AC Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Terrifying Knife Strike

Although the audience was stunned by Xiao Xiao’s injury due to WindWithoutTrace’s sudden sneak attack, they did not feel a sense of urgency. After all, everything that happened was just a virtual competition.

Despite the fact that it was contemptible for WindWithoutTrace to launch a sneak attack by faking unconsciousness, he had not violated any of the competition’s rules. Furthermore, even if he successfully killed Princess Xiao Xiao, it was just the completing the reduction of a life bar to zero in a virtual game.

As such, the audience was not truly anxious over Princess Xiao Xiao’s injury in the virtual world.

However, the experienced Biscuit could not sit still. After WindWithoutTrace launched his sneak attack, Biscuit had left the commentator stands.

Why was WindWithoutTrace still not out of the virtual world yet?

He had clearly instructed the staff to inform WindWithoutTrace’s branch head to quickly wake WindWithoutTrace up from his virtual immersion!

Biscuit sensed that something wasn’t right. He found the staff member he had previously instructed.

Upon seeing Biscuit’s solemn expression, the staff member realized the gravity of the situation. Quickly, he dialed up the branch head.

Moments later, the staff member told Biscuit, “They say that… WindWithoutTrace can’t be awakened!”

Biscuit’s pupils constricted the moment he heard that as a wry smile suffused across his lips. He sighed and said, “WindWithoutTrace’s consciousness is already controlled by the Bishop of Virtuality.”

Biscuit blamed himself. If he had thought of this possibility earlier on, it might not have come to this.

In the form of a virus black cocoon, the Bishop of Virtuality’s consciousness had invaded the virtual world where Xiao Xiao and company were in. At the moment the virus black cocoon was shattered, the Bishop of Virtuality’s consciousness had sunk into WindWithoutTrace’s game avatar, allowing him to completely repress WindWithoutTrace’s consciousness.

At this moment, although WindWithoutTrace had yet to be brainwashed to becoming a parishioner of the Church of Virtuality, his game avatar was completely under the Bishop of Virtuality’s control. Furthermore, with his consciousness repressed, there was no way to successfully wake him up in reality.

If they could not kill WindWithoutTrace’s game avatar and chase the Bishop of Virtuality’s consciousness away, WindWithoutTrace’s consciousness would never return to reality, effectively turning him to a vegetable.

However, Biscuit was at a loss as to what to do. He could only silently pray that IChooseDogLeading and the severely injured Princess Xiao Xiao could kill WindWithoutTrace in the virtual world, but Biscuit knew it was nearly impossible. This was because once the Bishop of Virtuality proceeded with his consciousness control, he would produce a computer bug-like barrier that protected the game avatar’s safety. The barrier was many times harder than the black cocoon, so the two Psionic Mortal Realm kids had no way to crack it!

Biscuit returned to the commentator stands with a heavy heart. He happened to see Shi Xiaobai put Xiao Xiao down and the scene of him rushing at WindWithoutTrace with a short knife in hand. He immediately drew a gasp and turned extremely nervous.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes flickered with a strange glow as it landed on Shi Xiaobai’s back that was moving away from her. Although this person was a sex pervert, he was still rather courageous and reliable at crucial points in time.

However, Xiao Xiao immediately recalled the black barrier that perfectly blocked her four Crimson Netherworld arrows, so she immediately shouted to alert him, “Be careful of his barrier!”

The audience’s hearts were already in their mouths as a black shield suddenly appeared to engulf WindWithoutTrace’s body. They knew this much better than Xiao Xiao because the director had purposely replayed the scenes from before in slow motion. After watching it again, they could not help but curse out loud.

This f*cking barrier was too hard!

When Xiao Xiao’s Crimson Netherworld shot at the black barrier, it did not even produce the slightest tremor. It was exactly like how GunfireInTheWorld’s bullets collided with the virus black cocoon. The offense and defense between the two media were completely on two different levels!

And at this moment, the knife-wielding Shi Xiaobai was crashing head on with the spear-wielding WindWithoutTrace. Even though they were supporting Shi Xiaobai in their hearts, they were not optimistic. After all, if the defense could not be broken, victory was destined to be unobtainable.

