AC Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: The Answer From the Very Beginning

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation loved virtual competition. It was not because virtual competition allowed him to increase his combat skill proficiency, nor was it because he could indulge in the joy of battle. It was because virtual competition allowed him to relax. He could completely vent and release the pressure accumulated from reality in this virtual world.

In reality, his strength was at the seventh level of the Psionic Soul Realm, however, in Unrivaled Heroes, he would deliberately reduce his numbers to the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. Although players who adjusted their own numbers could not join the Hero League Mode, Room Mode did not prohibit such shameless behavior.

The strength of a Psionic Soul Realm warrior was naturally something Psionic Mortal Realm warriors could not compare to. Although the Psionic Ability realm was reduced to the same numbers, the difference in combat skill was worlds apart. As such, he was truly ‘abusing elementary school students like dogs’ in this Unrivaled Heroes matchup. Any player at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm that entered his room could never last more than a shot.

Of course, as a strong Psionic Soul Realm warrior who perennially competed on the global Hero Rankings and constantly struggled in battles of life and death, if he could not take down a weakling at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, it would be something absurd. Perhaps, he would occasionally encounter players who reduced their numbers like him, but they would immediately go their separate ways after the battle.

The moment they reduced their numbers, the rate at which they improved their skill proficiency would exponentially decrease, hence, their goals were not to improve their strength right from the beginning. It was just a form of relaxing entertainment to abuse noobs in Unrivaled Heroes.

“Thank you Unrivaled Heroes.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation smiled lightly as he holstered his AK Explosive Spirit Rifle. Every time he shot a player in the head, he felt the joy of venting his stress.

“Compared to that god-like man’s Crab Steps, this ugly usage of Crab Steps is an insult to Crab Steps.”

When OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation thought of the Crab Steps used by the player named “IChooseDogLeading”, he felt his mood turn bad. That god-like man was once a goal he pursued, but now, he was an existence that was something far beyond his reach. And the claim to the man’s fame was his Crab Steps. The Crab Steps that had reached the realm of “Arhat Oversoul” was considered one of the seven wonders in the history of flash motion movement techniques.

When he first saw “IChooseDogLeading” use Crab Steps, it made him recall the funny and ridiculous beginnings of that god-like man. He had previously treated this movement technique as a joke, but this ridiculous movement technique opened up a distance between them, so great a gap that he could no longer see his back.

Having his laughable and lamentable memories dug up by “IChooseDogLeading”, OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation felt a baffling sense of anger.

“Forget it, he will probably quit.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation sighed. Any player who fought him, would clearly know the difference in their strengths. They would naturally know that he was a smurf 1 who had lowered his numbers. It was common to encounter smurfs in Unrivaled Heroes, and sadists like him who shot others in the head with one shot was the easiest to identify. Hence, OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation knew very well that “IChooseDogLeading” would very naturally quit the room immediately.

“Player IChooseDogLeading is ready. Do you want to begin the match?”

The system’s voice rang in his mind, surprising OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation slightly. He never expected that not only did the guy not quit the room, he had even requested for another match.

“Well, this kind of idiot who can’t distinguish reality from illusion and insists on slamming themselves in the wall can occasionally be seen. I hope he will still have courage remaining after the second round.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation quietly took out his AK Explosive Spirit Rifle. This rifle was indeed an assault rifle and its range was considered short. It had sufficient firepower, and was most suitable for short-range bursts. However, OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation insisted on using such a short-range rifle to complete his long-distance single headshot. This was to make his opponent feel despair.

“Then, let me enjoy it once.” OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation sneered.

With the end of the countdown, the second battle began!

The familiar Crab Steps appeared once again. “IChooseDogLeading”, who wore a clown costume and a clown mask, looked like a ridiculous clown as he did his Crab Steps. However, OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation did not find it amusing.

This time, IChooseDogLeading did not hastily approach him. He was circling at a distance of a kilometer away, as though he was looking for an opportunity to strike.

“Heh heh, do you think that is a safe distance? Naive, why don’t you experience the tragedy of a weakling.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation was no longer patient this time. He raised his gun and after taking a second of aiming, he suddenly pulled the trigger. The bullet shot out, traversing a distance of more than a kilometer, and without any suspense, hit the repeatedly jumping IChooseDogLeading, who was attempting to dodge the bullet, in the head.

“The battle is over. OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation wins. Time used: 3 seconds.”

