AC Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Two Fancy Schlocks

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. This person actually used his name to scam him!

Previously, the two passionate fans, Ye Jiaquan and Lingcun had got into argument because of him, and now, the seductress sent by the game arcade had used his name to engage in scamming him. He never expected the name “Shi Xiaobai” to be so awesome.

“This King is too excellent. No matter how low a profile This King tries to keep, there is no way to conceal his excellence. She’s talking about This King!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but give himself a hundred Likes in his mind, but he did not reveal a single emotion on his face.

If it were anyone else, they would probably have revealed their identity and denounced Yang Weiwei, warning her not to use his name to scam others, but Shi Xiaobai would not do that.

Firstly, Shi Xiaobai had to hide his identity. After Kali left last night, a white-haired elder wearing a wizard hat visited him. The elder claimed to be Gaia and said a bunch of nonsense that Shi Xiaobai forgot the moment he heard them. However, the matter that the elder repeatedly exhorted Shi Xiaobai to remember was that due to various reasons, it was best he maintain his identity as Tu Dahei.

For Shi Xiaobai, concealing his identity was not something unacceptable and in fact, was something quite interesting. For example, in the current situation, Shi Xiaobai had nearly burst out laughing.

“Ahem, since Shi Xiaobai is a regular customer of the battle arena cafe, then you must have met Shi Xiaobai. Give a description of how Shi Xiaobai looks like!” Shi Xiaobai looked at Yang Weiwei with eyes filled with anticipation. He wanted to see how this female swindler would carry on her charade.

Yang Weiwei’s smile froze for a moment as her brain whirled at full speed. Naturally, she did not know what Shi Xiaobai looked like, but it appeared as though this youth had never met Shi Xiaobai before. It was unlikely there would be problems if she gave some embellishments.

After thinking for a few moments, Yang Weiwei said with a smile, “Of course I’ve met Shi Xiaobai. He sure is handsome. He has black hair, and at the corner of his right eye, there is a tiny red mole. He likes to wear white, and although he looks tall and thin, he gives off a feeling like he’s full of muscles. He always has a warm smile on his face and when he smiles, he reveals two dimples. He is very approachable and very gentlemanly, just like a prince.”

“I have never seen him lose his temper. You can’t fault him on the way he treats his friends. He often pays from his own pocket to treat others. Usually, he would take the time to give others advice even if he is busy. He also gets along well with those weaker customers, never putting on airs like a genius. Everyone likes him a lot.”

Yang Weiwei gave a look of adoration. She described “Shi Xiaobai” vividly and did not even seem done, as though she was afraid she could not make it any clearer. When she was done, she smiled shyly and whispered, “I… I also like him, unfortunately, I’m too old… sigh!”

Her final sigh seemed to imbue all the feelings in her heart.

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. Isn’t this acting way too f*cking realistic?

Typically, swindlers tried their best to speak in vague terms when lying, afraid that they might introduce flaws in their lies, but Yang Weiwei was completely the opposite. From her description of “Shi Xiaobai”, it was as though she immersed the listener into an actual description. The tone of her final sigh and that expression of hers was penetrating to the heart.

In times like this, the acting skills of swindlers could have a chance at the Oscars!

“Oh, tell me what other spectacular performances Shi Xiaobai has had in the battle arena cafe.” Shi Xiaobai was addicted to this game he had with Yang Weiwei. He looked at Yang Weiwei with an excited look, greatly looking forward to her improvisations.

Yang Weiwei lamented in her heart. She had failed to utterly convince the youth with her spectacular performance. Now, she was in trouble. Usually to hide a lie, a thousand lies were needed, it was not simple to be a swindler!

However, as the youth looked dumb, she believed it wouldn’t take long before he would surrender to her exquisite lies and trickery. Yang Weiwei immediately felt confident as she started thinking of the ways to deceive the crab youth.

Yang Weiwei did not dare to remain silent for too long because she was afraid Shi Xiaobai might turn suspicious. As she drafted her lines, she said, “Shi Xiaobai is an existence everyone knows in the battle arena cafe! In the placement matches for ‘Unrivaled Heroes’, he has won all ten rounds. He has not lost a single friendly match in the cafe. Every weekend, in the battle arena’s ranking matches, he would receive the biggest prizes…”

Yang Weiwei began recounting “Shi Xiaobai”‘s glorious deeds. In fact, her lies could be easily exposed because once this youth entered the battle arena cafe and asked others, he would realize that he had been deceived, but Yang Weiwei did not care about that. All she cared about was to make this youth a customer to ensure her rice bowl. She could leave future troubles for her future self!

