AC Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Don’t kill them all

The ten skeletons he had just summoned were reduced to a heap of broken bones in less than three seconds. This stiffened the Arch-Cardinal’s face for several seconds before he let out a dry laugh. He was like a speaker who had his train of thought interrupted. He was at a loss for words, embarrassed as to what to say.


Shi Xiaobai repeated the word again.

“Very well, very well, very well.”

Embarrassment naturally transformed into anger. After the Arch-Cardinal laughed angrily thrice, he waved his hand, causing a door of darkness to appear in front of him. Twenty skeletons walked out from it. The moment they exited the door, they charged at Shi Xiaobai with an intense killing intent. They seemed to lack the stiffness a collection of white bones should have.

Shi Xiaobai was naturally unafraid. He shook the knife in his hand and just as he was about to charge forward, he suddenly realized something different.

These twenty skeleton soldiers appeared different from the first ten!

Not only were they faster, but they were also bigger. Most importantly, these twenty skeleton soldiers had fewer “red lines”!

Shi Xiaobai could clearly see a red line that indistinctly appeared through each skeleton soldier’s body. When he first attempted to slash at those red lines, it was like he had cleaved into tofu. A gentle slash at it would reduce the skeleton soldier to broken bones.

Shi Xiaobai immediately figured out that these looming red lines were the skeleton soldier’s weakness. Just like the virus black cocoon’s holes and the Barrier of Darkness’ constant flickering, seizing their weaknesses allowed him to easily destroy them with a single strike.

Shi Xiaobai could precisely capture the trajectory motion of the red lines and use an extremely fast speed to slash at them. The motions he made that bordered on instinct were natural and smooth, as though he had gone through practice that numbered thousands of times. It easily allowed him to shatter the skeleton soldiers.

But for these skeleton soldiers, not only did they have fewer red lines, but the red lines were even finer and shorter. The speed at which the red lines moved was also much faster.

This meant that these skeleton soldiers had fewer weaknesses!

Or it should be said that they had become stronger!

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised, but he quickly flung those thoughts to the back of his head. After a slight pause, he charged straight at the twenty skeleton soldiers!

As long as the red lines existed, he could easily destroy them!

Shi Xiaobai charged into the twenty skeleton soldiers, causing a red glow to effuse from their eye sockets. As they raised their sabers to slash at him, the sharp sound of air being sliced through rang one after another.

Too slow! Too slow! Too slow!

In Shi Xiaobai’s eyes, the skeleton soldiers’ attacks were too slow. Their movements were overly simple too. They were completely not on par with Thomas’ “Wraith Bullet” or Xiao Xiao’s “Crimson Netherworld”!

Using his intuition for danger and his ability to spontaneously react, Shi Xiaobai easily dodged the dancing sabers in the clump of skeleton soldiers. He did not use any fake moves or sudden changes in speed, nor did he use any fancy moves. In the dance of the saber flashes, he was like a relaxed dancer, so calm and elegant.

“Keng! Keng! Keng! …”

The sound of clashes continued as Shi Xiaobai slashed out his knife with each step he took. Every strike was one that no one could see clearly, but after each strike, numerous skeleton soldiers would be reduced to a heap of shattered bones.

Moments later, not a single skeleton soldier was seen standing.


Xiao Xiao, who was standing at a distance, could not turn her gaze away, but she finally heaved a sigh of relief. Her eyes were sparkling with light.

She had seen countless people much stronger than Shi Xiaobai, and had seen a mighty person use a stunning offensive skill to instantly reduce skeleton soldiers to dust. Even she herself could easily destroy these skeleton soldiers.

But this was the first time she saw such a delightful battle. Crab Steps, which was nicknamed “funny steps”, appeared like the coolest dance moves that made her heart palpitate.

Shi Xiaobai’s Crab Steps caused her to recall of a person she saw on video—Yaris, who was referred to as the “divine crab”. He was a famous world-class hero from America who stood atop the world.

