AC Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: The Great Demon Lord Xiao Xiao

In a stroke of luck, WindWithoutTrace was saved after the virus black cocoon was completely shattered. If it had not been a public competition, or if it had not been the stunning power of Princess Xiao Xiao’s four shots of “Crimson Netherworld”, or if not for…

In summary, this outcome was indeed a joyous outcome. Compared to those pitiful players who were brainwashed by the Bishop of Virtuality in private games without the knowledge of anyone, WindWithoutTrace was considered extremely lucky.

However, not everything had come to an end. This was because Princess Xiao Xiao raised her crystal bow once again. Having strung a crystal arrow, she had pulled her bow open.

Upon seeing this, everyone calmed down.

“Since everyone is here, it should be time to put an end to this boring game.”

Princess Xiao Xiao’s cold voice smothered the joyful atmosphere that did not last more than a minute.

The three-man team’s smiles stiffened as the audience took a moment before they came round to the turn of events. They had nearly forgotten that this was all a virtual competition after the repressive feeling brought about by WindWithoutTrace’s terrible encounter and the Church of Virtuality.

As Princess Xiao Xiao sad, the nature of the competition itself was boring. It was just an exhibition match with a bit of competitive elements. Although it would affect the branches’ results, or prizes and honors to the winner, that was all to it.

Compared to the Church of Virtuality or terrorists organizations and the calamities that despaired an entire generation, this competition was trivial. As it nearly lacked any meaning, it appeared boring.

Those who watched or participated in this virtual competition were just trying to find so-called fun in something meaningless and devoid of fun. It was just used as a way to comfort one’s soul due to the harshness of reality.

Now, Xiao Xiao wanted to end this boring competition.

How was it to end?

Xiao Xiao used her bow and arrow as an answer.

Without any hesitation, she released her fingers, and with a twang of the bowstring, an arrow shot out with a swift, red beam of light! The red beam stirred up a dust storm and tore through the void, leaving a red temporary scar behind. It carried an explosive and sharp whistling sound with it.

It was Crimson Netherworld!

Everyone stared widely and felt enlightened but also extremely shocked. They were enlightened because they finally understood that Princess Xiao Xiao was planning on using victory to end the boring match as she mentioned. The reason why they were shocked was because the arrow’s target was Shi Xiaobai!

“Dodge!” In the commentator stands, Sweets could not help but cry out.

The arrow was without warning because when Xiao Xiao raised her bow, she was already aiming it at Shi Xiaobai. However, Shi Xiaobai had his head lowered while he looked at the short knife in his hand, as though his spirit was no longer fused in him.

And when the Netherworld arrow shot out, Shi Xiaobai remained dazed in his spot, as though he had no plans on dodging!


After the explosion from the red beam, dust flew up as people saw the crystal arrow penetrate Shi Xiaobai’s chest before sending his frail body backwards. A few trees were toppled one after another and soon, he was engulfed by the lush forest. Finally, he was pinned to an ancient tree.

The cameras zoomed in to reveal that Shi Xiaobai had been pinned to an old trunk by a crystal arrow!

The arrow had penetrated Shi Xiaobai’s body, and the powerful shot had sent him flying tens of meters away. On his final pinned spot on a trunk, blood gushed out of his chest, dripping to the grayish-brown bark and the blackish-yellow soil.

Despite being a virtual world, everything still appeared realistic. The bloody scene was extremely vivid that it stifled people as though they had witnessed a true death.

The director hurriedly changed the scene to Princess Xiao Xiao standing there like a fairy. She looked nonchalantly in the direction where Shi Xiaobai had flown, but there was a tint of disappointment in her eyes.

Xiao Xiao was indeed somewhat disappointed. Due to an academic task, she had to cultivate “Crimson Netherworld” to the Exemplary Mastery realm. Under her grandfather’s suggestion, she had taken time out of her weekend to compete in the Battle Arena Corporation’s weekly competition. She had even personally drawn up the rules to explicitly allow six to fight one. The goal was naturally to raise her offensive skill’s familiarity level through battle.

