AC Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: This is not a drill

“I see you as my brother but you sleep with my woman? To sleep with her 108 times? Nice, you are really my good brother.”

“Sorry Brother Wind.”

“Don’t apologize to me. Don’t you call me Brother Wind either. I do not have such a ‘loyal’ brother as you.”

“Brother Wind, if I said that she was the one who seduced me… will you believe me?”

“Heh heh, you said Xinxin… seduced you?”

“Brother Wind, I told you a long time ago that Wu Xinxin is a broad. She doesn’t deserve you, but you refused to believe…”

“This is the reason why you are sleeping with my wife?”

“Brother Wind, I’m doing it for your own good…”

“For my own good, you slept with my wife a 108 times?”

“108 times… Brother Wind, do you really think there were only 108 times?”

“What do you mean!?”

“Brother Wind, you know nothing about Wu Xinxin. 108 times is only in the room. Be it the car, in the wilderness, in dressing rooms, in the elevator…that broad, Wu Xinxin doesn’t care at all. That broad really doesn’t deserve you!”

“Shut up!”


“Shut up!”

Having his most painful memory evoked by a simple phrase, it caused WindWithoutTrace’s reason to completely crumble. In a fit of rage, WindWithoutTrace roared out angrily. His eyes were red and he began stabbing at Shi Xiaobai!

Shi Xiaobai dodged the strike with a single jump. As he looked at the WindWithoutTrace, who appeared like he wanted to tear him apart, he was extremely surprised. He never expected the nonsense he spouted had such surprising effects despite him only trying to agitate WindWithoutTrace into restoring his fighting spirit.

“You think there were only 108 times?”

After dodging the Wind Spear, Shi Xiaobai probed him by repeating his words.

“Shut up!” WindWithoutTrace roared. As he clenched his teeth, he continued stabbing angrily at Shi Xiaobai.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

Wind Three Strikes, Wind Three Strikes, Wind Three Strikes…

As though he had eaten some rage medicine, WindWithoutTrace’s every strike was as fast as wind despite them being completely random. The sounds of empty space being torn apart sounded as loud as firecrackers.

Realizing how crazy WindWithoutTrace looked, Shi Xiaobai could not bear to agitate him any further. He shut his mouth and focused on comprehending and cultivating his Crab Steps.

WindWithoutTrace, who had lost his mind, seemed like a mad dog. Under his constant usage of Wind Three Strikes, it even made Shi Xiaobai feel a slight bit of pressure. It excited him somewhat, but also made him feel a bit of guilt.

It was as though he had done something incredible. Wind Three Strikes had now completely transformed into Mad Three Strikes!

The three-man team watched in amazement by the sidelines. This was the first time they saw WindWithoutTrace in such a crazy state. The three strikes he delivered under his rage was extremely terrifying. If it were them, they would likely not last past ten seconds. As for God Clown, he had managed to dodge so freely under the crazy bombardment of the three strikes, as though he was not worried at all!

As the audience watched in amazement, be it Shi Xiaobai’s provocative sentence of “you know nothing about your ex-wife” or WindWithoutTrace’s sudden raging state, the intense battle was repeatedly refreshing their understanding of the world.

With the passage of time, Shi Xiaobai’s expression turned more serious and his gaze turned intense. As for the raging WindWithoutTrace, he was still as ferocious as before and was in fact, getting worse.

As WindWithoutTrace’s Wind Spear increased in speed, the way Shi Xiaobai dodged became more varied. It went from the repeated side hops to dodging with fakes moves, before becoming variable speed dodging. Finally, he even used Wavelet Shield in a defensive dodge, with the appearance of a few Crab Phantom Images.

Under the intense bombardment of the enraged three strikes, Shi Xiaobai was constantly approaching his limits.

GunfireInTheWorld and DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld stared helplessly. The demonic footwork that had tortured them so much was just the most basic move. God Clown actually had so many moves and tricks!

ThatTenderOneShot was also completely dumbfounded. He could have killed WindWithoutTrace, who was wide open from his attacks, but he could not bear to do so when he saw WindWithoutTrace in such a crazy state. After all, this competition was just a virtual game. Although he had the desire to win, he did not feel the need to obtain it through such unethical means. WindWithoutTrace’s craziness and grudge did not seem fake, so if he were to kill WindWithoutTrace with a single shot, wouldn’t he be too cruel?

