AC Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: God DogLeading

In a disaster-ridden era, the virtual competition industry that seemed to link itself with entertainment was not thought highly of by people. This was a reason why there were few customers that patronized the battle arena cafe.

However, every weekend, the number of people who came to the battle arena cafe would increase greatly. The main reason was a result of the weekly matches organized by the Battle Arena Corporation over the weekend. Another essential reason was a result of the strategy employed by the battle arena cafe—the weekly match was aired live for free.

Although Steel City was [Gaia]’s base, [Gaia] was only a Hero organization. The people in a Hero organization were valued by their quality not quantity, hence, the official members were a tiny fraction of the residents. Most of the residents were original residents before the base was built, as well as family members the official members brought with them. These original residents were similar to the city’s residents. They did not have much resistance against a live broadcast of a competition that was almost at the quality of a movie. Furthermore, the video quality in the battle arena cafe’s viewing hall was extremely high and most importantly, it was free!

Hence, although Yang Weiwei’s description of “undivided attention of thousands of people” was somewhat exaggerated, the number of people who came to the viewing hall to watch the weekly match live would not just be a handful of people. It would number at least a hundred.

And today was a special day. As the news of Miss Xiao Xiao personally participating in this week’s competition was deliberately publicized by the battle arena cafe, the battle arena cafe’s viewing hall was soon filled with people.

Whenever Xiao Xiao was mentioned, people would immediately think of four key information—Battle Arena Corporation’s little princess, Pehua University’s top student, a Psyker richly endowed by nature, a great beauty that could topple cities. And once these four key information were put together, it naturally created the effects of fans that were no less inferior than celebrities and idols.

Those people who came to the battle arena cafe could not only watch the live broadcast of the competition that was as good as a movie, but they could also catch a glimpse of Princess Xiao Xiao’s glory. And most critical of all, it was all fricking free! Hence, even citizens that were disgusted by virtual competition were also attracted.

Yang Yang was one of those who came to watch the competition. He was different from others, because he was attracted here by Shi Xiaobai. Yang Weiwei had specially sent him a text message, bragging about how she had accomplished the “feat” of recommending Tu Dahei as a contestant. Yang Yang expressed his disgust at Yang Weiwei for letting a third level Psionic Mortal Realm rookie participate in a free-for-all match filled with seventh level Psionic Mortal Realm warriors. However, he could not help but give her a thumbs up, praising her with a “well done”.

He was eager to understand Shi Xiaobai’s true strength. This was the only way he could know the difference between them. Yang Weiwei’s act was no doubt something he found agreeable deep within his heart.

However, the present Yang Yang was honestly feeling terrible. This was because he met the one person he least wanted to see in the viewing hall. Even worse, this person’s seat was just next to his.

Yang Yang’s eyes struggled for a moment as he gently sat beside that person, hoping that the person would not realize his arrival.

However, things never go the way we think they will. The moment he sat down, that person turned his head over and was surprised. He then made a cold taunt, “Hey, isn’t this that mortal with pretty alright Mind Expanse? Your name is Yang-something?”

Yang Yang’s mouth twitched slightly. The blond youth sitting beside him named Kevin was as infuriating as ever. Back at the Rookie Evaluation Test, he had been figuratively smacked in the face by Shi Xiaobai till his face swelled, but yet he was still unrepentantly trying to act the fatty.

In the past, Yang Yang would always keep a distance from a C Class Psyker like Kevin since he knew the difference between an ordinary person and a genius. He did not dare cross the line. However, after meeting Shi Xiaobai, he felt that the biological creatures known as geniuses were not that much superior.

Look at Shi Xiaobai, he is such an impressive genius, but isn’t he quite cute from his foolishness?

“Hey, it’s you. Blondy Narcissist.”

Yang Yang pretended to just discover Kevin’s presence and gave an unsparing response. He no longer felt awe towards Kevin at all.

Kevin’s face immediately turned liver-colored. This shameful salutation reminded him of Shi Xiaobai’s wretched face. The fateful encounter of the Rookie Evaluation test was still fresh on his mind, so he coldly snorted, “Hmph, abject mortal.”

