AC Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Doomed Sooner or Later

The moment after Xiao Xiao finished pulling her bow open, WindWithoutTrace had the thought of escaping before the arrow shot out. His moving body immediately changed course and headed for the dense jungle. Soon, he was shuttling through the trees.

“Poplar Piercing Arrow!”

The crystal arrow penetrated through numerous trees, boring huge holes through tree trunks and nearly instantly appeared behind WindWithoutTrace.

“Bronze Armor Shield!”

WindWithoutTrace shouted loudly as a bronze-colored shield appeared behind him. Although Bronze Armor Shield was an E Class psionic defensive skill, it was stronger than Shi Xiaobai’s Wavelet Shield in terms of defensive strength. His Psionic Ability realm did not differ too much from Xiao Xiao, and after having numerous trees retarding the arrow, the Bronze Armor Shield naturally managed to block Xiao Xiao’s crystal arrow.

Although “Poplar Piercing Arrow” was a D Class archery offensive skill, it was something that placed more focus on accuracy, so it was less powerful.

Why did Xiao Xiao use such a long-distance archery technique that focused on accuracy despite the short distance?

This thought flashed in WindWithoutTrace’s mind. At the moment he blocked the Poplar Piercing Arrow, he thought of something that caused his pupils to violently contract.

“It’s a locator arrow!”

A locator arrow was like an army’s reconnaissance troops. They would sacrifice themselves to discover the enemy’s location, allowing the troops from behind to catch up. In the field of archery, a locator arrow was usually used to pinpoint the target before an extremely powerful but low accuracy shot was delivered.

Hence, the fatal move was the next one!

Upon coming to this realization, WindWithoutTrace suddenly stopped and raised his hands to the sky.

“Black Iron Barrier!”

The moment a black barrier was propped up, a rain of arrows came falling from the sky. Hundreds of crystal arrows came raining down at WindWithoutTrace as though they were blotting out the sky.

“Peng! Peng! …”

Numerous collision sounds and explosions echoed as the black barrier began to crack, and would shatter at any moment.


The barrier only managed to last for a few seconds before it completely shattered. WindWithoutTrace appeared from inside the barrier with spear in hand. His hair fell backwards as he looked up at the inexhaustible rain of arrows and roared loudly.

“Wind Spear Dance!”

His spear kept stabbing and as he turned around and made a sweep, his footwork were like an elegant dance. As he brandished his spear, a silver-colored whirlwind began to form around his body.

“Clang! Clang! Clang…”

The impact between the silver spear and the crystal arrows constantly produced explosive sounds as numerous crystal arrows that came falling down were sent flying by the silver spear.

Moments later, the rain of arrows finally ceased, but when WindWithoutTrace took a look around him, there was not even a single crystal arrow on the ground! The only three arrows in the entire area were embedded in his body!

“Illusion Arrow Rain! What a terrifying woman.”

Illusion Arrow Rain was a C Class archery offensive skill. It was extremely difficult to learn, and just shooting three arrows was sufficient to create the illusion of a sky filled with arrows. It was an offensive skill that could instantly kill enemies with weak wills. WindWithoutTrace’s Black Iron Barrier was shattered because of the terror brought by the rain of arrows.

WindWithoutTrace forcefully pulled out the three arrows in his body. Although he had lowered the pain setting to 10%, the pain of pulling the arrows still made him clench his teeth. He felt his life draining away and after a momentary internal struggle, he took out the “Energy Pearl”. The system asked him in his mind if he wanted to use it as he immediately chose “Yes”.

The Energy Pearl transformed into a blob of red light that merged into WindWithoutTrace’s body. The three wounds on his body instantly recovered, and he recovered most of the health points he lost. The stunning effects surprised WindWithoutTrace as he suddenly felt a feeling of hatred and greed.

WindWithoutTrace only spent a few seconds to use the Energy Pearl to recover from his injuries, but he did not dare stay here for long. Immediately, he turned around and headed deeper into the jungle. He had two ideas at the moment. Firstly, keep away from Xiao Xiao because she was too terrifying! Secondly, find that arrogant clown and kill him before he used the Energy Pearl, so that he could obtain possession of an Energy Pearl!

