AC Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: To be Killed to the Ends of Time

Xiao Xiao pulled her bow open as she aimed at Shi Xiaobai. With that, Shi Xiaobai began moving. Although he was not making any significant moves, he was doing repeated side-hops at an extremely fast speed. The illusory figures that appeared as he jumped was dazzling.

Compared to the three-man team, Shi Xiaobai did not choose to remain motionless. Instead, he chose to repeatedly jump from side to side in order to confuse Xiao Xiao. It was meant to reduce her shooting accuracy because Xiao Xiao’s “Crimson Netherworld” very clearly gave him a great deal of pressure.

Shi Xiaobai could easily react and dodge with an explosive move at the instant DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld attacked with his dual blade offensive skills or if it was GunfireInTheWorld with his Tsunami Scatter Shot. However, not only was “Crimson Netherworld” powerful, but it was also many times faster than bullets. Most important of all, the arrow contained a terrifying bloody aura. Once it locked on its target, it would cause apprehension in the target’s heart, temporarily putting the target in a trance.

The reason why “Crimson Netherworld” was an A Class offensive skill was because it was no simple arrow. It could make a person have a terrifying illusion of falling into the netherworld!

Although Shi Xiaobai did not understand the battle characteristics of “Crimson Netherworld”, his intuition told him that he had to move. This intuition appeared very often when he faced opponents at the level of Thomas. There was still a huge gap between Xiao Xiao’s strength and Thomas’, but her “Crimson Netherworld” exuded a threatening aura that rivaled Thomas’ “Wraith Bullet”.

As such, Shi Xiaobai moved. He pushed himself to his limits right from the beginning of the battle!

What kind of scene would it be like with Shi Xiaobai pushing Crab Steps to his fullest extent?

In the audience’s eyes, Shi Xiaobai had transformed into a series of indiscernible figures. The high frequency side hops and the fake moves from the dynamic change in speed startled everyone.

And in Xiao Xiao’s eyes, this funny crab-like figure that also seemed extremely elegant made her hesitate. She paused, unsure of when to shoot the arrow.

“So this is the confidence that makes you claim that you can dodge a hundred arrows.”

At this moment, Xiao Xiao smiled. It was a smile that was a result of joy that came from deep within her heart. This figure that made her unable to aim precisely and even exerted great pressure on her, wasn’t it the worthy opponent she had always been searching for?

“I’m greatly looking forward to the number of arrows you can dodge.”

At that moment, Xiao Xiao knew that it would be very difficult to hit Shi Xiaobai, but she did not believe that Shi Xiaobai could dodge all her arrows. It was predicated in her confidence that she would improve. Furthermore, it would improve rapidly in this battle before she completely flung Shi Xiaobai behind. This was a bedrock confidence in herself, one that had never wavered!

Xiao Xiao released her fingers as “Crimson Netherworld” shot out suddenly. Amidst the sounds of explosions, dust was blasted into the sky.

Moments later, as the dust settled, the figure was still jumping around as though nothing had happened. The arrow had missed its target losing its meaning.

But so what?

Xiao Xiao quickly shot out another arrow and it still possessed as much power as before, but it still missed!

The smile on Xiao Xiao’s lips became more pronounced. Two arrows that missed did not discourage her at all. On the contrary, it made the fighting spirit in her eyes and anticipation in her heart burn even more intensely. It was so intense that she nearly could not stop herself from laughing out.

This guy was the opponent she had been looking for!

In that case, everything would no longer be as simple as before.

What she needed to do was to constantly shoot her arrows. By forcing herself to shoot at a faster rate, she would have to fully concentrate in order to catch a glimpse of him, honing her accuracy in the process. She needed to improve herself with every arrow that missed until she was able to hit him!

However, she wished the arrow that ended the battle would come later. She wished that this guy could also constantly improve in battle, allowing her to progress longer in battle. This way, the gap she would open up would extend further.

“Improve, keep running. Do not let me catch you easily. Because at the moment you get pierced by my arrow, I will find it a great pity, a great, great pity!”