However, she was disappointed to realize that the six contestants were too weak for her. Targets that could be easily destroyed did not give her any improvements at all. She needed an opponent that was on par with her, one that allowed her to fight in an intense struggle.

Unfortunately, amongst the six contestants, none of them was the opponent she was looking for, not a single one.

Originally, she believed that IChooseDogLeading, who gave such a stunning pre-battle declaration, might be an impressive opponent, but she did not expect him to lack the courage to even dodge. Although the arrow was Crimson Netherworld, was there a need to be scared stiff?

Xiao Xiao turned to look at the members of the three-man team who were rooted to their spots. She sighed and said, “Although it’s a boring competition, can all of you please resist somewhat, can you?”

With this said, the three-man team’s breathing stagnated before they immediately reacted. What Princess Xiao Xiao said was right. This shocking competition had yet to produce a victor. They could still put up a fight!


Just as GunfireInTheWorld thought of his fanny pack that was emptied of its bullets, he immediately turned around and ran!

As DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld thought of how one of his two blades had broken, while the other one was lent to Shi Xiaobai, leaving him unarmed, he also turned around and ran!

When ThatTenderOneShot thought how it was the greatest taboo for a sniper to be exposed to the enemy, he also turned around and ran!

Although it was a boring competition, it still needed an outcome. It was expected for the contestants to strive hard for victory, as such, the three-man team did not choose to give up!

However, knowing that they were no match, they did not choose to put up a stubborn resistance. At this moment, they very rationally chose to… temporarily retreat!


At this moment, several people snorted in laughter.

The three figures that fled in different directions stunned the audience but they found humor in it. Instantly, they extricated themselves from the sorrow of how God DogLeading was taken down and gradually found the repressive feeling that the Church of Virtuality brought about dissipating.

Wasn’t watching a virtual reality competition just a form of relaxation?

The way the three-man team simultaneously fled once again gave the audience a relaxing feeling of being able to appreciate the competition.

Biscuit could not help but laugh as he said, “Everyone, the competition has just begun!”

Before he finished his sentence, three red beams of light shot out. As three explosions resounded, three system voices echoed in response.

“Contestant ‘GunfireInTheWorld’ eliminated!”

“Contestant ‘DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld’ eliminated!”

“Contestant ‘ThatTenderOneShot’ eliminated!”

Just as Biscuit’s voice came to a halt, the audience’s smiles froze completely.

Everyone’s eyes spontaneously landed on the bow-wielding girl. Her transcendent bearing made her look like a fairy that descended down to the mortal world. The white laced dress and her overall stylish simple costume made her look like a pretty princess.

However, this girl who was like a princess fairy had shattered the virus black cocoon with four arrows and killed four contestants with four arrows too. She could be said to be a Great Demon Lord!

At this moment, Xiao Xiao’s eyes were cold. The eight shots of Crimson Netherworld had barely given her any improvements. It was equivalent to the feeling of shooting fixed targets and it made her irritated. She was a person who always cherished time, so she was angry at having wasted her time on this boring and meaningless competition.

“What was I expecting?”

Xiao Xiao shook her head with a deprecating smile. She had hopes of meeting a worthy opponent in the virtual world who would give her an intense battle that she could fight heartily. This had motivated her to agree to her grandfather’s suggestion. In the end, it was all her own fault.

Her fault was to have misplaced expectations right from the beginning. If she did not do that, she would not have felt anger from her disappointment and feel regret over her wrong choice.

Xiao Xiao put away her crystal bow and was prepared to quit the game. All she needed to do was kill the unconscious WindWithoutTrace to obtain victory, but that would result in WindWithoutTrace suffering a mental blow. She did not care for the outcome of the match, so she felt that quitting the game was the best choice.

Upon seeing this, Biscuit could not help but sigh and say, “The competition is over.”

The competition was over.

Was the competition really over?

“Heh, Girl, that arrow of yours, can you send another hundred of them towards This King?”

A weak voice was heard as a limping figure slowly walked out of the jungle.

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