AC Chapter 83

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Chapter 83: You know nothing about your ex-wife

As the all-seeing audience, they knew WindWithoutTrace’s true motives and were even more cognizant of the fact that the so-called “Wind Three Strikes” was useless against IChooseDogLeading. Hence, from the audience’s point of view, WindWithoutTrace’s actions would only be like throwing good money after bad. Not only had he insinuated himself as a cuckold, he was also about to suffer the loss of all morale when he faced the demonic footwork.

However, since WindWithoutTrace’s various actions were beneath contempt, his coming suffering was deserving.

The audience could use this story as a laughable negative example. It could be used as a case study for criticism and for derisive discussion. But at this moment, few people laughed and there were few who found it interesting.

A strange repressive feeling emanated throughout the viewing hall.

In the commentator stands, Sweets, who had been completely stunned, finally could not help but ask, “Why…why? It is clearly a virtual battle, even if it’s a competition, it is just a virtual game. Why, why would contestant WindWithoutTrace go to such an extent?”

This was also the question on the minds of many members of the audience. WindWithoutTrace’s actions were indeed void of common sense. He had not shown any mercy by betraying IAmNoPig, who had followed him. He had also shamelessly cheapened his ex-wife’s reputation. All of this just for an Energy Pearl and a kill point. Everything he did was just for victory in a virtual game.

WindWithoutTrace had sacrificed so much of his humanity in return for false glory. Was it worth it?

“He probably treats the virtual world as his real world,” Biscuit gave a meaningful answer. “Everyone must have heard of the Church of Virtuality, one of the three international terrorist organizations, right? It is made up of a bunch of madmen who treat the real world as a virtual world. They treat other humans as non-player characters. Killing just becomes a mission. It is said that the congregation of the Church of Virtuality have their beginnings like what WindWithoutTrace is currently facing. They became sick of the real world, or were completely disappointed in the real world. So they end up addicted to the virtual world, treating everything in the virtual world as their own reality. And when these believers get lured into the Church of Virtuality by the Bishop of Virtuality, they would begin to see the real world as a virtual world.”

Sweets said in astonishment, “Dad Biscuit, do you mean that contestant WindWithoutTrace is very likely a target of the Church of Virtuality?”

Biscuit pondered for a moment before saying, “I personally believe that contestant WindWithoutTrace is temporarily at the beginning stages. He is somewhat disillusioned with the real world and is addicted to the glory won in the virtual world. However, he can still tell the differences between reality and virtuality. Hence, he is temporarily not the target of the Church of Virtuality, but he is in an extremely dangerous situation now. Once he receives a larger stimulus that can cause his mind to turn unstable…”

Biscuit stopped speaking.

Sweets hurriedly asked, “What will happen if his mind turns unstable?”

Biscuit sighed and said, “Legends say that the Bishop of Virtuality’s consciousness has penetrated the entire virtual world. He is constantly searching for prey. If there is a player on a brink of a mental breakdown while being immersed in virtual reality to the point of beginning to have strong doubts about reality, then the Bishop will take advantage of the opportunity to invade his consciousness and bewitch him, eventually making him become a loyal but crazy follower of the Church of Virtuality.”

Sweets exclaimed as she shook Biscuit’s arm and said anxiously, “Then what should be done? Contestant WindWithoutTrace’s mind seems to be somewhat unstable now!”


Biscuit was stunned as he looked intently at the screen in front of him. The cameras were giving WindWithoutTrace an extreme close-up. WindWithoutTrace’s eyes were glazed while his body was trembling as though he found things unbelievable.

“What’s the matter?”

Biscuit was stunned. He had just been distracted for a moment, and the story had developed to such a stage? Did he miss reading a chapter?

Sweets said, “I don’t know. After using Wind Three Strikes, contestant WindWithoutTrace became like this!”

Biscuit said in surprise, “He has already used the Wind Three Strikes? Are you sure?”

His mind had just wandered for a few seconds and WindWithoutTrace was done with his Wind Three Strikes?

Sweets nodded and said, “Yea, contestant WindWithoutTrace has the nickname of Wind Speed Fast Draw, so he struck out really fast. It was nearly one strike per second, so he was done with the three strikes in three seconds. However… however, contestant DogLeading managed to dodge as though his body was motionless! After that, contestant WindWithoutTrace… he became like this!”

Biscuit could not help but click his tongue when he heard this. In his mind, he thought, “WindWithoutTrace O’ WindWithoutTrace, although your nickname is Wind Speed Fast Draw, but isn’t one stab a second f*cking too fast? If you were really that fast, it was no wonder your ex-wife cheated on you!”

At this moment, the director nicely replayed what had happened before for Biscuit, as well as slowing down the footage several times for the audience.

Hence, the incredible scene perfectly appeared in front of the audience.