Yang Weiwei took three minutes to finish describing “Shi Xiaobai”‘s wonderful performance, and she did so without stop the entire time. It was as though she was counting the number of heirlooms back at home. Shi Xiaobai was dumbfounded listening to her. What sort of powerful trickery was needed to be able to describe something with such realism? It was as though all those matters had happened before, and did not seem like she had made them up on the spot.

Shi Xiaobai felt a sense of admiration, feeling as though he had excavated an impressive talent. To fully develop Yang Weiwei’s scamming potential, Shi Xiaobai immediately said, “Tell me about the offensive skills, defensive skills and movement techniques Shi Xiaobai is good at. Oh right, does Shi Xiaobai have any particularly cool moves? This King is really curious!”

Yang Weiwei smiled and immediately put on a professional smile.

“Shi Xiaobai’s coolest move…”

Thirty minutes passed. Shi Xiaobai asked numerous questions regarding “Shi Xiaobai”, while Yang Weiwei patiently answered them all. Both of them had an axe to grind. One was committed to tap into the other party’s “potential”, while the other was committed to making a lie—that had been seen through from the beginning—work.

However, after such a long period of time, Shi Xiaobai seemed to not end his ceaseless questioning. Yang Weiwei finally could not help it as she said with a heavy voice, “Don’t tell me you don’t believe what I’m saying? Shi Xiaobai is really a loyal customer of the battle arena cafe! Why would I lie to you? When have you seen a liar give such details when lying?”

Shi Xiaobai rolled his eyes. Indeed, he had never seen one before, but he had finally met one today. It had to be said that for her to be such a shameless swindler, it was also quite f*cking delightful!

“Sigh, you are a true talent. It will be a pity if you do not go to Hollywood. In another world line, you would definitely win a Oscar for your performance!”

Shi Xiaobai patted Yang Weiwei on the shoulder and whispered, “Work hard and keep up the effort!”

After Shi Xiaobai said this, he turned around and began using Crab Steps to leave. Oh no, he got addicted to having fun with the female swindler, wasting quite a lot of his time!

Yang Weiwei was stunned. Why did this youth refuse to believe her despite her hard work? Did she really have to do as Xialin said—if deceiving doesn’t work, use force. If forcing doesn’t work, she had to force him in even if she needed to take her clothes off and scream rape?

No, she would never do such a thing!

Yang Weiwei finally decided to give up. She felt that it was no big deal if she resigned. She did not need to work here at all costs. If not for her younger brother being a [Gaia] rookie this year— making it convenient for her to take care of him—she would have job-hopped a long time ago and left this place!

Just as Yang Weiwei felt despair, she suddenly saw a figure appear in front of her. The figure was walking towards them and was about to encounter the departing Shi Xiaobai. Yang Weiwei’s eyes lit up, as though she had suddenly seen the light in the darkness.

Shi Xiaobai of course saw the incoming person. It was a 7 to 8 year-old boy. He was slightly surprised as he whispered, “Pleasant Goat!?”

This boy was Yang Yang who he met back at the Rookie Evaluation Test.

Yang Yang was also stunned seeing Shi Xiaobai. Just as he wanted to blurt out Shi Xiaobai’s name, he suddenly remembered his Division Minister’s serious instructions. As he lowered his head to look at Shi Xiaobai’s odd Crab Steps, he said with a stiffened face, “Tu Dahei, what are you doing here?”

The Heavens knew that the person Yang Yang did not want to encounter in the entire Steel City was this “fancy schlock”.

“Little Yang!”

Suddenly, an intimate voice shouted out from behind Shi Xiaobai. Yang Yang was surprised and cocked his head to take a look. He saw a white-collared girl jogging over with her heels in hand. As he focused on her, he found her face extremely familiar before he said with a shock, “Sis!”

Yang Weiwei was extremely excited at this moment. She never expected for her younger brother to appear at this moment. It was such a timely boost! Besides, her brother seemed to know this youth named Tu Dahei, wasn’t this the Heavens helping her?

Yang Weiwei ran to Yang Yang’s side and pulled him in front of her and said to Shi Xiaobai, “Since you know Little Yang, then you should know that Little Yang once participated in the rookie test with Shi Xiaobai. You would believe Little Yang’s words, right?”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned, but as he guessed what Yang Weiwei was planning on doing, he could not help but smile.

Yang Weiwei seemed bewildered and said loudly, “Come, Little Yang, tell this friend, Tu Dahei, that Shi Xiaobai is a regular customer of the battle arena cafe. That’s right, isn’t it?”

Yang Yang was stunned hearing this. He immediately felt a pinch around his waist and when he turned to take a look, he saw Yang Weiwei sneakily winking at him. He understood that his sister wanted him to participate in the lying.

As he turned his head back, he realized Shi Xiaobai was also sneakily winking at him.

What the f*ck, what’s going on?

What games are these two fancy schlocks playing?

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