Yang Yang curled his lips. He was not interested in engaging in a meaningless war of words with Kevin. He ignored Kevin and turned to look at the huge screen in the viewing hall.

At this moment, the screen was playing explanatory clips. In a bid to replicate the viewing experience of the Heroes league, the Battle Arena Corporation invited two rather famous commentators every week. And the invited commentators today were a top-ranked father-daughter commentator duo—Sweets and Biscuit.

Although Biscuit was slightly plump from age, his professional knowledge was good. He was extremely eloquent and was currently serving as the national professional league’s commentator. As for his daughter, Sweets, who looked extremely sweet, her commentating could be said to be better than her father’s. At a young age, she was already very reputable in the commentator world.

The Battle Arena Corporation’s invitation of these two people as commentators indicated how much importance they placed in this week’s competition. After all, Princess Xiao Xiao was personally participating in it, so even if it was virtual competition, it was not to be treated lightly.

At this moment, the two commentators had finished introducing the rules of this week’s weekly competition. After the seven-person free-for-all battle format was announced, it sparked a flurry of discussion amongst the audience in the viewing hall immediately. Compared to a group deathmatch or tag-team fighting, a simple and brutal seven-person free-for-all appeared more exciting.

After introducing the rules of the competition, the commentators introduced the seven contestants. The atmosphere quietened down. Regular members of the audience had already guessed at the candidates of each branch. After all, every branch could only send one contestant, so it was clearly going to be the branch’s strongest player.

Other than having the Muse branch’s contestant switched to Princess Xiao Xiao, all the regular members of the audience knew who was the strongest in every branch. Hence, they were only looking forward to the commentators introduction of Xiao Xiao. As for the others as well as the most likely strongest King of Leopards nominated by [Gaia] branch, they could not be any more familiar with them.

And when the two commentators introduced the first five contestants, nothing exceeded the expectations of the people.

Psionic Mortal Realm 7th level, machine gun user—GunfireInTheWorld

Psionic Mortal Realm 7th level, hammer fatso—IAmNoPig

Psionic Mortal Realm 8th level, dual blade man—DualBladesToTraverseTheWorld

Psionic Mortal Realm 8th level, sniper—ThatTenderOneShot

Psionic Mortal Realm 9th level, spear-wielding youth—WindWithoutTrace

These five people were regulars. They had delivered an excellent performance last week, so they naturally had some fans. From time to time, there would be exclamations and praises coming from inside the viewing hall. The youth named “WindWithoutTrace” received the most enthusiastic cheers.

At this moment, the screen used to introduce the contestants showed a frame with a person’s figure wearing a clown mask and a clown costume. The audience in the viewing hall was immediately stunned while the commentators also seemed taken aback.

“This is a fresh face. It looks like [Gaia] branch has obtained a new customer,” Sweets said.

“Yea, this name is quite special. Tell me, how should we understand the name, ‘IChooseDogLeading’?” Biscuit said with a smile.

“Maybe, dog leading is a nickname of the person this contestant likes?” Sweets said with a laugh.

The two commentators began exploring the oddness and profoundness over the name “IChooseDogLeading”.

There was a commotion in the viewing hall.

“It’s actually not King of Leopards? Has a stronger customer appeared in [Gaia] branch?”

“IChooseDogLeading, does anyone know the meaning behind this name. Seeking answers online.”

“Could [Gaia] branch rise up today? IChooseDogLeading is actually a long hidden weapon?”


As Yang Yang heard the discussion, he wanted to shout out loud and tell them that this was Shi Xiaobai’s in-game nickname. Don’t think too deeply or you might turn silly when you learn the truth.

Yang Yang sighed slightly. As he glanced at Kevin, who was also murmuring to himself in an attempt to guess the meaning behind the name, as though he knew what was going on, Yang Yang was immediately rendered speechless.

He turned his head to survey his surroundings when he suddenly realized that on his other side, his neighbor was trembling. From the way he looked, he appeared extremely excited.

Following that, Yang Yang heard that person trembly say the words—”God… God DogLeading!?”

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