Even at a slowed down speed, the replay made everyone find WindWithoutTrace’s Wind Spear extremely fast and ruthless. The whistling of the wind seemed like it was caused by the spear’s strike, but it also seemed like the spear itself was a strong gust of wind!

However, Shi Xiaobai’s movements were even faster. At the instant the Wind Spear stabbed at him, Shi Xiaobai took a left step with his left foot, and immediately following that, his right foot took a step to the right. It was a very simple left and right side hop. Within two moves, his body went from left and then towards the right, quickly returning to his original spot. However, these two simple moves were completed at a speed invisible to the naked eye!

Even with the speed slowed down several times, all the audience saw was a fuzzy figure, so when the video was played at a normal speed, Shi Xiaobai’s simple left and right side hops appeared as though he did not make a move. The speed of him jumping left and then returning to his original spot was so fast that the naked eye could not grasp it!

Sweets exclaimed, “What… What terrifying speed. If contestant WindWithoutTrace’s Wind Spear has reached wind speeds, then contestant DogLeading’s jumping is nearly the speed of light!”

Biscuit commended, “The most terrifying thing is not his speed, but his accurate judgement when dodging. Moving at nearly the speed of light means that the amount of time to dodge is extremely short, but contestant DogLeading is able to use this short amount of time to dodge contestant WindWithoutTrace’s Wind Spear. This requires absolute confidence and judgement to complete such a feat.”

With the video slowed down, each of the Wind Three Strikes was faster than the last. However, Shi Xiaobai would only change the direction in which he moved or the number of times. He still maintained light speed, completing a near-perfect dodge.

When the video was returned to normal speed, it looked as though Shi Xiaobai had stood motionless to easily dodge WindWithoutTrace’s Wind Three Strikes.

After summarizing Biscuit’s explanation, they could only give a thumbs up and exclaim—Awesome bro!

At this moment, the director switched back to scenes from the live stream.

WindWithoutTrace was still in a dazed state. The hand holding the spear was trembling violently, as though he could not believe that his Wind Three Strikes had been easily dodged. He also looked as though he was trying his best to convince himself that everything was an illusion. He was like a tiny mouse that had lost all courage to do battle but refused to concede defeat.

GunfireInTheWorld and DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld cast sympathetic looks at WindWithoutTrace. They knew what WindWithoutTrace felt more than anyone else. They were also very thankful that they were clever enough not to fall into the pit of doom.

Biscuit sighed and said, “Contestant WindWithoutTrace must have realized the huge gap between himself and contestant DogLeading. However, contestant DogLeading’s light speed dodging has made contestant WindWithoutTrace produce thoughts that ‘maybe all this is an illusion’. Contestant WindWithoutTrace is currently wavering between reality and fantasy. He needs to make a decision.”

Or someone will give him a push.

Biscuit did not say this sentence, because pushing WindWithoutTrace towards a cruel reality or pushing him to a seemingly perfect but similarly cruel fantasy was an immense responsibility. The three-man team’s relationship with WindWithoutTrace could only be said to be average. They probably would not do such a thankless task.

As for contestant DogLeading, as he was the “culprit” for the presentation of this choice, regardless of which side he nudged him in, it would result in extreme effects. It was not bad if he did not do anything, much less help.

Eh, hold on, what is contestant DogLeading thinking of doing?

Biscuit was stunned as he saw Shi Xiaobai suddenly walk towards WindWithoutTrace. In a few steps, he was in front of WindWithoutTrace.

WindWithoutTrace could not help but look up to face the mysterious expert dressed in a clown costume who had unfathomable strength. His heart thumped because he did not want to hear any words of comfort, guidance or encouragement!

This rascal… what did he want to say?

As everyone looked in a daze, WindWithoutTrace had a pair of frail and lost eyes. At this point, Shi Xiaobai patted WindWithoutTrace on the shoulder. He said earnestly, “Do you think it was only 108 times in the room? Green Wind 1, you know nothing about your ex-wife!”


Some readers say the plot is being pushed forward too slowly and has been a bit filler-y recently. Okay, as a good author who listens to the readers’ comments, I changed a lot of my future stockpile and deleted much of the content that appeared too filler-y. The result is the shrinking of my not-that-big stockpile. Feeling my heart ache. I will guarantee the interesting elements of the novel and the speeding up of the plot will be done appropriately. However, in order to ensure the integrity of the story, there will be times when the foundation has to be laid. Some things that need to described cannot be reduced, so please be patient. The story I designed will definitely not disappoint everyone. Correspondingly, I wish everyone will give me sufficient time to tell a complete story. However, if there is any accidental filler, or chapters that are filler, everyone can point it out. In order to ensure the overall quality of the novel, even reducing the number of chapter releases or sacrificing the stockpile is worth it in my opinion.


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  1. Green has the connotations of being a cuckold in Chinese, especially in ‘wearing a green hat’.


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