AC Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs

What kind of world would a virtual world be like?

After Shi Xiaobai laid inside the virtual immersion box and pressed the activation button twice, he felt his vision suddenly turn black and his mind went into a trance.

“Linking initiated! Beginning scan… Scan completed… Beginning character construction… Character construction completed…”

A neutral voice quickly narrated professional terminology in his mind.

“Virtual system established. Welcome to the virtual immersion world!”

The moment the voice was done, Shi Xiaobai immediately felt as though he was falling. The dark world suddenly lit up, and as he rubbed his eyes to get adjusted to the light, he was surprised that floating clouds were lingering around his body. Looking down below, there was a vast luscious green land approaching him slowly.

No, he was actually falling to the ground!

The sound of wind whistled in his ears. The realism made Shi Xiaobai immediately believe he was falling from high in the sky. After a moment of panic, he realized that this was a virtual world, but this vivid sense of falling was truly terrifying.

After calming down, he looked down at the vast stretch of greenery. Immediately he found a picturesque and lively scene. It looked like a paradise on earth, an immortal’s retreat.

Just as he landed on the ground, a wind swept up and caused Shi Xiaobai to twirl before he landed safely.

Immediately following that, different faces appeared in the sky. Following that, different voices resounded from the sky.

“Some people say, battle and victory belongs to the people of glory.”

“Others say that victory is a result of the intricate use of battle tactics and strength.”

“All’s fair in war, combat is a game of outwitting each other.” It was a feminine voice.

“Only sheer force can bring about sheer victory.” This was a voice with a powerful tone.

“But you can also forget about winning or losing and immerse yourself in joy!”

The pictures in the sky finally fixed on a pair of dull eyes and a simple-looking face. On closer look, it was baldy One-Pun!

“Welcome to Unrivaled Heroes!”

Everyone’s voices said the last line in unison. With that, the sky suddenly turned bright blue. The clouds were dispersed and the sun faded away, but the light remained. Following that, dozens of large colorful lines appeared in the sky. They were located in every corner of Shi Xiaobai’s vision, for example, “Select Mode”, “Personal Settings”, “Spectator Mode”…

And at this moment, the ground that Shi Xiaobai had land on was covered in red flowers and green willows. There were birds chirping and butterflies dancing, it was a pleasant scene. About dozens of meters behind him, there was a gorgeous castle.

This game world used the sky as a game interface, and used the earth as it’s default scenery!

“Detected exclusive World Divine Realm account activation code. Current default domain is the city domain. By heading into the World Divine Realm, you can communicate with players all across the world. Do you want to activate your account?”

A sweet female voice resounded in his mind before two large characters “Yes” and “No” appeared in the sky interface.

Shi Xiaobai was stunned and intuitively reached his finger out to press “Yes”. Immediately a delicate voice was heard.

“Account activation completed successfully. Initiating DNA binding. Please fill in your character nickname by thinking.”

“GameKing!” This name flashed in Shi Xiaobai’s mind.

“The following nickname is already taken.” The system’s voice responded immediately.


“The following nickname is already taken.”


“The following nickname is already taken.”


“The following nickname is already taken.”

“ThisKingShi Xiaobai!”

“The following nickname is already taken.”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned, even “ThisKingShiXiaobai” was taken by others?

“IChooseDeath!” Shi Xiaobai cursed in his heart.

“The following nickname is already taken.”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. Maybe…he could use an old meme from Earth?


“Ding, this nickname is available. Do you want to bind this nickname?”

Shi Xiaobai was too deep for tears. Choosing a name sure wasn’t easy. “Bind it.”

After he named himself, lines of text suddenly emerged in the sky. It looked like subtitles while a pleasant sounding female voice read out the text.

“Unrivaled Heroes is a virtual competition game that pits a person’s combat skills against an opponent of the same Psionic Ability realm. Vitality, stamina, and various statistics will be normalized to a standard value. The assignment of each value will be matched according to the rank of the match as well as the settings set by the creator of the match room.”

“Please do not choose to enter a match above your level. If you are a Psionic Mortal Realm in reality, please do not enter a match with Psionic Soul Realm and above. Unrivaled Heroes aims to improve your proficiency in combat skills by allowing you to spar with an opponent of equal strength. Entering a match that matches your personal strength is the best way of improving your combat skills. Since you are experiencing Unrivaled Heroes for the first time, it is recommended that you select Single Person Battle Mode–Room Mode–Quick-Match.”

“System scans indicate that you are in the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm in reality. Approximate values for your skin defense, flesh defense, bones defense and mental defence have been obtained. It has been defined in your virtual abstraction. You can freely adjust your own values, but it is recommended to maintain the same values. The more realistic it is in the virtual reality, the greater benefits you obtain in virtual combat.”

“The system’s default pain setting is 40% of reality. You can freely adjust it. It is recommended to maintain the default values. Excessive pain can cause mental trauma.”


A few minutes later, the system’s voice finally finished listing a long list of considerations and introductions. After “wishing you a pleasant experience” was said, the system’s voice faded away. The sky in the interface returned to its original state and looked like a computer screen. There were icons, names as well as some cool fire effects.

The sky was no longer pure blue. There were thrilling battle videos played in the background. Background music that made one turn excited echoed from everywhere.

Shi Xiaobai was already stunned listening to all of this. He barely remembered a few of the considerations the system introduced. He immediately reached his hand out to choose “Select Mode”. The sky interface immediately appeared the three choices, “Single Person Battle Mode”, “Group Battle Mode”, “Story Mode”.

Shi Xiaobai was afraid that he would not resist the temptations of the other modes, so he rapidly clicked into Single Person Battle Mode–Room Mode–Quick-Match. He knew clearly his priority was to improve his Crab Steps’ proficiency level, so listening to the system’s suggestions was the best choice.

Quick Match was indeed as literal as it could be. In about ten seconds, the system’s voice resounded.

“Room matched”

“Room number: 1413520”

“Room name: Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs”

“Room owner: OneHeadShotWithoutExplanation”

“Room level: Psionic Mortal Realm 3rd level”

“Field map: Colosseum”

“Do you want to enter this room?”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned for a while before saying with a nod, “Enter.”

“System defaults to hiding your identity. The other party cannot see your looks. We wish you an enjoyable game.”

“Connecting to World Divine Realm… Connection to World Divine Realm complete. Welcome to the room ‘Abusing Elementary School Students like Dogs’!”

The moment the system’s voice faded away, Shi Xiaobai felt his mind enter a trance. The world around him suddenly distorted and as though his body was leaping through space, he entered another world.

The scene in front of his eyes had changed. The green grass beneath him had turned into hard cement floor. An empty expanse of flat land was wrapped in layers of audience stands. It looked like the Beijing National Stadium magnified by more than ten times.

Shi Xiaobai had yet to be fully adjusted to it when a mocking voice came from a distance.

“Oh, here comes another elementary school student.”

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  1. IChooseDogLeading (我选择狗带) when read in Chinese sounds like I Choose Go Die. It was a meme that resulted from a former member of famous Korean boygroup, EXO, TAO (Huang Zitao). At a concert, there was a part in a rap that where he said “I will not easily ‘go die’“, but due to a mispronunciation, it sounded like he will not easily choose to be led by dogs. This phrase now means ‘I’d rather die/I choose death’.


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