AC Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: There is really such a madman in this world?

Sunday, Sunday, it’s Sunday yet again!

“Is there a reason to prevent me from losing my temper this Sunday?”

Xia Lin glanced at the Yang Weiwei beside him. He tried his best to calm his tone, but he could not conceal his rampaging temper.

The arrival of Sunday also meant the arrival of the weekly ranking match for the seven major branches of the Battle Arena Corporation. For [Gaia] branch that had been ranked last for five consecutive weeks, it was like the dawn of a nightmare.

As the general manager of [Gaia] branch, Xia Lin ended up in a terrible mood every Sunday.

Yang Weiwei sighed helplessly in her heart. As a woman, she understood how tough it was during the few days each month, but why is it as though you have a male period every week? The crux of the issue was, even if you have a male period, why do you always call me into your office…and reprimand for no reason?

Tell me, why do you make it so tough for me?

Yang Weiwei grumbled in her heart as her eyes began to have a glint in them. In the past, she was helpless against Xia Lin’s unreasonable demands, and could only silently shoulder the blame, but today, she was no longer the same person as before. She was no longer that ignorant person.

“I heard that Shi Xiaobai actually likes virtual competition very much, but due to certain reasons, he currently isn’t in [Gaia]. However, I believe that when he returns to [Gaia], he will definitely come without any solicitation!” Yang Weiwei said a fabricated “I heard that” lie with a poker face.

“Really? Is the news reliable?” Xia Lin’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Of course! The news comes from a rookie, Tu Dahei. Shi Xiaobai, Tu Dahei. Think carefully about the two names and compare them. Do you notice something?” Yang Weiwei pretended to ask in a mysterious manner.

“These two names seem… very alike.” Xia Lin was slightly startled.

“It’s more than similar. The pair of names is essentially a couple name! Do you understand? Shi Xiaobai and Tu Dahei… are ga… Well you know.” Yang Weiwei gave an ambiguous smile.

“Are you telling me that Shi Xiaobai and Tu Dahei are gay? Ss… That Tu Dahei…” Xia Lin was somewhat shocked.

“Don’t worry Manager Xia. That Tu Dahei is already a loyal customer of our battle arena cafe. He even bought a deluxe package on Monday! Furthermore, Manager Xia, that Tu Dahei is said to be a genius on the same level as Shi Xiaobai!” Yang Weiwei said with a proud smile.

“Nice, very good. You did well!” Xia Lin immediately felt his mood turn for the better and patted Yang Weiwei on the shoulder to show his appreciation.

Yang Weiwei could not help but gloat in her heart. She thought, “Manager Xia O’ Manager Xia, you were the one who personally unsealed the Skills of Deception in me. So don’t blame this assistant from letting it shine and prosper.”

“I happen to be going to the data room to choose the candidate for this week’s match. I’ll also take the chance to see if this Tu Dahei really lives up to his title of a genius.”

Xia Lin looked high-spirited and began walking out the office. Noticing that Yang Weiwei had frozen, he said softly, “Why are you in a daze? Come on.”

“Yes, Manager Xia.”

Yang Weiwei was slightly stunned as she gave a stiff smile. She suddenly felt some regret over her whimful flaunting of Tu Dahei as a genius on the same level as Shi Xiaobai. The data room’s numbers were a true reflection of strength. It would immediately expose her lies.

She could not help but worry that back when Yang Yang praised Tu Dahei as a genius, it was just perfunctory talk. In her opinion, that crab youth did not look like a genius in any way, and what if his data was terrible…?

“Ha, how terrible can terrible be?”

Yang Weiwei consoled herself.

“What? What did you say? He only won ten rounds in a week, and lost more than 1900 rounds?”

Xia Lin’s hysterical voice filled the data room. It caused the young statistician’s glasses to nearly fall to the ground. Yang Weiwei, who was beside him, was already pale in the face. Ten wins and nearly 2000 losses. This sort of win ratio could no longer be described with the word “terrible”.

Every week, each Battle Arena Corporation branch would produce aggregated statistics. And one of the factors was the average win rate of all the customers. Winning ten rounds and losing close to 2000 rounds had a win rate of 0.5%. It directly pulled down the branch’s average win rate by a large amount.