This shot was a headshot once again. Furthermore, it was done with an assault rifle at a distance of a kilometer away. This was already undisguised humiliation, the most denigrating form of trampling.

“Heh heh, you should have your eyes opened to reality this time, right?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation holstered his AK Explosive Spirit Rifle once again. For some reason, this was the first time he did not gain pleasure from abusing noobs. Shooting IChooseDogLeading in the head made him recall of that man who was humiliated by the strong and had his dignity trampled on, from a long, long time ago.

“Player IChooseDogLeading is ready. Do you want to begin the match?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation frowned as a strange sense of discomfort suffused from his heart.

IChooseDogLeading had once again chosen to have another round. Furthermore, he had immediately chosen to continue immediately after an utter defeat.


For what?

“Heh heh, looks like he has the laughable thought of surviving one shot to lessen some of his shame. It’s not like such weaklings who cannot recognize that weakness do not exist. Then, I shall open your eyes to reality. I wonder how many rounds you can persevere. Three times? Five times? Or ten times?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation sneered as he drew his AK Explosive Spirit Rifle out once again. Even in this virtual world, there were still harsh realities one had to face. Certain victories would never exist. In front of despair, how long could a person, who insisted on upholding their dignity, last?

The outcome exceeded OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation’s expectations. 50 rounds. IChooseDogLeading had his head burst 50 times! However…

“Player IChooseDogLeading is ready. Do you want to begin the match?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation felt slightly delirious as he silently said “Yes” in his mind. Again, he took out his AK Explosive Spirit Rifle. This was the first time he found the habit of holstering his rifle after every victory superfluous and irritating.

Although he could clearly tell that IChooseDogLeading was showing considerable progress after fifty rounds of failure, the difference in their strength was too great. Even if IChooseDogLeading was improving at an astonishing pace, there was no way he could last a single shot, and not even last past five seconds.

However, in the face of unsuspenseful failure, why did he insist on continuing?

“Why?” OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation could not help but ask aloud.

The preparation time before the battle was very short, but it was enough to ask the question on his mind.

IChooseDogLeading responded in wonder, “Huh?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation asked, “Why do you persist on for so long? You should know that quitting from the battle is your best choice.”

After encountering a smurf, shouldn’t you mock ‘is it that fun smurfing noobs?’ before rage-quitting? You can console yourself, telling yourself that you were defeated because you encountered a shameless idiot. Isn’t that the best choice?

Why do you keep insisting on hitting the wall time and time again?

Why do you insist on choosing the most foolish method?

He was answered with a rhetorical question from IChooseDogLeading, “Why should I quit?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation said stunned, “Because…”

Because I’m a smurf!

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation thought, but for some reason, he stopped himself from saying those words.

IChooseDogLeading said calmly, “You are very, very strong. I want to battle you.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation sighed and said, “You should understand that we are not on the same level. No matter how much hard work you put in, you are doomed to failure. You can curse out ‘smurf’ and quit without any qualms, but why foolishly persevere?”

IChooseDogLeading said, “If that’s the case, won’t I be the one losing big?”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation asked out of wonder, “What does that mean?”

IChooseDogLeading answered matter-of-factly, “I like failure. It allows me to grow stronger. If failing 10,000 times allows me to progress a centimeter, I would have earned the greatest riches! Conversely, if I were to run now, that would be me losing big.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation was stunned. He could not help but recall a similar conversation from his past, with that man who was like a god.

He once asked, “Senior Yaris, why… why do you insist on challenging our teacher even after failing so many times? You should know… that you have no hope at all.”

The man answered him, “It’s because I like failure. It allows me to grow stronger.”

OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation lowered his head slightly. An imperceptible smile secretly bloomed under his skull mask.

So that was the reason.

The answer was actually as simple as that.

“Entering the final countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1—Battle begins!”

The moment the system’s voice finished speaking, OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation suddenly looked up. He straightened his right arm and pulled the trigger!


A gunshot rang!

“The battle is over. OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation wins. Time used 1 second.”

One second, that was OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation’s final question.

“Player IChooseDogLeading is ready. Do you want to begin the match?”

IChooseDogLeading only used half a second to choose to continue once again.

Half a second. That was his answer from the very beginning.


Author’s Note: Damn it, don’t you hate smurfs while playing games? Hehe, what would be your choice when you meet a smurf?


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  1. Since this is a modern world, and they are playing a game, modern slang is used. A ‘smurf’ is a (usually) experienced gamer posing as a newbie under an alternate name.


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