AC Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Thanking Shi Xiaobai

Playing games could actually also allow him to improve his Crab Steps!

He believed that games and Crab Steps were akin to not being able to have his cake and eat it, but he never expected that the composition of this world was so wonderful!

“It looks like this world has already sensed the coming of This King. The world line’s trajectory changed because of This King!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but smile. If playing games could improve his Crab Steps, then why was there a need to be in a dilemma!? As for Yang Yang’s kind advice, Shi Xiaobai did not put it to heart. Maybe other geniuses considered Psionic Ability cultivation more important, but for Shi Xiaobai, at this moment, nothing was more important than improving his Crab Steps.

In order to improve his Crab Steps, he was even nearly willing to give up games. If not for this “cute” female swindler persistently retaining him, he might have brushed shoulders with fate, losing this opportunity. Immediately, Shi Xiaobai found Yang Weiwei very pleasing to the eyes!

“The Gate of the Destiny Stone has opened. It seems This King is destined to be a man who will become a Game King!”

Shi Xiaobai reflected before he looked at Yang Weiwei and pretended to hesitate. “Shi Xiaobai, really comes to the game arcade frequently?”

Upon hearing this, Yang Weiwei immediately nodded and said, “Yes!”

Following that, she tugged at Yang Yang and said, “Little Yang can testify!”

The corner of Yang Yang’s lips twitched as he stared at Shi Xiaobai. He was wondering what this fancy schlock was up to this time.


Shi Xiaobai lowered his head as though he was considering for a moment. He then looked up at Yang Weiwei and said with a sigh, “The opportunity to become good friends with the great Shi Xiaobai is truly precious. Although a genius like This King had always felt disdain for game arcades, This King shall reluctantly apply for its membership because of Shi Xiaobai!”

After Shi Xiaobai said that, he retraced his steps using Crab Steps. This time, he moved extremely fast. In a moment, he was already at the bend, as though he was extremely eager.

At the moment he turned the corner, Shi Xiaobai suddenly looked back and shouted to Yang Weiwei, “Remember to thank Shi Xiaobai. This King is doing this all because of Shi Xiaobai!”

Yang Yang looked at this in amazement. He was wondering how Shi Xiaobai could be any more shameless.

Yang Weiwei stood there dazed for a moment before realizing that she had succeeded. She had succeeded in making the crab youth a customer! Although her means were somewhat “despicable”, the results were good. At least, she wouldn’t be fired!


Yang Weiwei cheered as she clenched her fists tightly. She felt like her hard work was not in vain and felt a great sense of achievement!

Yang Yang rolled his eyes. Was there a need to be this happy?

“Little Yang, in the future, if you meet Shi Xiaobai, remember to help me thank him. Oh right, I apologize by the way.”

After Yang Weiwei instructed him with a smile, she quickly ran around the bend with her feet bare. As she ran, she would jump and yell, “Shi Xiaobai, I love you. Hahaha!”

Yang Yang watched in amazement. If this went on, Sis Weiwei would eventually be broken by the demon, Shi Xiaobai!

Wait, why does that sound strange?

Yang Yang let out a lamenting sigh. He felt like if this carried on, he too would be broken!

The battle arena cafe’s walls and doors were plastered with gigantic computer graphics posters. On closer look, they were promotional posters for ‘Unrivaled Heroes’. It appeared as though this game was very famous, so Shi Xiaobai felt a sense of anticipation.

Inside the battle arena cafe, Shi Xiaobai ignored others and carried on using his Crab Steps. He waited for Yang Weiwei and Yang Yang to catch up to him before eagerly going to the front desk with them.

The membership procedure was somewhat troublesome. This world also had something similar to an identification card, and clearly, Shi Xiaobai had no such thing. He could only mutter “This King’s invisible crown is the proof of identity. It’s just that you mortals can’t see it.”

The counter staff shook their heads saying that things had to go according to procedure. Without an identity card, he had to be rejected service.

Yang Weiwei, who was bent on having Shi Xiaobai become a member as soon as possible, immediately falsely used Xia Lin’s authority to skip the requirement of an identity card. After tasting the wonders of deceit, this female assistant could no longer control herself.

As a mature corporation, the Battle Arena Corporation naturally had a series of detailed consumer packages. Shi Xiaobai, who had ‘earned’ 100,000 cash yesterday, only took a glance at it. With a wave of his hand, he immediately chose a deluxe package that cost 1000 a day.

Shi Xiaobai’s room was labeled “233”. After bidding Yang Yang farewell, he was led by Yang Weiwei to the 20th storey using an elevator.

