AC Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Take you flying into awesomeness

When the five contestants walked towards Xiao Xiao, a cold voice immediately resounded.

“I will not form a team with any one of you, so all of you do not need to waste time on me.”

The person who said that was none other than Xiao Xiao. The tone in her voice was one not to be doubted. Although the veil hid her expression, it was clear that this beauty’s face had a cold and expressionless look to it from her cold rejection.

Xiao Xiao’s resolute personality was clearly something the five contestants were aware of. They halted in their footsteps and did not attempt to persuade her any further. Immediately, they turned to their second target. The five of them were all regulars, so they often met during the weekly matches. Hence, they naturally had some relations with each other.

Many people in the viewing hall heaved a sigh of relief. They did not wish to see their female goddess form a team with others. Furthermore, by doing so, it would incur the suspicion of cheating, so this was great. The cold rejection of these five plebeians was the best outcome.

Xiao Xiao’s action won great acclaim from the audience. The commentators also immediately took the opportunity to praise Princess Xiao Xiao, but they also raised some doubts. What was the reason behind Princess Xiao Xiao’s establishment of this negotiation round? Was she that confident that she could deal with teams formed by others?

If this was the real world, as a Psyker at the tenth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, she might be able to use her superpower to fight against six, but in the virtual world, there was no way to use superpowers!

The two commentators began a round of rational speculation so as to fill the time for the audience, and in less than a minute, the seven contestants in the white room had basically formed their teams.

Xiao Xiao was leaning on a wall as though deep in thought. Shi Xiaobai, who was wearing a clown costume, was sitting alone in a corner motionless. As for the other five people, they had formed two distinct teams.

Ninth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, WindWithoutTrace and seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, IAmNoPig formed a team.

Seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm GunfireInTheWorld, eighth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld and eighth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, ThatTenderOneShot formed a three-man team.

From the numbers and overall strength distribution, the three-man team appeared stronger. However, the two-man team’s strength was not to be underestimated, especially with the spear-wielding WindWithoutTrace. His Wind Walk and Wind Spear had reached the Familiarized Proficiency realm and he was considered a genius in the Psionic Mortal Realm because of this.

“It looks like the individual small teams amongst the seven contestants have provisionally been formed. Now, the only ones left out are Princess Xiao Xiao and contestant DogLeading. By the way, I’ll take this opportunity to tell the audience. The seven contestants did not receive any information about the contestants that are participating in this week’s match. As such, the six people do not know contestant DogLeading’s Psionic Ability realm. So this unfamiliar brother DogLeading would definitely be probed by the two teams and be a target they would compete over. Everyone, please look forward to it.”

Biscuit adeptly analyzed the situation for the audience and pointed out the possible highlights of the match. What he said was indeed very accurate. The moment he said that, the two teams began to walk towards Shi Xiaobai, who was sitting at a corner as though he was sleeping.

At this moment, WindWithoutTrace suddenly said, “I believe this brother clown will prefer that our teams approach him one by one. Since your team already has three people, can we go up first?”

As they did not know anything about Shi Xiaobai, they did not even know his game nickname. Hence, WindWithoutTrace addressed Shi Xiaobai as brother clown according to his getup. What he said made sense as matters of persuasion were best done in order of arrival. However, the first team to approach definitely held the advantage, for who would know if this brother clown would be an easily convinced person?

Just as the three people were hesitating, WindWithoutTrace said with a serious voice, “Everyone, let’s do it on account of me, WindWithoutTrace, alright?”

The three people looked each other in the eye after hearing this. After they had an exchange in whispers, ThatTenderOneShot, who was dressed in a military uniform, took a step forward a moment later. He said to WindWithoutTrace, “Brother Wind, we will naturally take you into account. Let’s do this. We agree on letting you attempt first, but it has to be done by the fat pig. Brother Wind can only stand by the side and not give any guidance, alright?”

The fat pig meant “IAmNoPig”. Other than the person being fat, his brain was also like a pig’s. The three people may have appeared to concede, but in fact, they were forcing WindWithoutTrace into a dilemma.

WindWithoutTrace felt an internal struggle. Although IAmNoPig’s intelligence was not as bad as it was rumored, it was indeed not very good. However, as the present situation was not in their favor, it could likely end up a four versus two situation if they did not take the first-mover’s advantage.

“Alright, I agree.”

WindWithoutTrace eventually chose to agree. He exhorted IAmNoPig before walking to a corner. He crossed his arms and stood there watching.

As for IAmNoPig, he began walking under the watchful eyes of the audience to the seated Shi Xiaobai.

At this moment, contestants from both teams, the audience in the viewing hall and even Xiao Xiao, who was leaning on a wall, turned their gazes over.

“Hi, my big brother, WindNoTrace, has the additional nickname of Wind Speed Fast Draw, and he wants to invite you to our team!”

After IAmNoPig walked in front of Shi Xiaobai, he did not do any small talk or pleasantries. He directly spoke his intentions out aloud.

Time froze for two seconds before Shi Xiaobai’s body suddenly moved. His nose issued out a long moan before he raised his head to give a big yawn.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Shi Xiaobai, who was woken up, rubbed his eyes. Noticing the rotund figure in front of him, he asked with a hypnagogic voice.

The audience was surprised. They thought that the clown had sat at a corner because he was acting haughty or observing the situation. They never expected him to be sleeping. How could you sleep during the important negotiation round?

IAmNoPig was also stunned, but he did not think too much about it. He went straight to the point, “My brother, WindNoTrace is prepared to take you flying into awesomeness! Do you understand? Tell me your in-game nickname. I’ll first add you as a friend.”

IAmNoPig’s unsophisticated manner of speech dumbfounded the audience. Describing this guy as having a pig’s brain felt like an insult to pigs.

Shi Xiaobai was still in a sleepy state and was confused. He did not know what the fatso in front of him was talking about, but since he heard him ask about his game nickname, he half-heartedly answered, “IChooseDogLeading.”

Upon hearing this, IAmNoPig’s face flushed red for some unknown reason. With additional fury in his words, he said angrily, “Why are you scolding us? My brother can really take you flying into awesomeness. I’m not bullshitting! Quick, tell me what your in-game nickname is.”

Shi Xiaobai yawned again, and couldn’t figure out when he had scolded anyone, nor did he understand why the fatso kept asking him about his game nickname. As he was too tired to think, he decided to give his answer, emphasizing each word, “I… Choose… Dog… Leading!”

With this, the pig would probably get it, right?

IAmNoPig had indeed heard it, but he seemed to end up agitated. It was as though he wanted to go into a rage, but he suppressed his anger. He constantly puffed, “Hu… Hu… Hu…What is your game nickname?”

Shi Xiaobai became impatient and shouted, “Aren’t you irritating? IChooseDogLeading! IChooseDogLeading! IChooseDogLeading!”

He repeated the important thing thrice!

“Fine, well done!”

IAmNoPig was immediately infuriated. He immediately dragged his flabby body towards WindWithoutTrace. His anger-filled footsteps caused the ground to tremble as he had an aura of hostility and indignation. He lamented to WindWithoutTrace, “Brother Wind, this kid rather gets led by a dog than lets you take the lead. What should we do about this?”

At this moment, the dazed audience in the viewing hall was immediately enlightened. All of them burst out in laughter and the undulating laughter in the viewing hall did not stop immediately. Some people were even tearing up from their laughing.

Sweets also could not maintain herself while laughing. As she held her abdomen, she said with a laugh that peppered her speech, “DogLeading… The mystery behind the contestant’s name..has finally been revealed. This name… sure is provocative!”

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