.”

Xiao Xiao found the Arch-Cardinal truly stupid. As long as he held back with a bit of tolerance, he could produce a gigantic wave of skeletons to drown them to death. The battle would be over, but he…

Xiao Xiao felt somewhat lucky. The path she took was a stable and safe academic route since she was a genius that had been pampered from her childhood. Although she appeared composed on the surface, she had never experienced true danger. She only experienced such a life and death situation when she was still very little.

When she first encountered the Arch-Cardinal, she was startled at the beginning. She even felt a tinge of despair after knowing that the virtual system had crashed.


Xiao Xiao focused her eyes on the dancing youth who was appearing everywhere amidst the pile of skeleton soldiers. He was elegant and appeared like a cold grim reaper. He wore a funny clown costume, and was using funny Crab Steps and a knife technique with the name of Pig Slaughtering Knife, but this actually gradually settled down her panicked heart.

This was the coolest clown she had ever seen.

“We have been saved.”

As Xiao Xiao told herself in her heart, a smile appeared under her veil as arrow after arrow of Crimson Netherworld was shot.

“As long as enough time is delayed, Grandpa will definitely think of a way to save us. We just need to hold on a little longer and we will be able to leave this world that has reality turned on its head.”

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out of it.

“When the time comes, I want to know you.”

The final skeleton soldier was shattered to bone rubble by Shi Xiaobai’s Pig Slaughtering Knife. The eighty skeleton soldiers wave was once again completely wiped out.

Xiao Xiao was just about to carry on taunting when she saw the hovering Arch-Cardinal slowly rise up. He was floating several hundred meters high, but he did not continue summoning the undead. Instead, he calmed down like a statue.

Suddenly, a black glow appeared from the Arch-Cardinal’s hands.

Streams of black gas began to emit from the ground as they surged towards the sky, into his cassock. A dark wail resounded through the sky as if it was the roar of a ferocious ghost.

Shi Xiaobai immediately shouted, “Be careful, the little pig is going to use his super move!”

Xiao Xiao: “…”

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