AC Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Time is a pig slaughtering knife

The strong contrast between Shi Xiaobai’s flowing tears and the “Pig Slaughtering Knife” he said left people at a loss.

The strike that had easily pierced through the virus black cocoon and the Barrier of Darkness, instantly killing WindWithoutTrace should have had a cool and ostentatious name to it, but why did it have such a simple and vulgar name, “Pig Slaughtering Knife”?

The Arch-Cardinal angrily shouted, “You say this strike is called Pig Slaughtering Knife? Are you kidding me?”

Shi Xiaobai wiped the corners of his moist eyes and gradually calmed down. As he looked at the strange floating person dressed in a cassock, he curled his mouth and said, “Since you don’t even know what the Pig Slaughtering Knife is, you must be a foolish mortal. You must have never seen how pigs are slaughtered.”

Not only did Shi Xiaobai’s look of contempt enrage the Arch-Cardinal, but it also rendered the audience speechless. Indeed, few of them had seen the slaughtering process of pigs, but who the f*ck did not know what it was like?

If the Pig Slaughtering Knife was so awesome, would there still be humble butchers in this world?

“Just the Pig Slaughtering Knife alone can’t penetrate the virus black cocoon and the Barrier of Darkness. Since you aren’t willing to speak the truth, don’t blame me for being heartless.” The Arch-Cardinal laughed coldly. He had paid a certain price to forcefully intrude into this virtual world mainly to vent his anger. WindWithoutTrace should have been brainwashed into a parishioner of the Church of Virtuality, increasing his year-end evaluation numbers, but it had been completely ruined by this youth. However, asking the name of the strike was just a curiosity of his. Since the youth was unwilling to speak the truth, then he did not need to speak further.

The Arch-Cardinal secretly gathered his powers as he readied his attack.

However, what Shi Xiaobai said next stunned him completely.

“Tch, that hole-filled black cocoon and that constantly flickering barrier, how can it withstand This King’s Pig Slaughtering Knife?”

Shi Xiaobai had been left quite speechless all this while. The black cocoon was clearly filled with tiny holes, yet the three-man team failed to crack it. The black barrier was constantly flickering, yet it remained impregnable under Xiao Xiao’s four arrows. And all he did was stab into the black cocoon’s hole. As for the black barrier, he just pierced into it when it faded. So how could such flawed defenses withstand his Pig Slaughtering Knife?

Everyone was stunned by Shi Xiaobai’s words. The black cocoon’s surface looked extremely smooth, so where were the holes? That black barrier lasted only temporarily, but when did it constantly flash? Either this rascal was deliberately joking, or his eyes were problematic.

“The Vision of God!?”

The Arch-Cardinal, Xiao Xiao and Biscuit said the four words in unison.

Biscuit hurriedly explained to the audience, “We all know that humans have six senses. And very few people in the world are blessed by the heavens. The six senses can reach the level reminiscent of a god. We call them the Six Senses of God. As for contestant DogLeading, he possesses the Vision of God that can see through the weaknesses of everything!”

When Biscuit said this, he suddenly fell silent because he did not know how to go on. Although the Vision of God had the ability to see through weaknesses, Shi Xiaobai had mentioned of the cocoon filled with holes or of the barrier that constantly flickered. If that was the case, how many weaknesses did he see? This was already far beyond the scope of the Vision of God. Calling it the King of Gods Sight or Vision of the King of Gods would be more appropriate?

Xiao Xiao clearly also realized this point and was so shocked that she had covered her mouth.

The Arch-Cardinal fell silent for a moment before he sneered, “What a crappy lie.”

Ignoring the fact that it was almost impossible to accomplish what Shi Xiaobai had mentioned with the Vision of God, and even if he could truly see through the black cocoon and the black barrier’s weaknesses, the strike that pierced through the weak spot could not be ordinary. Furthermore…

The Arch-Cardinal said coldly, “I can sense the power of time in your knife. How did you do it. How are you able to use the laws of time in this virtual world where superpowers are invalid?”

The Arch-Cardinal raised the biggest question on his mind. As the virus black cocoon and the black barrier were produced using his powers, he could intuitively sense the “aging” of the black cocoon and the black barrier at the instant Shi Xiaobai’s knife stabbed into them.