As the two figures were embroiled in the battle, trees constantly crashed down. The raging WindWithoutTrace attacked desperately while Shi Xiaobai, who was nearly forced to his limits, constantly dodged. It made the audience hold their breaths.

This battle was extremely intense, it looked as though it would last for a long period of time.

Suddenly, without any warning, something unexpected happened—WindWithoutTrace suddenly stopped. He stopped his stabbing and pursuit, and even stopped breathing.

This sudden halt came too abruptly, as though a person running with all his might had suddenly come to a standstill.

In a closeup, WindWithoutTrace’s red eyes slowly restored to normal, but his eyes were dull and his breathing slowed. He asked, “Who… are you?”

Everyone was stunned upon hearing his sudden question.

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. Why did he suddenly ask for his name while they were having a nice battle?

Just as Shi Xiaobai was hesitant over answering truthfully, WindWithoutTrace’s voice boomed once again.

“You say… This world is fake?”

WindWithoutTrace’s voice sounded more and more astounded. So he wasn’t asking God DogLeading? However, why did this question seem like he was conversing with someone. But from the way he looked, it did not appear like he was asking anyone around him.

What was wrong with WindWithoutTrace?

In the commentator stands, Biscuit suddenly felt his heart jump as he hurriedly shouted, “Bishop of Virtuality!?”

The moment Biscuit finished saying that, a black mist suddenly appeared around WindWithoutTrace. It sunk into WindWithoutTrace at an extremely fast speed as WindWithoutTrace’s facial features instantly turned ferocious. He screamed out aloud but his roar came to an abrupt end half a second later.

WindWithoutTrace was completely engulfed by the black mist in a few seconds. The black mist suddenly solidified and transformed into a gigantic black cocoon.

Everyone was stunned by the sudden turn of events. In just a few seconds, WindWithoutTrace had been completely enveloped by the black mist that turned into a black cocoon. It was as though he had completely fallen into the darkness.

“Quick, use the virtual system to inform the other contestants. Tell them to shatter the black cocoon as fast as possible!”

Biscuit hurriedly turned his head and shouted to the staff not far from him. “What appeared isn’t the Bishop of Virtuality, but the Bishop of Virtuality’s dark virus. As long as the black cocoon is shattered, contestant WindWithoutTrace will be saved! Also, do not stop the match. Inform the branch where WindWithoutTrace is. Do not attempt to wake WindWithoutTrace from his virtual immersion, or everything will be over!”

“Hurry up and shatter the virus black cocoon, or WindWithoutTrace would be brainwashed into becoming a parishioner of the Church of Virtuality. He will become a heartless terrorist!”

Biscuit’s rapid words and calm analysis caused the panicked crowd to gradually calm down. The staff did not dare delay any further and followed Biscuit’s instructions.

In a while, the system’s voice resounded in the virtual world in a hurried tone.

“All players, please shatter the black virus cocoon as soon as possible. If not, contestant WindWithoutTrace would become a parishioner of the Church of Virtuality. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill. Neither is this part of the game. It is an emergency!”


The three-man team was appalled when they heard the system’s voice. The Church of Virtuality was notorious, with it being one of the three international terrorist organizations. They had naturally heard of it. However, this was the first time they encountered the Bishop of Virtuality’s brainwashing process. If they did not shatter the black cocoon, WindWithoutTrace would become a zombie parishioner of the Church of Virtuality!

Shi Xiaobai was also horrified. Although he did not know what the Church of Virtuality was, he could sense the exigency of the circumstances from the panic the three-man team felt and the way the system said it.

If WindWithoutTrace was to become a so-called parishioner of the Church of Virtuality, it seemed like it was because of him?

Shi Xiaobai was feeling a little too deep for tears. Why were people these days so glass-hearted? Why were they hurt at the slightest umbrage?

Shi Xiaobai knew he could no longer stand by the sidelines and appear indifferent.


Shi Xiaobai looked up and saw the black cocoon. There was a golden sheen around the cocoon and appeared extremely hard.

Shi Xiaobai sighed. Expecting him who had no offensive techniques to shatter the black steel cocoon with his bare fists, This Subject can’t do it!

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