On the other side of the jungle, Xiao Xiao gradually put away her crystal bow. She did not pursue him or send another arrow because she did not wish for the early elimination of WindWithoutTrace. To be precise, she wished that the other contestants would be able to last a little bit longer.

A moving target for practice that was more resilient was better, wasn’t it?

However, Xiao Xiao was slightly disappointed. This was because WindWithoutTrace, who had the highest Psionic Ability realm amongst the other six contestants, could not even put up a fight. He could not even defend against a C Class Illusion Arrow Rain. If she really used an A Class archery technique she wanted to cultivate, wouldn’t she instantly kill them?

“Maybe, the targets were chosen wrongly from the outset. It was just wishful thinking on Grandpa’s part that virtual competition is very useful in increasing a skill’s proficiency. Forget it, I’ll treat it as playing a boring game.”

With this thought in mind, Xiao Xiao turned around and walked slowly in a random direction into the jungle.

In the commentator stands, Biscuit and Sweets looked each other in the eye and revealed a wry smile.

Sweets sighed and said, “WindWithoutTrace’s Psionic Ability realm is not too far behind, but his combat skills are just too inferior. Princess Xiao Xiao and the other contestants are on a different level.”

Biscuit followed up, “Pehua University is China’s highest institute of learning. To be able to enrol in Pehua University, Princess Xiao Xiao has to be excellent in various aspects. However, the strength she has revealed to us has stunned me. Wind Walk at the Exemplary Mastery realm, Poplar Piercing Arrow at the Familiarized Proficiency realm and Illusion Arrow Rain at the Familiarized Proficiency realm. These excellent achievements in the Psionic Mortal Realm might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Princess Xiao Xiao. It’s really shocking. I think Princess Xiao Xiao is a sparkling presence even in the genius-filled Pehua University.”

Sweets sighed and said, “Although as a commentator, I should not pass any absolute judgement, but I have to tell everyone that even if the remaining five contestants joined forces, they would be no match for Princess Xiao Xiao. She is invincible in this competition!”

Biscuit said, “However, did anyone notice one thing? Why did Princess Xiao Xiao participate in this week’s weekly match? Is there a deeper meaning to the rules she established herself? I believe Princess Xiao Xiao would not waste her precious time over the weekend to play a noob abusing game. She definitely has a deeper purpose. We can anticipate this reason as we watch on!”

Biscuit was still trying to think of a way raise the audience’s emotions and anticipation.

The audience in the viewing hall was already astounded by Xiao Xiao’s immense power. Having heard the two commentators’ analysis, they could only silently accept that there was no suspense to who would achieve overall victory for the match. At the same time, they also placed all their expectations on Xiao Xiao. Even last week’s victor, WindWithoutTrace, was beaten up so brutally, so what else was there to look forward to with the other contestants?

At this moment, the scene cut to a person. That person was striding leisurely along a small forest trail. As the cameras zoomed in, a careful look indicated it to be IChooseDogLeading.

IChooseDogLeading’s hands were held backwards as he strolled leisurely. As he walked, he shouted, “Spicy chickens, my dear spicy chickens, where are all of you…?”

Everyone was stunned hearing this.

Sweets was so stunned that she covered her mouth.

Biscuit said with mixed emotions, “Candidate DogLeading will be doomed sooner or later!”

At the same time, the bottom right corner of the screen revealed an overlay box that took up a quarter of the screen. The box was a miniature version of the jungle, and on it, there were six cartoon avatars on the map that indicated where the six contestants were and where they were heading to.

From this map, it could be clearly seen that the three-man team was stationary at a spot, as though they were waiting for something or were preparing an ambush.

About half the jungle’s distance away from the three-man team, WindWithoutTrace was moving at an extremely fast speed, while Princess Xiao Xiao was following closely behind at a gentle pace.

However, an astounding thing happened. The avatar that represented Shi Xiaobai on the map was almost about to encounter the three-man team. If Shi Xiaobai did not change his direction, he would reach the trio’s ambush spot in a couple of minutes.

Furthermore, WindWithoutTrace and Princess Xiao Xiao, who were traveling at different speeds, one ahead of the other, were also heading in Shi Xiaobai’s direction.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai was about to enter a trap, while there were hunters behind him, putting him in great jeopardy!

Biscuit blurted out, “Candidate DogLeading is doomed!”

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