AC Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Unexpected Opening

“Don’t misunderstand. It’s not personal. What I’m saying is that everyone present is a spicy chicken!”

These arrogant and provocative words, along with Shi Xiaobai’s deliberate look of being all high and mighty, immediately made everyone stare aghast.

The six contestants that were facing him were completely frozen. IAmNoPig was the first to issue an incredibly furious roar, “What did you say!?”

The eyes of the others exuded a cold look.

They immediately understood the profound meaning in Shi Xiaobai’s first sentence about the hidden scabbard and the pulling out of the pig slaughtering knife. He was mocking them for their pleasant pre-battle declaration—such an act was that of a “spicy chicken”.

However, wasn’t it a retarded choice to say such sharp words in the face of a seven-person free-for-all?

In fact, Shi Xiaobai found himself extremely clever. He believed that with this, the six of them would attack This King, right?

Shi Xiaobai sneered gently and said the words “spicy chicken” again before turning to walk to a corner. He ignored them as though it was undisguised disregard.

The cold beam in Xiao Xiao’s eyes faded away as a smile slowly appeared on her lips. The words “everyone do your best” was not a pleasantry, it was just something people had yet to understand. This contestant named “IChooseDogLeading” and his denigration of the contestants as “spicy chickens” did not include her, so there was no need for her to feel upset

The other five people were infuriated. However, as the free-for-all had yet to begin and this round prohibited violent behavior, they could only pent up their anger and secretly place Shi Xiaobai on the kill list.


In the commentator stands, Biscuit’s old face immediately turned. In such an atmosphere, he felt like he had to make a holy sacrifice, hence, he gave a self-deprecating laugh and said, “Ha… Ha, what contestant DogLeading did was unexpected. Can I retract the bullshit I said from earlier?”

Sweets realized Biscuit’s intention of self-sacrifice to save the situation. Feeling touched, she immediately disparaged him in a merciless manner, saying, “I say Dad Biscuit, I was wondering why your face is getting fatter. So it was because it was smacked swollen. Wu Wu Wu. This contestant DogLeading really… really has a personality!”

The audience in the viewing hall immediately reacted as a hubbub began. Soon, it crescendoed to a deafening cacophony that nearly blew the ceiling open.

“Awesome person. That’s what a pre-battle declaration should be!”

“Heh heh, it’s called courting death, alright? He doesn’t even know to keep a low profile when he’s only at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. It looks like he did it because he has nothing to lose.”

“No, didn’t you hear what Sweets said? It’s called having a personality!”

“Smacking Biscuit’s big round face. This round was good. A pre-battle declaration should be filled with such smack talk!”

“To say the truth, having the strength to act awesome is what you would call awesome. If you act awesome without the ability, that is what you would call a retard. This DogLeading clown is a pure idiot. Validated with no mistakes.”

“If you don’t act awesome when you have the strength, that’s called a coward. Anyway, I support DogLeading. How can a pre-battle declaration not be more explosive?”

“A weakling hides his sharpness in a beautiful scabbard, while a true mighty figure will bravely pull out a rusty pig slaughtering knife. This sentence is such a fricking classic saying!”

“No offense, but everyone present is a spicy chicken!”


The audience in the viewing hall was immediately split on their views. A number of people felt that Shi Xiaobai’s declaration was a declaration of a warrior, and when compared to the first six people’s pleasantries, it was extremely genuine. His strength might be the weakest, but his courage was worthy of praise.

The other people felt that Shi Xiaobai’s declaration was a declaration for courting death. He was purely an idiot seeking death. They believed that he would be beaten to a pulp that even his mother would fail to recognize him. There were even people who announced that if the idiot DogLeading was not the first to be eliminated, they would stick their male appendages into a fan, at speed five.

The argument in the viewing hall immediately got out of hand.

Yang Yang was the only one in the audience who knew Shi Xiaobai’s identity and personality. He was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry, but he was not surprised. He knew Shi Xiaobai was always different from others. He was so unique that he attracted the desire for others to beat him up.

But what made Yang Yang speechless was the two madmen on his left and right. The right brawny person that addressed Shi Xiaobai as “God DogLeading” was yelling like a fervent fan. If anyone were to curse “DogLeading retard”, he would immediately curse back at them, as though he wanted to pick a fight.

And the most speechless-rendering person was Kevin on the left. After hearing the brawny youth’s nonsense, he actually began to believe that “God DogLeading” was an invincible mighty figure in Psionic Mortal Realm third level clothing. After hearing Shi Xiaobai’s pre-battle declaration, he went from anti-fan to fan, becoming one of those who supported “IChooseDogLeading”.

It was unknown what expression Kevin would have when he realizes that “IChooseDogLeading” was actually Shi Xiaobai.

