AC Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: I hope you would last longer

The person who limped out was none other than Shi Xiaobai. His body was wrapped in a light red glow as his chest wound was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

At the instant the Crimson Netherworld arrow was about to strike him, Shi Xiaobai was awakened from an undesirable memory evoked from the short knife. However, it was already too late for him to dodge. At the moment he focused himself back in the battle, the crystal arrow had pierced through his chest. The surging forces that entered his body seemed like they would rip his body apart at the very next moment.

However, Shi Xiaobai’s reaction was extremely fast. He immediately moved in the direction the crystal arrow was heading, allowing the force at which he moved backwards to offset as much of the impact brought about by the crystal arrow. This resulted in his body flying dozens of meters backwards into the jungle before he was pinned into a tree.

Thankfully, the arrow did not stab into his heart. The terrifying impact the arrow brought with it had been mostly reduced because of his leap backwards. This was also the reason why he did not get instantly killed by the Crimson Netherworld like the three-man team.

Shi Xiaobai immediately used the “Energy Pearl” and the stunning recovery effects did its job at pulling him back from Death’s door.

However, having suffered such a serious injury, even the “Energy Pearl” required a relatively long period of time to finish the healing process.

As such, Shi Xiaobai had planned on waiting till the healing was done before he came out to meet the girl who had “sneakily attacked” him.

Unfortunately, Shi Xiaobai understood that he could no longer wait after Xiao Xiao instantly eliminated the three-man team with her three arrows.

He was constantly searching for a opponent who was on par with him. He wished to be locked in battle with his opponent, hoping for an opponent that could constantly threatened him, allowing him to repeatedly push himself to his limits and beyond.

And Xiao Xiao might be the person he was searching for. He wanted to battle this girl!

During the seven days of versus matches, Shi Xiaobai would occasionally encounter godly people at the level of Thomas who could easily destroy him. They made him lose extremely fast, resulting in insignificant improvements.

As it was a match at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, he would often encounter opponents at the corresponding level. These rookies did not provide him any value at all, but without any offensive means to quickly end the battle, he could only choose to quit. Back then, he also lost very quickly and barely improved.

Only in rare instances would Shi Xiaobai be lucky enough to meet an opponent that he was evenly matched with. Every time he encountered such an opponent, his insights into Crab Steps would increase greatly because intense and difficult battles were the only way for him to break through his limits.

Shi Xiaobai no longer lost himself in the past associated with a short knife. He recalled what was the most important thing for him now—become stronger, become stronger, and become even stronger.

And Xiao Xiao’s Crimson Netherworld was the hope he saw to make himself stronger.

He began to anticipate, hoping that this girl was his match, allowing him to engage in an inextricable battle!

He even had a tiny hope that she was able to shoot such a powerful arrow another hundred times. If that happened, wouldn’t that be great?

So when he limped out, he could not help but ask—Heh, Girl, that arrow of yours, can you send another hundred of them towards This King?


Shi Xiaobai’s appearance and his arrogant-sounding words stunned everyone. They were suddenly reminded of the fact that the system had never announced the elimination of IChooseDogLeading. That arrow had failed to kill God DogLeading!

The audience laughed. Shi Xiaobai’s request for another hundred arrows reminded them of the return of God DogLeading. Just thinking of the godly Crab Steps God DogLeading used, they felt like there was something to look forward to.

Kevin was equally stunned because God DogLeading had addressed himself as “This King”. It reminded him of an extremely annoying person, a person who was equally arrogant and ostentatious.

“Do you think he is very similar to Shi Xiaobai?”

A voice filled with mixed emotions echoed in his ear as Kevin turned around to realize it was Yang Yang.

He knitted his eyebrows and angrily said, “Do not compare my God DogLeading and that retard, Shi Xiaobai. Shi Xiaobai might be lucky to be a genius, but his strength is nothing but garbage. As for God DogLeading, he has true strength. No matter how much a genius Shi Xiaobai is, he will still need to take several years to cultivate Crab Steps to the Exemplary Mastery realm. And by then, God DogLeading would have long attained an even more terrifying realm. The differences between them are staggering!”

Upon hearing this, Yang Yang fell silent for a moment before he said in a deep, meaningful manner, “If… IChooseDogLeading is actually Shi Xiaobai?”


Kevin immediately denied the possibility as he said, “Heh heh, can you use your brain when speaking? How long has Shi Xiaobai begun Psionic Ability cultivation? If God DogLeading is Shi Xiaobai, I’ll run naked around Steel City.”

Yang Yang opened his mouth, but turned his head and fell silent. He could not help but imagine Kevin running naked. That would definitely be the funniest thing in the world, but why… couldn’t he laugh at all?


Another person who could not laugh was Biscuit. When he announced that the competition had just begun, the three-man team was immediately killed. When he later announced that the competition was over, Shi Xiaobai immediately walked out, figuratively smacking him in the face.

Although it was nearly routine for his face to be smacked, having his face smacked at light speed twice in a row made him feel a tiny bit of melancholy.

This was f*cking embarrassing.

In order to alleviate his embarrassment, Biscuit coughed and said, “God DogLeading still has that familiar vibe! He is still as arrogant, and equally surprising with his words. I wonder how Princess Xiao Xiao will answer!”

Upon hearing this, the audience immediately pricked up their ears in order to hear Princess Xiao Xiao’s answer.

Xiao Xiao did not answer, but instead responded with a question, “Can you resist a hundred arrows?”

Shi Xiaobai’s appearance took Xiao Xiao somewhat aback. She could not understand how this person had survived having been directly struck by Crimson Netherworld. Furthermore, when she heard Shi Xiaobai’s words, she found it amusing.

Whether she could shoot a hundred arrows wasn’t critical, what was critical was if there was anyone who could resist a hundred Crimson Netherworld.

“This King can’t resist it.”

Shi Xiaobai answered.


Xiao Xiao coldly responded. It was an answer that was within her expectations.

“But This King can dodge them all.”

Shi Xiaobai spoke once again with a tone filled with confidence.

Xiao Xiao was stunned as she said in amusement, “Are you saying you can dodge a hundred Crimson Netherworld?”

Shi Xiaobai nodded and said as though it was a matter of fact, “Of course, there is no attack in this world that This King’s Crab Steps can’t dodge in one step. If there is one, then two steps would do.”

“Girl, you haven’t answered This King. Are you able to shoot another hundred arrows?”

Upon sensing the seriousness and confidence in Shi Xiaobai’s words, Xiao Xiao suddenly recalled that before she came, this person, the three-man team and WindWithoutTrace were in the same area. Logically speaking, with him saying ‘everyone present is a spicy chicken’ during the pre-battle declaration, the four people would have skinned him alive, but he had yet to be eliminated up to now.

Could it be…

An inexplicable hint of anticipation rose up in Xiao Xiao’s heart. She summoned her crystal arrow once again and softly said, “I will shoot out as many arrows as you can dodge, I hope… you would last longer.”

As she spoke, Xiao Xiao had already strung her arrow and pulled the bowstring open.

Then, let her have a tiny bit of anticipation.

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