AC Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Anymore?

Xiao Xiao’s hand trembled for a moment as she suddenly recalled a distant memory. There was once a man that stood in front of her when she was in peril. Before the man left, he said to her with a smile, “Wait for me to come back, I want to eat the birthday cake together with Xiao’er.”

After that, the man she called father never returned.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s back seemed to merge with the man that never returned.

“Wait… Wait for me!”

Xiao Xiao hurriedly chased up. She… had already sworn never to stay in the spot and wait.

“Why did you follow me?”

Shi Xiaobai cocked his head and glanced at Xiao Xiao curiously.

Ignoring the fact that This King is going to have a melee battle with the cassocked strange person, but as an archer, shouldn’t you be kiting1 from afar, why did you take the initiative to shorten the distance?

“I felt like it, why do you care?”

Xiao Xiao said with a bit of resentment before she suddenly felt odd. Why did the words she had said sound like she was being coquettish?

Pui, I must be too incensed. It’s been a while since I met such an annoying guy.

“To be able to flirt, I guess the both of you have not thoroughly understand the cruel reality.”

The Arch-Cardinal became further incensed when he saw how the two of them appeared void of fear. He coldly said, “It looks like the both of you have yet to understand the true meaning of how ‘this world is completely separated from reality’. Pitiful worms, under His Grace Bishop of Virtuality’s favor, this virtual world is an independent reality of its own. In other words, this virtual world is no longer virtual. Do you get it? This place has become a real world!”

Xiao Xiao wanted to refute the term ‘flirt’, but she felt her heart go cold the moment she heard the Arch-Cardinal’s words. She immediately thought of a possibility and hurriedly stretched out her hands and made a grip in an attempt to summon a crystal arrow.

However, her hand remained empty after several attempts. Xiao Xiao immediately exclaimed, “The virtual system has crashed!?”

Upon realizing the possible harsh reality, she hurriedly reached out to pull at Shi Xiaobai, who was still slowly walking towards the Arch-Cardinal. She said quickly, “Be careful. Death in this world… means we will die in reality!”

“Die? No, no, no. I won’t die that easily.”

The Arch-Cardinal was pleased to see Xiao Xiao finally frown, as he used a cold tone to say, “In this world that has received the favor of His Grace Bishop of the Virtuality, you will experience pain to its fullest extent. You will feel exhaustion and be drained of your stamina. You will experience the same pain and despair as the real world.”

The Arch-Cardinal’s vicious words made Xiao Xiao draw a gasp. She could not help but tighten her grip on her crystal bow.

So this was the true face of the Church of Virtuality. Under the lead of a madman who was able to turn a virtual world into reality, they could wreck wanton destruction in the real world without fear because of the ability to create a near-realistic world.

This group of madmen had no humanity or reason in them. This was because they no longer could tell what was reality or virtuality.

At this moment, an angry voice bellowed.

“Why do you keep putting the words death so easily on your lips? Why can you describe pain in such a deadpan manner? How much do you really understand death and pain?”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Xiao turned her head in shock. Her eyes met a pair of eyes that were burning with fury and grief.

Once again, Shi Xiaobai took a step forward. This time, Xiao Xiao did not make an attempt to stop him because she knew he would not stop.

“Since death is a reality in this world, you too will die, right?” Shi Xiaobai asked.

As if he heard the most preposterous joke, the Arch-Cardinal let out a piercing laugh, “So what if it’s true?”

“Even a big white pig will feel pain when it’s killed. Reducing this period of pain to its shortest period is the last benevolence of a butcher.”

Shi Xiaobai’s footsteps sped up, but the flames in his eyes suddenly transformed into a pool of still water.

“So, This King will kill you with utmost kindness!”

The moment he said that, Shi Xiaobai jumped up like a strong gust of wind. With a short knife in hand, he was like a valiant soldier who had no fear!

The Arch-Cardinal laughed, a laugh that resulted from extreme anger. With a gentle wave of his hand, five skeletons with shields on their left hands and sabers on their right hands suddenly appeared in front of him.

The five skeletons charged at Shi Xiaobai at an extremely abnormal speed. As their raised their bone sabers, their assault surged with an aggressive momentum.

A cold beam flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s eyes as he abruptly used Crab Steps the moment he pulled close to the five skeletons. He transformed into a confusing phantom and dashed through the five skeletons.

The sound of five slashes scratching through rocks resounded moments later, and in an instant, the five skeletons collapsed as dozens of bones shattered, leaving behind a heap of broken bones.

As for Shi Xiaobai, it was unknown when his figure appeared beside the Arch-Cardinal. As he raised his knife, a cold beam sparkled under the sun’s reflection.

This scene dumbfounded Xiao Xiao as her tiny mouth slowly gaped.

Similarly, the Arch-Cardinal’s pupils constricted as he felt a strong sense of danger. At the same time, whatever else he could see on his left was the blade that was already inches away from him.

“If I don’t dodge this strike, I will die!”

With this thought generated, the Arch-Cardinal desperately escaped, fleeing to a distance about a hundred meters away.

At a hundred meters, he turned around to see the youth standing at where he previously was. The way he held the knife made him look like a cold grim reaper.

He did not even have the courage to defend against that strike!

Acknowledging this reason made the Arch-Cardinal fall into an uncontrollable rage.

Shi Xiaobai, who had missed, frowned. From this dodge, he once again felt the powerful strength of the Arch-Cardinal. It was clearly a strength that could have easily steamrolled him hundreds of times.

But why…

“He can’t attack!”

Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up and shouted at Shi Xiaobai, “Little pervert, that guy can’t attack! Although I do not know the reason, he is unable to attack in this world!”

Upon hearing this, Shi Xiaobai immediately figured out his doubts. The cassocked strange person clearly had the power to crush them and he was filled with anger, but all he did was shoot off his mouth in an attempt to break them down mentally. All of this was because he could not attack.

The Arch-Cardinal’s expression changed slightly. Clearly, Xiao Xiao’s deduction was correct.

“Heh heh, naive worms. Do you think I have no way of killing you?”

The Arch-Cardinal sneered before waving his hand gently, causing ten skeletons to appear in front of him.

In this world, he could summon undead soldiers wantonly.

“Do you feel despair?” Hahaha…”

The Arch-Cardinal raised his head and guffawed. He loved to reveal the despairing naked truth after bugs like these thought they had seen hope.


A calm voice caused the Arch-Cardinal to turn his head over. Immediately, his gaze glazed over.

He saw the ten skeletons that he had just summoned reduced to a heap of bones in less than three seconds. As for the knife-wielding youth standing in the middle of the heap of bones, his gaze was calm, as though he had done something trivial.

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  1. Basically a hit-and-run technique commonly used in (but not limited to) MMORPG games (attacking monster then running, then attacking again.)


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