It was a feeling that the power of time had “aged” the defenses, turning them weak. The Arch-Cardinal had previously had the lucky encounter of meeting supreme beings who were able to control the laws of time in the real world, so he believed he wasn’t wrong.

If the virus black cocoon had not been “aged” by the knife’s power of time, how could it have been shattered by the extremely weak four arrows?

This knife technique that used the laws of time definitely couldn’t be a so-called pig slaughtering knife!

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat stunned listening to the Arch-Cardinal’s words. Power of time? His Pig Slaughtering Knife was actually that awesome?

Shi Xiaobai could not help but sigh with mixed emotions, “Time is a pig slaughtering knife.”

Upon hearing this, the Arch-Cardinal immediately became enlightened and said loudly, “I see, so this strike’s name is called the Knife of Time!”

The Arch-Cardinal believed he found the answer.

Shi Xiaobai gaped, unsure of what to say next. “Time is a pig slaughtering knife” was an old meme from Earth 1. He had only nonchalantly mentioned it as a form of ridicule, but who knew… Forget it. They were people from different worlds, so he couldn’t be bothered to explain.

“Heh heh, Vision of God and the Knife of Time, but only at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. What a cute and pitiful worm. If I were to nip you in the bud, or even convert you into a pious devotee, the great Bishop will definitely give me his greatest favor.”

The Arch-Cardinal’s voice suddenly sounded somewhat crazy as a terrifying aura emanated from his body.

Shi Xiaobai’s heart leaped as if he felt danger approach him. He immediately retreated at a rapid pace and only stopped when he came beside Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao had already raised her crystal bow and had aimed it at the Arch-Cardinal. She turned her head to glance at Shi Xiaobai and whispered, “Be careful. This strange person in a red cassock might be an existence that exceeds the Psionic Mortal Realm. He might be at the Psionic Soul Realm, or even the Psionic Might Realm.”

Shi Xiaobai also raised his knife and nodded. “This guy is very strong.”

Shi Xiaobai sensed an aura much stronger than Thomas from the Arch-Cardinal, but his eyes were burning with fighting spirit.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes were also filled with fighting spirit. Although she did not know where this cassocked strange person came from and she knew that she was no match at all, defeat and death was just a change in digital numbers in the virtual world. There was nothing to worry about.

“Heh heh, are the both of you naive enough to think that there will be no substantive harm in this virtual world?”

Noticing how there was no fear in their eyes except fighting spirit, the Arch-Cardinal’s eyes immediately turned cold as he sneered, “For the Church of Virtuality, the virtual world is reality. Do you understand? In this world, if you get killed by me, your consciousness will be trapped. You will not be able to leave this world for eternity, and in reality, you will become vegetables.”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Xiao’s expression immediately changed. Numerous descriptions of the Church of Virtuality flashed past her mind and instantly, she knew that what the Arch-Cardinal said wasn’t false.

“Don’t hope that someone will wake you up because at the very moment I appeared, this world was completely separated from reality. Of course, I definitely had to pay quite a big price to do it, but compared to kids like you, this price is negligible. So despair and tremble. Both your fates are sealed.”

The Arch-Cardinal frequently “hunted”; hence, he knew that killing a prey was nothing interesting. He found that having his prey lose themselves in despair was most fascinating.

It needed to be said that after he spouted those nonsense, Xiao Xiao truly felt some despair. With her wide breadth of knowledge, she could easily judge if what the Arch-Cardinal said was true.

Xiao Xiao quickly pondered over it, but regardless of how much she racked her brain, she could not think of a way to resolve the situation.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of her, shielding her from whatever was coming.

“This King hates fools who keep harping on despair. Foolish mortal, have you ever experienced despair?”

Shi Xiaobai raised his knife and pointed it at the Arch-Cardinal with a disdainful look before he turned to say to Xiao Xiao softly, “Wait for This King to kill a pig before a good battle will be fought with you.”

After saying that, Shi Xiaobai strode forward, his back appearing extremely cool.

At that moment, Xiao Xiao’s hand that held her bow trembled slightly.


Author’s Note: Hmph, there is no meme This King can’t use. Although this chapter does not push the plot forward, it also explains Pig Slaughtering Knife, so it can’t be considered filler, right?


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  1. The full meme is “Time is a pig slaughtering knife, it blackens fungi, darkens grapes and softens bananas”. It refers to how time ages people, with certain analogies to certain body parts of both male and female.


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