AC Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: That one Knife

The moment Shi Xiaobai held the knife’s handle, it was as though he turned into another person. His pair of black eyes flickered with a strange glint. The way he held the knife made it appeared like he had held one countless times before, but he was just out of practice due to numerous years of disuse.

DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld was standing closest to him, so the feeling was impressed on him. As he watched the knife-wielding Shi Xiaobai in a daze, he felt as though there was an unseen edge that existed in Shi Xiaobai’s body, but he also felt as though Shi Xiaobai’s entire being had become an exposed blade that seemed blinding.

This was an expert, a peerless expert.

DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld felt mixed emotions amidst shock.

As the audience watched through the cold screen, they felt a fiery energy brewing around Shi Xiaobai. They could not help but hold their breaths, as they felt as though “this person and this knife was the only thing under the heavens”.

As the cameras zoomed in, they gave Shi Xiaobai a close up. The audience was stunned because at this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were closed. He stood in front of the black cocoon motionless, as though he was preparing something.

The virus black cocoon had already appeared for several minutes by now. The Bishop of Virtuality’s brainwashing speed varied depending on the person. Those with weaker wills and doubted reality deeply were easier brainwashed. It was unknown what state WindWithoutTrace was in at this moment.

Time waits for no man!

Everyone was anxious but they still maintained a uniform silence. The three-man team in the virtual world did not dare disturb Shi Xiaobai as well. Everyone was waiting, waiting for the strike from that knife.

That knife very likely decided WindWithoutTrace’s fate.

As time passed, Shi Xiaobai’s breathing suddenly came to a halt as he abruptly opened his eyes. Without a roar or any grandiose postures, he directly and simply attacked using the knife!

This strike was neither a slash, nor a cut, but a direct stab into the steel black cocoon!

This stab was as fast as lightning, like the violent grinding of flint-stones!

Everyone stared with their eyes widened. Stabbing the thick metallic black cocoon with a short knife was like pricking a hardened rock with a needle. The most likely result was the knife breaking!

What was the outcome of the stab?

The result exceeded all expectations. The knife did not stab a hole into the black cocoon, nor did the knife shatter. Neither did the short knife rebound.

The knife actually “submerged” into the black cocoon!

There was no sign of an impact at all. There was not even the sound of a collision. The moment the short knife stabbed at the black cocoon, it sank into the black cocoon instantly, as though it had stabbed into black liquid!

“What happened!?” Sweets exclaimed in surprise.

Biscuit shook his head with a wry smile. Despite his rich experience, he too was clueless.

There was not a single crack or dent appearing on the extremely hard metallic black cocoon’s surface despite the combined attacks from the three-man team; hence, it was evident how hard it was.

However, DogLeading’s simple stab had penetrated deep into the cocoon like it had passed through water.

It was as though after the knife stabbed through, the black cocoon had turned into a liquid substance.

Biscuit had previously seen superpowers that made solids turn to liquids, but there was no such thing as superpowers in the virtual world!


At this moment, a gunshot woke everyone up from their daze. ThatTenderOneShot had pulled the trigger once again, but his bullet ended up colliding onto the black cocoon. It produced a metallic ping before the bullet shattered to the ground once again.

The black cocoon was still the black cocoon!

Then… how did this knife that seemed to stab into liquid without a sound do it?

“Be careful! Stay away from the black cocoon!”

A shout woke everyone up from their thoughts. It was Shi Xiaobai’s voice!

Everyone saw Shi Xiaobai pulling out the short knife quickly. The ease and speed which he did it appeared as though he had pulled it out of water. After giving a warning shout, he jumped away from the black cocoon at an extremely fast speed.

The three-man team also reacted by running far away. They did not dare disobey Shi Xiaobai’s warning.

At this moment, a red beam of light shot from afar. It was like a burning flame that tore through the air, issuing a sharp sound that headed straight for the gigantic black cocoon!


A red beam that shot forward clashed violently with the black cocoon, producing a tumultuous explosion. The aftershocks of the explosion caused dust to roll up and the surrounding trees to tilt diagonally downwards. DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld, who failed to withdraw far enough, was thrown to the ground in a miserable state by the blast of wind from the explosion.

Everyone was stunned by the sudden change of events. However, before they could produce any exclamations, another similar red beam of light shot from afar.

No, there were two beams.

Hold on, there was another one!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Three consecutive explosions resounded as black mist filled the skies and dust covered the black cocoon in layers. At the moment when the smoke dispersed and when the explosions died down, the sound of a fine, short and tiny but clear crack entered everyone’s ears.

It was like the sound produced when an eggshell cracked.

At this moment, a gentle gust of wind blew. The wind was so tender and soft, but it dispersed all the dust, eventually revealing the black cocoon’s state.

On closer look, the black cocoon’s surface was filled with numerous cracks!

“It has shattered, the virus black cocoon has shattered!”

Just as Biscuit managed a surprised exclamation, the black cocoon shattered completely like a ball of glass. It was reduced to numerous fragments that instantly turned into black mist, which quickly dug tunneled into the ground.

WindWithoutTrace’s body fell from midair and crashed to the ground with a thud. The fallen WindWithoutTrace’s eyes were closed and his face looked serene, as though he was asleep.

Biscuit heaved a sigh of relief and instructed the staff, “Inform WindWithoutTrace’s branch head and wake WindWithoutTrace from his virtual immersion.”

From the looks of it, WindWithoutTrace had been saved.

The four red beams had shattered the virus black cocoon, saving WindWithoutTrace!

But… where did the four red beams of light come from?

As the audience watched intently at the screen, they saw a person walking slowly out from the depths of the jungle.

The person wore a white veil while adorning a white laced dress. There was a big pink bow tie in front of her chest, while pink hair rolled down to her shoulders. A crystal bow was held in her right hand, and like a fairy, she entered everyone’s vision.

“Princess Xiao Xiao!” Sweets exclaimed.

The four red beams of light were Princess Xiao Xiao’s crystal arrows!

Biscuit said, “That is an A Class archery offensive skill—Crimson Netherworld!”

Once a combat skill was at A Class or above, it was not something that could be grasped through the accumulation of time. It required extraordinary insights, so for Princess Xiao Xiao to be able to harness an A Class offensive skill at such a young age, she was indeed an impressive genius.

Most importantly, the black cocoon had shattered because of the four arrows despite the three-man team being completely powerless against it. This sharp contrast impressed everyone.

The audience began to applaud and cheer Princess Xiao Xiao, as the repressive feelings from before turned to elation.

In the commentator stands, Sweets was also jumping in joy. The staff was constantly praising the excellence of the corporation’s princess. The atmosphere was extremely lively.

However, Biscuit fell silent amidst the din. His gaze landed on a corner of the screen. It was a shoulder that the cameras had forgotten.

That knife, that knife that easily stabbed into the black cocoon. How did it do it?

Princess Xiao Xiao’s four “Crimson Netherworld” arrows were indeed powerful, but were they really enough to shatter the virus black cocoon?

Most importantly, what did that knife do?

What… did it change?


Author’s Note: This arc hasn’t ended. In fact, it has just begun.

Translator’s Note: The knife will be explained in a later chapter.


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