AC Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Playing games can even be done in such a grand manner?

Yang Yang spent a few minutes to figure out the situation in front of him. He learned that his elder sister was trying to make Shi Xiaobai become the battle arena cafe’s customer. In doing so, she had even used Shi Xiaobai’s name in her act of swindling and bluffing. She had even painstakingly spent thirty minutes to perfect her lie.

Yang Yang was immediately rendered extremely speechless. Using Shi Xiaobai’s name to scam Shi Xiaobai, this sure was a f*cking nice match!

Furthermore, the crux of the issue was you were lying to a person who saw through your lies from the very beginning, yet he deliberately went along with your acting, making you think you did a great job acting. Nice f*cking job!

If Sis Weiwei knew the truth, she would probably burst into tears, right?

With this thought in mind, Yang Yang felt a deep sense of pity for Yang Weiwei. His abhorring of a fancy schlock like Shi Xiaobai rose to a whole new level. Back at the Rookie Evaluation Test, Shi Xiaobai had said the touching phrase, “No Geniuses, Only the Strong” before mercilessly revealing what the difference between a genius and mortal was, causing Yang Yang’s still nascent heart to nearly collapse. Up to this day, he still could not forget the bitter taste of that toxic bowl of chicken soup.

Noticing that the atmosphere seemed somewhat delicate, Yang Weiwei coughed lightly and said, “Ahem, Little Yang is also a regular customer of the battle arena cafe. Furthermore, he is an extremely good friend of Shi Xiaobai. The last time, they even slept on the same bed. If you were to join the battle arena cafe, you will definitely become Shi Xiaobai’s good friend!”

Yang Weiwei continued lying tirelessly. Since she had made numerous lies, she was not lacking this one lie.

A dark cloud hung over Yang Yang’s head. He was indeed a regular customer of the battle arena cafe, but how could he be Shi Xiaobai’s good friend? And f*cking sleeping on the same bed?

Yang Yang was a little frustrated. He wanted to blurt out “you are the one who slept with Shi Xiaobai!” at Yang Weiwei, but found the phrase somewhat odd, so he immediately felt extremely vexed.

Due to [Order]’s Division Minister’s repeated exhortations, he did not dare expose Shi Xiaobai, so he could only say to Yang Weiwei, “Let’s go, Sis. Tu Dahei will not join the battle arena cafe, so don’t waste your breath.”

When Yang Weiwei heard this, she could not help but ask, “Why?”

Because you lied to the wrong person!

Yang Yang grumbled in his mind, but he said aloud, “That’s because Tu Dahei does not need to go through virtual competition to improve his skill proficiency. He is a genius just like Shi Xiaobai. Geniuses like them only need to gain enlightenment, not undergo a long period of practice.”

“For ordinary people like us, a simple Wavelet Shield might take hundreds of virtual battle rounds to reach the proficiency level of ‘Grasped Basics’, but for a genius like Tu Dahei, he can immediately figure out Wavelet Shield after having his Psionic Shield shattered a few times. So, these geniuses will spend most of their time on Cogitation to improve their Psionic Power, and not waste time improving their skill proficiency.”

The tone in Yang Yang’s words had a hint of jealousy. He had already learned from his Division Minister that Shi Xiaobai had accomplished destruction before establishment after four times. Such freakish talent was unheard of, something that made people feel as though there was no point to feeling jealous.

Yang Weiwei was already close to tears. She did not expect this crab youth named Tu Dahei was a genius.

For a genius, improving their Psionic Ability realm made more sense than practicing their skills. This was because one’s Psionic Ability realm was honed by Cogitation, a down-to-earth accumulation. As for the proficiency of a technique, geniuses could frequently gain insights in actual battle and improve it. This was also the reason why the battle arena cafe failed to recruit the top three rookies.

Shi Xiaobai, who was beside them, was stunned. Gaming could actually improve the proficiency of his techniques?

Back when he checked for information regarding ‘Dominating Refinement’, he immediately ran out to cultivate his Crab Steps once he was done. He had a preconceived notion that increasing one’s skill proficiency meant constant repetition. He ended up forgetting to investigate the methods to increase proficiency. He had made a blunder!

Shi Xiaobai did some soul-searching before asking, “Can gam… virtual competition really increase one’s proficiency in techniques? What about Crab Steps? Can it be improved?”

Yang Yang and Yang Weiwei were stunned hearing this. Wasn’t it general knowledge that virtual competition could increase one’s proficiency in combat techniques?

Yang Yang was the first to come round to it. He recalled that at the Rookie Evaluation Test, Shi Xiaobai often appeared to lack the most basic knowledge, so all of that wasn’t him acting dumb?

Yang Yang immediately could not help but smile wryly. He answered, “Virtual competition can naturally improve your proficiency. It could even be said that virtual competition exists for the improvement of skill proficiency! Even a S Class combat skill can be improved in virtual battles, much less the D Class Crab Steps.”

Yang Weiwei also snapped out of her daze. She suddenly remembered Xia Lin previously exhorting them to ensure that non-customers clearly understood the importance of using virtual competition to raise their skill proficiency. Back then, she had scoffed, thinking that in an era of compulsory education, there was no one who did not possess such common knowledge. She never expected that there was really such a person. This was f*cking unscientific!

Yang Weiwei did not dare show any signs of neglect. She hurriedly added on, “Psionic Ability control and the proficiency in combat skill depends on the accumulation of memory, sensory experiences and insights. The battle arena cafe’s virtual reality is 99% realistic, so a virtual battle’s experience is as close to an actual battle, hence, the accumulation of experience in every battle is substantive. You can use virtual battles to hone your combat skills, and it will definitely not be worse than real combat!”

How can it not be worse than real combat!?

Yang Yang immediately rolled his eyes and said to Shi Xiaobai, “Actually, the improvement in proficiency from virtual competition is inferior to real combat, but the benefits of virtual competition allows you to engage in battle for long periods of time. There is no loss in Psionic Power, so you can try again immediately even if you fail. A person with enough energy can even do 12 hours of virtual battle a day if they want, hence virtual competition is said to be tailored to the improvement of skill proficiency.”

“However, the process of using virtual competition to raise your skill proficiency is rather difficult. The effects are much more inferior to real combat. Maybe the effects of ten rounds of battle in virtual competition might be inferior to a single real combat.”

“However, virtual battles are nearly limitless. In real combat, you would have to stop due to the depletion of Psionic Power, so for ordinary people who can take the hardship, improving themselves using virtual competition is an excellent choice. However, for a genius like you, spending some time each day to engage in real battle, leaving the remaining time for Cogitation to improve your Psionic Ability realm is the best choice.”

Yang Yang sighed. Although he did not like Shi Xiaobai, he did not want to mislead him. Maybe others would attempt to destroy a person more of a genius than themselves out of jealousy, but Yang Yang wouldn’t. Although he was a normal person, he was a hardworking normal person. He was a normal person who wanted to surpass geniuses.

Yang Weiwei also sighed with exasperation. Yang Yang’s relentless rebuttal of her words made her too deep for tears, but she rejoiced over Yang Yang’s kindness and honesty, making her feel unsure of what to think.

They did not notice that Shi Xiaobai’s eyes were already glowing with an intense beam of light.

“This world sure is awesome. Playing games can even be done in such a grand manner!”

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai smiled.

Author’s Note: This part of the plot was slightly dragged out mainly because there was a need to explain the settings to push the plot smoothly forward. I’ll do some soul-searching, and will try my best to make these setting-explanation chapters seem more interesting. Of course, once everything is set in place, the climax of the arc will definitely send you flying sky high. For this, Me has confidence!

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