People said that “after Yaris, there would be no more Crab Steps”. Xiao Xiao had also expressed similar notions in the past, but now, she felt that despite the pervert in front of her being greatly lacking compared to Yaris’ Crab Steps, it was as if Shi Xiaobai had grasped the essence within. His Crab Steps had a similar soul as Yaris’!

And what was more shocking to Xiao Xiao was Shi Xiaobai’s knife technique. Although the pig slaughtering knife termed “Knife of Time” by the Arch-Cardinal appeared simple and plain, it gave one a feeling of awe.

Every slice at the skeleton soldiers was so simple that it did not contain any Psionic Power or any bursting blade beams. It even appeared as though he did not use much energy, but just this simple knife technique alone allowed him to reduce the skeleton soldiers to pieces.

This knife technique was indeed unbelievable, a truly convincing technique!

Xiao Xiao had never encountered such a knife technique. Not only had she not seen it before, but she had also never heard of it!

As Xiao Xiao was sighing, she noticed the Arch-Cardinal once again sneer in anger. With a wave of his hand, the door of darkness appeared out of thin air once again. This time, forty skeleton soldiers walked out. And this time, all the skeleton soldiers were wearing armor!

Every wave of skeleton soldiers increased in number and their strength increased!

Xiao Xiao took a deep breath and realized that she had to join in the battle. Who knew when this wave after wave of skeleton soldiers would come to an end?

Xiao Xiao raised her crystal arrow as she slowly pulled her bow open. Beams of white light began to condense where her bowstring was, and quickly, they converged to form a white Psionic Power arrow.

Although the virtual system’s crash prevented her from summoning her crystal arrows, Xiao Xiao naturally had mastered the most basic technique as an archer—”Psionic Arrows”. This was an alternative archers used in an emergency situation when they were out of arrows.

Although “Psionic Arrow” was quite draining on the user’s Psionic Power and stamina, Xiao Xiao could not care about that at this moment.She could not let Shi Xiaobai face so many skeleton soldiers alone.

After Xiao Xiao did a simple aim, she shot out her arrow. She did not use “Crimson Netherworld” but used an archery technique that was relatively low on power consumption. Thankfully, the arrow was able to kill a skeleton soldier but barely. Just as she was about to shoot her second arrow, Shi Xiaobai had already taken down more than ten skeleton soldiers.

Xiao Xiao gave a helpless laugh.


This pervert seemed really fearless, it appeared as though her actions were superfluous?


However, with the forty killed, another eighty might appear, so how long could this pervert last?

Upon thinking of this, Xiao Xiao suddenly had a flash of brilliance as an idea came to mind.

“Don’t kill them all. Leave one behind!” Xiao Xiao hurriedly shouted.

Shi Xiaobai had just raised his knife to shatter a skeleton soldier. When he heard Xiao Xiao’s words, he involuntarily paused and turned around. Amidst the messy pile of bones, there was one skeleton soldier standing there, shivering.

“The Arch-Cardinal’s summoning of skeletons have a growth rate. Every time all the skeletons are destroyed, he would be able to summon another batch. I suspect that the destruction of all his skeletons is the condition for the skeleton summoning to grow! Hmph, by sparring one, he will not be able to summon again!”

Xiao Xiao’s tone was somewhat agitated and a bit excited. There was even a tiny tinge of hoping to gain credit that she did not even notice.

After giving it some thought, Shi Xiaobai found what Xiao Xiao said to be reasonable. Although these skeleton soldiers were temporarily no threat for him, they would eventually exponentially increase to a point where they could just use the tactic of a “sea of skeletons” to take him down.

Xiao Xiao’s discovery was no doubt a major boost!

Shi Xiaobai gave Xiao Xiao a big thumbs up. He was prepared to have a nice chat with the remaining skeleton soldier about life, talking about his ideals and discuss what hairstyle would make him look smart.

And at this moment, a door of darkness appeared once again. Eighty red skeleton soldiers walked out of the door with terrifying killing intent.

Xiao Xiao’s face immediately flushed red.

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