While having this thought in mind, Xiao Xiao could sense the pressure Shi Xiaobai exerted on her. She could feel how the pressure was giving her motivation and improving her. She even began to worry over the moment the battle ended.

When a true opponent was encountered, every shot of the arrow could bring with it a little bit of progress. Every attempt at aiming could enhance a tiny bit of her perception. This feeling was excellent, it was so excellent that Xiao Xiao could not bear to surpass him.

But it was a pity that she was destined to surpass this youth that used Crab Steps. Regardless of how refined his Crab Steps were, regardless of how many arrows he dodged, she would very quickly get adapted to it. Learning, progressing and eventually surpassing.

Because this was her life, a life of a genius born into this world.

“Improve, keep running, don’t let This King fling you far behind. Because at the moment you can’t exert the slightest pressure on This King, This King will find it a great pity, a great, great pity!”

Shi Xiaobai smiled. He could sense how each shot from Xiao Xiao was stronger than the previous one. It exerted more and more pressure on him. This feeling excited him greatly because he seemed to make contact with the reality of becoming strong under this constantly increasing pressure.

Every time he dodged her arrow, his Crab Steps would improve a tiny bit. Every time he confused her eyes that were ever-sharpening, his fake moves would become even more natural.

It was a feeling that could not be explained. It was as though the arrow-shooting girl had a same rhythm as he had. They were in a race on the same path, while he was attempting to fling her far behind, while she attempted to chase up to him. However, their speeds were no different. As a result, they were constantly pushing themselves to the limit, allowing them to run even faster. However, the speed at which they improved themselves was similar. It resulted in no one being able to overtake the other.

They maintained a constant distance on the same path. As their improvements collided, they formed a delicate balance.

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai was overjoyed. This was because his Crab Steps might be able to cultivate to the Dominating Refinement realm. He believed that meeting such a girl was truly a great thing.

At that moment, Xiao Xiao beamed with her eyes. This was because her Crimson Netherworld was very likely to cultivate to the Exemplary Mastery realm. She believed that meeting this guy was an extremely good thing.

Red beams flashed through the jungle as incessant explosions rang. The land was dotted with large craters as trees constantly toppled. It looked as though doomsday had arrived.

And in the foreground of this doomsday, there was a young man jumping around, issuing hearty laughters from time to time.

There was also a girl who held a crystal bow in hand. The wind blew up her hair, adding to her fairy-like beauty. She produced a chime-like laughter from time to time.

They were in an intense battle but they appeared like they were enjoying a pleasant exchange. Their laughters that came from the bottom of their hearts contrasted with the explosions as the two different sounds teetered. It made what looked like a completely desolate scene have an inexplicable sense of beauty.

This scene was truly amazing and beautiful.

The audience was already dumbfounded.

“Is this still a battle? Why do I feel like it is a lovers’ fight?” A member of the audience expressed his feelings.

“You aren’t the only one thinking that.” Another member of the audience echoed his sentiments.

The audience began to laugh kindly.

Such an intense battle had made the two of them produce sentiments that seemed to border on love. From the joy that seemed to come from the bottom of their hearts, it made people feel like this battle would last to the end of time.

Maybe the end of time was overly exaggerated, but everyone present had no doubt that this battle would continue on for a very long period of time.

Suddenly, keen-eyed members of the audience saw a strange shadow at the borders of the screen.

“Be careful!”

Numerous members of the audience spontaneously shouted out those two words!

However, the person the two words were meant for was currently in another world. There was no way to hear their voices. Furthermore, the person was immersed in an intense battle, probably completely in a trance-like state.

Indeed, Xiao Xiao did not hear the warnings from the audience, nor did she sense a figure that had suddenly appeared behind her, much less realize that a cold spear was stabbing right at her waist!

Xiao Xiao was indulging in her long-awaited battle.

By the time she was alerted to the danger, the cold spear had pierced through her abdomen!

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