Great, Xia Lin was probably about to devour someone.

“Yang! Wei! Wei!”

Indeed, the way Xia Lin looked at Yang Weiwei was as though flames were about to flare out of his eyes

“Manager… Manager Xia, these numbers… are problematic!”

Suddenly, a trembling young statistician beside him said.

Xia Lin was stunned and immediately wiped his anger away. He said with a smile, “I knew it. How can someone lose 2000 rounds in a week?”

Yang Weiwei was also slightly relieved. 0.5% win rate was indeed so low that it sounded exaggerated. Just like a 99.5% win rate, it was not possible at all for normal people.

However, why was there a problem with the data in the data room?

“About that… it’s not that there’s a mistake with the win rate… but about that, Manager Xia, take a look at this…”

The young statistician gulped and pointed at a certain spot on the computer screen.

Xia Lin frowned and lowered his head to take a look at it. As his eyes squinted, he looked at the numbers the statistician pointed to him. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he shouted with a voice of disbelief, “Every day’s virtual immersion was 22 hours!?”

The statistician wiped the sweat from his forehead as he said with a trembling voice, “That’s right, Manager Xia. According to the numbers, this player named Tu Dahei only spent two hours a day to settle his biological needs from Monday to Sunday. The rest of the time was spent in virtual immersion.”

Xia Lin boomed angrily, “Impossible! If he really did that, he would have been dead after five days!”

Yang Weiwei clicked her tongue too. By maintaining 22 hours in virtual immersion, it was extremely draining on one’s mind. Typically, one needed to sleep a whole day and night just to mentally recover from that, but to only rest for two hours for seven consecutive days? Is he mad? That’s not right, even a madman can’t do that!

“Not only that. Manager Xia, take a look at this.”

The statistician pointed to another corner.

Xia Lin’s eyes swept towards it and was immediately stunned.

There were three lines of bewildering numbers.

[ Psionic Ability Offensive Skill: None ] [ Psionic Shield Defensive Skill: Wavelet Shield (11,024 times) ] [ Flash Motion Movement Technique: Crab Steps (220,457 times) ]

The three lines indicated the number of combat skills Tu Dahei used during the week, but the results…

“Hurry up and kill all the viruses in the data server’s system for me, your father!”

Xia Lin was enraged that he even used such a vulgar form of self-addressment.

“Manager Xia, the system doesn’t have any virus. Furthermore, the numbers from the data servers can’t be wrong…”

The statistician was already close to tears.

“No virus? I think it’s your brain that has a virus! F*cking think with your mind, can you? Let’s not talk about using Crab Steps for 200,000 times, and let’s not talk about losing 2000 rounds in a week. Let your father ask you, without using any Psionic Ability offensive skills, how did he win ten rounds. Don’t tell me they all f*cking surrendered!?”

The moment Xia Lin’s temper flared, his mouth was filled with vulgarities.

“Manager Xia… You really… guessed right.”

The statistician gave a stiff smile. With a few mouse clicks, the screen changed a few times before revealing a large table.

Xia Lin stared at it and was immediately dumbfounded. He rubbed his eyes and after focusing at it again, he could not help but draw a cold gasp.

At this moment, the statistician gave a dry cough and said. “These are the specific numbers for the ten victories. The numbers indicate that these ten matches happen to be his last ten matches. And each combat match exceeded an hour and the result of the match was… the surrendering of the other party. Summarizing the usage of 200,000 Crab Steps and how there was zero usage of offensive skills, I believe…the opponents in these ten matches were forced to surrender through a battle of attrition by this player named Tu Dahei…”

Without the statistician’s explanation, Xia Lin had obtained the same conclusion after a few seconds of looking at the table. However, he did not dare believe the accuracy of this conclusion. He was lost.

To battle tirelessly without any rest for seven consecutive days, and in every match, he only used Crab Steps and Wavelet Shield to drain his opponent until they were forced to quit. This was insanity, wasn’t it?

“There is really such a madman in this world?”

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