And at this moment in a corner, Xia Lin was already about to explosively depart. He turned around and realized that Yang Weiwei, who had always been behind him, had snuck away without his knowledge. As he was too deep for tears, he shouted at the entrance, “You fricking call this the newbie that fears death the most? Yang Weiwei! You don’t have to come tomorrow. No, you can scram right now!”

Only when it reached the third round—the true highlight of the show, the seven-person free-for-all—did the din in the viewing hall gradually come to a halt.

“The Battle Arena Corporation’s weekly branch competition, the seven-person free-for-all, officially begins. Now, we shall announce all the rules for the seven-person free-for-all.”

The virtual system’s voice echoed in the white room and was simultaneously broadcasted in various viewing halls.

Everyone quieted down and pricked up their ears.

“Rule 1: The battle map has been selected to be the virtual map, ‘Heavenly Pulse Jungle’. There will not be any biological creatures in this virtual environment, but there will be random appearances of ‘Energy Pearls’. Using an ‘Energy Pearl’ will recover one’s Psionic Power, stamina and health. ‘Energy Pearls’ can be stored and are allowed to be used at any juncture in time.”

“Rule 2: The match will assign points according to the order of elimination. The first person eliminated will receive one point, the second two points and so on and so forth. At the same time, the number of people a contestant kills will be counted. Killing a contestant would obtain one point. The contestant’s final ranking will be decided according to the sum of the order of elimination and the number of people killed.”

“Rule 3: The contestants will be randomly transported to a random location in Heavenly Pulse Jungle. The teams formed during the negotiation round will be seen as an entity, so they will be sent to the same location. Every entity will also receive one ‘Energy Pearl’. Note, every team is considered an entity, so every team only has one ‘Energy Pearl’!”

“The aforementioned rules are all there is. The announcement of the rules has concluded. The seven-person free-for-all officially begins. Transmission initiating, target destination—Heavenly Pulse Jungle!”

The system did not sound male or female, but after the emotionless voice was done, the seven contestants in the white room were wrapped in layers of light before instantly disappearing.

At the same time, the cameras switched to four close-up views. It switched through the 3–2–1–1 factions and their locations in the forest before fixing on the three-man team.

ThatTenderOneShot, DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld and GunfireInTheWorld formed a triangle that was neither too big nor too small. In the middle, there was a floating red pearl. It was about the size of a glutinous rice ball, but it exuded a red crystalline glow. It silently floated in midair, and it was obvious that it was the Energy Pearl described by the system.

At this moment, the atmosphere surrounding the three was very delicate. Although their expressions could not be seen due to their masks, the stiffened bodies and silent attitudes indicated that this team was in a dilemma.

In the commentator stands, Biscuit sighed, “It looks like this is the reason behind why Miss Xiao Xiao established the negotiation round. This team that was formed temporarily now faces a dilemma of the distribution of benefits. The Energy Pearl’s effects destine it to be extremely important for every contestant. All three contestants probably want it for themselves, and the rules of killing others to gain points will definitely push this team into an awkward position. It would be a question as to who would get to kill a person that gets cornered by this team. It is a harsh problem that needs to be considered.”

Sweets also shared her mixed emotions, “It looks like the negotiation round was a trap set up by Miss Xiao Xiao. Under these rules, teams become a restrictive thing. Would the three people fight over this Energy Pearl?”

Biscuit said, “It can’t really be called a trap either. After all, there is still the advantage of a team. It just has additional drawbacks. At least in my opinion, a single Energy Pearl is not enough to cause a team to dissolve. It will just cause a tiny bit of strife amongst them. They will definitely not fight, but someone has to be the temporary custodian of the Energy Pearl.”

The moment Biscuit said that, the three people onscreen began having a simple discussion. The Energy Pearl was decided to be temporarily held by ThatTenderOneShot. They each promised to split any obtained Energy Pearl equally. The killing of others depended on each person’s ability. And as predicted by Biscuit, the team did not have any obvious cracks.

Sweets could not help but exclaim in praise, “As the saying goes, ‘wine improves with age’. Dad Biscuit is indeed impressive.”

Biscuit chuckled and said, “It’s because you are too silly. Which team would lose all decorum over an ‘Energy Pearl’?”

Sweets tsked gently as she pouted, making her look pretty cute.

At this moment, the screen was still fixated on the three-man team, but a voice resounded throughout Heavenly Pulse Jungle. It was also a sound that everyone in the viewing hall could hear.

It was the system’s voice.

“Contestant ‘IAmNoPig’ eliminated. Currently there are six remaining contestants!”

What the f*ck, IAmNoPig was eliminated!?

Did WindWithoutTrace and IAmNoPig have a fall out because of the “Energy Pearl”?

Biscuit stared in bewilderment as he thought “Damn it, did I get smacked in the face again? Why is it so fast this time!”

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