AC Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Yang Weiwei’s Soul of Deception

“There is really such a madman in this world?”

Xia Lin went into a daze as he looked at the numbers on the computer screen.

“The world is indeed filled with wonders!”

Having finally found an opportunity, Yang Weiwei immediately stood up and said with a beaming smile, “Manager Xia, I told you right from the beginning that this Tu Dahei and Shi Xiaobai are geniuses on the same level. Geniuses are naturally different from us ordinary people. To not sleep for seven days and to defeat his opponents without any attacks, all of that is just child’s play for a genius!”

Yang Weiwei’s ability at speaking nonsense had been promoted to a considerable level.

“Yes, what you said makes sense.”

Xia Lin was stunned and showed his agreement regarding Yang Weiwei’s “nonsense”. Didn’t the saying go that geniuses were existences that did not conform to logic?

“Ding Dong!”

At this moment, a short message ring tone was heard from Xia Lin’s pocket.

Xia Lin quickly took out his cellphone and looked at it. Moments later, he said, “This week’s match rules have been decided. It is a… seven-person free-for-all?”

The rules of the weekly battle arena cafe battle were rotated each week. The number of participants and the method of competition changed every time. The main reason was to prevent the branches from preparing ahead of time. By forcing them to select customers from the past week to form a battle team was the best way of reflecting the branch’s true strength.

“Manager Xia, what are the specific rules?”

The statistician quickly asked. Manager Xia always left the important task of choosing their contestants to him, hence, he was the one who was most concerned about the rules of the weekly match.

Xia Lin glanced at the statistician and said, “This week’s rules are very simple. Each of the seven major branches will send a contestant. The seven contestants would engage in a free-for-all deathmatch in the same venue, and the ranking will be decided according to the order of their deaths.”

The statistician was left startled before he asked, “So that means we only need to send one person this time?”

In the past, the weekly matches were either three people taking turns in battle, a five-person team deathmatch, or the controlling of checkpoints with seven people. This was the first time only one person from each of the seven branches was needed and was also the first time a free-for-all happened. This was because if a branch’s strength was determined by a single customer, then it would appear like child’s play, hence, it was unknown why this mode was suddenly chosen for this week.

Xia Lin said in all seriousness, “Miss Xiao Xiao suddenly decided to represent [Muses] branch this week. This rule was personally proposed by Miss Xiao Xiao. I believe all of you must have heard of the Miss Xiao Xiao’s deeds. Do you understand? This week’s competition is more important than any other week. If we were to rank last this week, I might not be able to secure my position, and for you, it would definitely be gone!”

The statistician struggled to swallow his saliva. He felt an immense pressure.

Xiao Xiao was the Battle Arena Corporation’s Chairman’s daughter. Although she was young, she was well connected and did things with efficiency and firmness. For her to suddenly decide on participating in this week’s branch match, it was very likely because she was admist incognito inspection.

If [Gaia] branch remained at the bottom this week, Battle Arena Corporation might very well decide on abandoning [Gaia] branch and reestablish another branch in other developed cities. The outstanding Xia Lin might be once again assigned elsewhere, but for a statistician like him, who was extremely common, unemployment was his only outcome.

The statistician hurriedly sat in front of the computer and began analyzing the data of the past week’s customers. He could only choose one person, and that person also determined his fate. Thus, he had to make every effort to pick out the strongest person.

Xia Lin also became slightly nervous as he looked at the statistician’s nervousness and dedication.

“Found it!”

In a while, the statistician stopped his typing and the moving of his mouse. He looked at the screen and said with a dry smile, “Manager Xia, this week, the overall data indicates that the best customer is… Wang Qiang.”

Xia Lin’s face stiffened and said coldly, “There’s no one stronger?”

The name Wang Qiang was no stranger to Xia Lin. This customer named Wang Qiang had represented [Gaia] branch three times in the weekly matches. He was last all three times. Although the failure of a group match could not be blamed on a single person, Wang Qiang’s repeated failures at crucial moments made it difficult to place any trust in him.

“No… there’s no one else. From the data, this customer… named Wang Qiang is the best one this week. Manager Xia, are… are we still going to select him?” the statistician asked with a wretched face.

“Heh heh, do you think I’ll fall into that same shit hole for the fourth time?” Xia Lin coldly said, “Keep finding. That trash named Wang Qiang, I can’t trust him again!”

Minutes later, the statistician quickly selected a few customers whose numbers ranked near the top. However, on inspection, they were all familiar names that had participated in the weekly matches. These people were probably even weaker than Wang Qiang!

The duo immediately fell into silence. Xia Lin’s silence was because he was suppressing his wrath, while the statistician’s silence was a result of feeling disturbed and nervous. They had already realized a cruel truth—there were no talents in [Gaia] branch’s customer base!

Amidst the silent atmosphere, Yang Weiwei stood there awkwardly. She could not leave, but staying here made her uncomfortable. Her eyes suddenly rolled as she thought of a solution to extricate herself from this repressive situation. Having had her Skills of Deception awoken, she was now extremely confident. She had an invincible feeling that “with deception in hand, the world is my oyster.”

Moments later, Yang Weiwei’s eyes lit up as she suddenly took a step forward and rapped the table. She attracted the duo’s gazes before coughing and said, “Manager Xia, doesn’t the rules say that whoever lasts the longest in the free-for-all would get the highest ranking?”

Xia Lin frowned and said, “Yes, but so what?”

Yang Weiwei gave a sly smile and whispered, “Manager Xia, did you forget someone?”

Xia Lin hurriedly asked, “Who?”

Yang Weiwei said loudly, “The person that did not sleep for seven days. That person, who managed to last for more than an hour in ten successive battles to the point of forcing his opponents to run, Tu Dahei!

Xia Lin’s eyes immediately lit up. He had indeed overlooked Tu Dahei. After all, by relying on the data, Tu Dahei’s numbers definitely placed him last.

However, to be able to last for more than an hour for ten consecutive matches to the point of his opponents quitting, then Tu Dahei’s survivability was clearly exceptional. Furthermore, in the rules set by Xiao Xiao for the seven-people free-for-all, the key was survivability time. And for this, Tu Dahei might be capable of victory!


Xia Lin’s eyes darkened slightly as he sighed and said, “Unfortunately, Tu Dahei is only at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. Furthermore, the weekly matches do not allow the adjusting of numbers. Although Psionic Soul Realm warriors and above are barred from participating, the customers chosen by the other branches are at least at the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. Even that trash, Wang Qiang, is at the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. Even if Tu Dahei can flourish in battles at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, it would probably still be difficult fighting against opponents at the seventh level and above.”

This was also the most important reason why Xia Lin disregarded Tu Dahei immediately. Although the difference between the third level and the seventh level of the Psionic Mortal Realm was not a chasm, there was still a definite large gap.

“Manager Xia, you are overthinking it!”

Yang Weiwei said with all seriousness, “You don’t know Tu Dahei! He is considered the most death-fearing rookie in the history of [Gaia]!”

Yang Weiwei’s Soul of Deception was unable to endure the thirst!

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