Two figures approached each other at extremely fast speeds, and in seconds they clashed. It was not a beautiful chance encounter but a brutal duel. Both of them were brave warriors and at this moment, the person who clinched victory was stronger!

When the gap reduced to about a meter, WindWithoutTrace suddenly stabbed out with his spear!

Shi Xiaobai reacted extremely quickly. With a switch in his footsteps, he jumped laterally once, allowing Crab Phantom Image to be ingeniously showcased. He had managed to dodge the spear at that hair-raising moment!

Simultaneously, the short knife stabbed straight out in a blink of an eye!

The black barrier also suddenly appeared at that instant, enveloping WindWithoutTrace’s body completely in a bid to block off the short knife!


A nearly inaudible sound was barely heard as the short knife seemed to stab into a calm water surface when it met the black barrier. It produced a concentric ripple as it stabbed straight in. The short knife had instantly immersed itself into the black shield!

As if time had frozen at that very moment, everyone’s breathing came to a halt.

“Contestant ‘WindWithoutTrace’ eliminated!”

The system’s mechanic voice resounded less than a second after the short knife stabbed into the black barrier. It announced WindWithoutTrace’s death in the virtual world.

Simultaneously, the black barrier shattered. Shi Xiaobai had used the short knife in his hand to stab into WindWithoutTrace’s left chest. It had pierced right through WindWithoutTrace’s heart!

“Dea…Dead!? WindWithoutTrace was instantly..killed?”

Biscuit struggled to swallow a mouthful of saliva as he found it difficult to believe that what had happened was real.

Xiao Xiao was also stunned. The black barrier that had perfectly blocked four of her Crimson Netherworld arrows could not even last a second under the short knife! Who was this pervert?

The audience was also dumbfounded. They reacted moments later as the entire viewing hall erupted into chaos.

“Holy shit, an insta-kill. That’s so, so, so, so cool!”

“Am I dreaming? Why is the defensive shield that Princess Xiao Xiao was completely helpless against appear as though it was made out of paper?”

“God DogLeading is magnificent! I went from a bystander to a complete fan of God DogLeading. Furthermore, I have become a brainless fan!”

“That strike is indeed terrifying. Back when God DogLeading stabbed into the black cocoon like he was stabbing into water, I thought the black cocoon had gone easy. Who knew that God DogLeading is truly remarkable. Just with that one knife, God DogLeading has been conferred the title of god in my heart!”

“I agree. This strike is terrifying, so truly terrifying.”

“Aiyah, I really want to know what blade technique that strike belongs to.”

“That’s right, what sort of strike was that?”

“Does any knowledgeable person know what strike it is?”

“What sort of strike is this!?”

A cold but furious voice thundered from the screen, giving the audience a shock. They spontaneously fell silent.

From whom did this voice come from?

On the screen, a black billow of smoke suddenly rose up from WindWithoutTrace’s corpse. The black smoke coagulated instantly, transforming into a figure that floated in mid air.

The person was completely wrapped in a cassock, obscuring his entire body. There was even no way to tell if the figure was man or woman.

“Church of Virtuality’s Arch-Cardinal!” Biscuit exclaimed in horror, informing everyone the identity of the cassocked figure.

The Church of Virtuality only had one leader, the Bishop of Virtuality. And beneath the Bishop of Virtuality were four Arch-Cardinals. These four Arch-Cardinals only had one above them and thousands under them in the Church of Virtuality.

Why did the Arch-Cardinal suddenly appear? And how did he appear?

“What sort of strike is this!?”

The cold voice resounded once again from the Arch-Cardinal’s mouth. It brought with it pent-up anger and an irrepressible disbelief.

The strike he was asking about was naturally the knife strike Shi Xiaobai had used.

This was very likely to be an unspoken secret, but he had to ask. He did not ask to pursue an answer, but deliberately asked to vent the doubts in his heart.

“This strike….”

Shi Xiaobai lowered his voice as though he was about to give the answer almost immediately.

This strike naturally had its name and it was not a secret that needed concealing.

Everyone pricked up their ears. Even the aloof Xiao Xiao was extremely curious.

This powerful and inconceivable strike that seemed to run counter to all logic. What sort of strike was this?

“This strike’s name is…”

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