The internal structure of the battle arena cafe was somewhat similar to a karaoke lounge. There were corridors at every corner, and personal rooms at every turn. However, the distances between the rooms in the battle arena cafe were somewhat far, and there was no way to peek into the room from any angle.

The corridor was silent and dark, but seemed to emanate an invisible smoky flavor.

After entering room 233, Shi Xiaobai’s eyes immediately lit up. He felt that the deluxe room was indeed worth the money.

The room had rosewood flooring and the internal design was bright and pleasant. There was a large and soft bed, a high-end couch and a glass table. There was a large liquid display panel on the wall, a computer desk that had a liquid display screen, a bookshelf filled with books, as well as a clothes closet. This did not look like a game room, it was practically a presidential suite!

The only thing that stood out was a white capsule-shaped box placed in the middle of the room. There were dozens of differently-colored cables extending out from the bottom of the box, reaching into various sockets on the wall.

“This is the virtual immersion device. By lying in here, double tapping the internal activation control will bring you into the virtual world.”

Yang Weiwei went in front of the capsule box and slowly opened the lid. The internals of the box did not look complicated. There was a mat at the bottom, and the space inside accommodated two people. It would not be too uncomfortable to lie in it.

Yang Weiwei took out a magnetic card and passed it to Shi Xiaobai and said, “This room is locked from the inside. Other than general manager Xia’s master key, only your key can open the room from the inside, so don’t worry about being interrupted.”

“If anyone were to forcefully enter your room, the life detector systems would send out an alert. It will immediately wake you up from your virtual immersion, so you do not need to worry about any security issues when in virtual reality.”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. Wouldn’t this make it a completely enclosed private room? Then what about his three meals a day?

Yang Weiwei could read Shi Xiaobai’s mind and walked to the glass table. She pointed at the table and said, “This table is actually a rising platform. Your daily three meals will be directly sent through this rising platform. There will be no need for a waiter to enter the room. Furthermore, you can use the computer in the room to decide on the meals you want. Of course, you can just accept the default deluxe set meal.”

Yang Weiwei smiled slightly and continued introducing, “There is a toilet and a bathroom in the room, as well as ten sets of clothing prepared for you. If you find it insufficient, you can contact customer service and it will be delivered to you using the rising platform. So feel at ease when immersing yourself in the virtual experience while inside the room.”

“By the way, make sure to take breaks while in virtual reality. Staying in virtual battle for more than eight hours is an enormous load on one’s mental facilities. So you should have proper rest before continuing. The room has provided a comfortable bed.”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned hearing this. Wasn’t this service too good? With all daily necessities a load off the gamer’s mind, it allowed a gamer to fully immerse themselves in a game. It was a specially designed paradise!

“Oh right, you can begin your virtual immersion. You just need to lie inside the virtual immersion box and press the activation button twice to enter the virtual world. The default virtual system would send you into the ‘Unrivaled Heroes’ world. The battle arena cafe has already provided you with a free and exclusive World Divine Realm account.”

Yang Weiwei was very pleased with Shi Xiaobai’s surprise. Even though virtual competition was not thought highly by the common people, the quality of service virtual competition had always enjoyed a good reputation.

“Please lie in here.”

Yang Weiwei gestured respectfully and Shi Xiaobai nodded. He went into the capsule-shaped box and laid down. A comfortable feeling came from his back as he saw a red activation button beside him. With a light smile, Yang Weiwei closed the box’s lid, which activated the lights inside the box, lighting up the tiny enclosed space.

Shi Xiaobai pressed the activation button twice.

The light disappeared in an instant.

“Welcome to Virtual Simulation OS Windows-v587!”

Shi Xiaobai: “…”

Author’s Note: The setting up of the plot is done. An interesting plot will begin soon. Here are some responses to questions.

1. The world will slowly unfold. The various major factions’ rivalry definitely exists, so please stay tuned.

2. There will be some interesting female characters, but even if a harem exists, a shitty harem will not happen.

3. In the future, explanatory words will be lessened, with more focus on the story.

4. There will be rich villains in the future, but currently, most of the text will be spent on Shi Xiaobai. My idea is to write the protagonist first before the world!

5. Some people criticize the novel for the over-usage of Japanese manga elements, I will hold back on that.

Thank you everyone for their comments and suggestions. I will keep the good advice in mind and remember them. I want to do a good job with this book, and at least make everyone remember that they had once read a book known as “Absolute Choice”. It is hoped that a few years later, you would remember particular characters or particular arcs and feel moved in certain ways. I hope everyone can strive alongside me to the end of this book before we head for the next book, a journey to the next world!

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