AC Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Promotion of Anything Really Relies on Lying!

The female assistant did not know that Shi Xiaobai was waiting around the bend. She ran barefoot on the streets while carrying her heels. She ignored her image as a lady, and shouted the amusing salutation, “crab youth” without any thought, attracting stares from passers-by.

The female assistant was somewhat embarrassed but there was no time for her to concern herself with hiding her shame. Xia Lin had retrenched numerous employees after he took on the job. She was just a statistic that didn’t matter, so whether she could make this crab youth a customer or not, determined if she would end up losing her job or not. Hence, she did not dare lax.

Praying that the youth had yet to go far, the female assistant finally reached the bend and nearly collided into someone. She managed to stop herself just in time, and when she took a careful look, the person was using Crab Steps on the spot, so wasn’t he that crab youth?

“Foolish mortal, is crab youth the way you address This King?” Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly. He was not fond of this title, so even though he was using Crab Steps of the King, it did not mean he could accept being called crab youth.

The female assistant was panting slightly, but when she heard him, she was stunned. After sizing Shi Xiaobai up, she realized that this young youth must be the type who loved to fantasize himself as some kind of Hero. Although addressing oneself as “This King” was rather uncommon, she still found it acceptable.

Thinking of how she called out “crab youth” in her hurry, she immediately felt apologetic. She hurriedly took out a name card from her pocket and handed it over. She said in an apologetic manner, “Sorry, please forgive me for being over anxious. I am the assistant to the general manager of the Battle Arena Corporation’s [Gaia] branch, Yang Weiwei.”

Shi Xiaobai naturally would not fuss over such a trivial thing. He scanned the name card after receiving it, and when he saw the words “Battle Arena”, he asked out of curiosity, “The Battle Arena Corporation’s [Gaia] branch refers to that game arcade?

“Game arcade?”

Yang Weiwei was slightly stunned before recovering from it. She hurriedly explained, “No, no, no, you must be mistaken. The battle arena is not a game arcade, but a virtual competition battle arena cafe. Although the battle arena cafe also provides some small relaxing games, it mainly promotes the most famous virtual competition, ‘Unrivaled Heroes’. The experience from the nearly realistic battles can help Heroes increase their combat abilities both practically and realistically. It is not just a simple amusement venue, but allows people to focus on virtual battles. It is a battle arena that allowed them to obtain true benefits from virtual sparring!”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but fall into deep thought upon hearing the long explanation.

To put it plainly, wasn’t it just a competitive game? In essence, it was still a game!

However, a game with nearly realistic battles was indeed quite attractive!

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly shook his head. No, no. He could not fall for the charms of the game arcade. If he were to turn lazy, then he would not be able to cultivate Crab Steps to the Dominating Refinement realm in seven days. When that happened, there would be a B-level punishment…

Shi Xiaobai forcefully suppressed his itching desires and took a glance at Yang Weiwei. Realizing that she was a goon of the game arcade, he immediately turned alert and said, “Why did you stop This King?”

Yang Weiwei was stunned. Recalling that she would be fired unless she made this youth a customer of the battle arena cafe, she immediately felt distressed. She really hated the feeling of being a pimp.

However, despite her grumblings, Yang Weiwei immediately gave a sincere look and said, “Can I take a few minutes of your time?”

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before he nodded. “Alright.”

“Actually, you can first take a rest.”

Yang Weiwei looked down and realized that Shi Xiaobai had been jumping on the spot from the very beginning. She felt that even if he was not tired performing crab steps, she was sick of watching him do it.

“Resting is the demon of laziness. There is no such thing as rest in This King’s world.” Shi Xiaobai shrugged his shoulders and as he wrapped his arms around his chest, he continued performing Crab Steps. It was difficult to tell if he was being cool or amusing.

As long as you are happy!

Yang Weiwei criticized in her heart, but as she broadened the sides of her lips and took a deep breath, she decided to cut to the chase. She said seriously, “The Battle Arena Corporation is a world-renowned company in virtual competitions. It provides the highest quality of service in the virtual competition industry. It has the most luxurious individual rooms, and the most perfect and comfortable immersion facilities. The virtual reality immersion achieves 99% realism, and we will provide customers a free exclusive World Divine Realm account.”

“In terms of service, we provide the most delicious food catering and the most professional guidance services. Videos of many classic Hero battles and the most authoritative lecture videos are provided for your perusal. There will also be combat arena online experts that will answer any customer inquiries.”

“Besides, the Battle Arena Corporation has recently launched its service with a 5% discount and a complimentary 500 points will be given whenever you recharge your account by 1000 points. If you begin the application process as a battle arena cafe member now, you can even have the chance of becoming [Gaia] branch’s representative and compete in the weekly Battle Arena Corporation’s ranking matches, allowing you to win great prizes!”

“What are you waiting for? Act now! Hurry up and join the battle arena cafe!”

Yang Weiwei spoke extremely quickly without missing a word. After she clearly enunciated and finished her promotional pitch—which she had read countless times—the smile on her face was already extremely stiff. A sick helpless feeling suffused from her heart.

After Shi Xiaobai heard this, he was stunned speechless. After a moment, he suddenly turned around and used his Crab Steps to leave.

Yang Weiwei was stunned. She hurriedly tugged at Shi Xiaobai’s sleeves and noticed that Shi Xiaobai’s shoulders were trembling. His fists were already secretly clenched, as though he was enduring something.

What was he enduring? Did her promotional pitch sound too fake, making him angry?

“This game arcade’s enchantment sure is powerful. It takes care of your food and drink, and even gives you a private room, isn’t it… forcing This King to be lazy? No, there is no way This King can yield to it. This King is a man who will create a miracle!”

Shi Xiaobai’s heart writhed as he forcefully released himself from Yang Weiwei’s grasp. He began using Crab Steps to move forward, but due to the struggle in his heart, he did not move very fast, as though he was waiting for Yang Weiwei to chase after him.

“The battle arena cafe will provide meeting places for customers. It facilitates [Gaia] rookies to engage in virtual combat with full members. Besides learning from each other to improve yourself, it is also an excellent platform for befriending people!”

Yang Weiwei caught up to him with a jog. If it was any ordinary pedestrian, she would have given up, but this youth’s decision determined if she would be fired or not, so she refused to give up so easily.

“From the looks of it, you must be a rookie from this [Gaia] batch. If you were to join the battle arena cafe, you will be able to meet many rookies in the same batch as you. You can interact with them and strengthen your friendships. At the same time, it will also position yourself in a better spot amongst the rookies. Virtual combat will provide you the most reliable numbers, so you must not miss it!”

Yang Weiwei jogged beside Shi Xiaobai with her feet bare. She said a bunch of well-meaning words, but the result was Shi Xiaobai looking indifferent. Yang Weiwei felt like she was going crazy because this feeling was too uncomfortable!

“Join the battle arena cafe, you will have a chance to come into contact with a few well-known Heroes as well as rookies from other Divisions. You can be fully prepared to fight for the title of Rookie King, so please seriously consider it!”

Yang Weiwei mentioned every benefit her brain could think of, but realized that Shi Xiaobai remained unmoved, he was even speeding up. She felt a sense of defeat and from the looks of it, her powers of persuasion had failed.

“If one push isn’t enough, push him twice. If persuasion doesn’t work, try deceiving him!”

Yang Weiwei’s mind could not help but repeat Xia Lin’s words in her head.

If persuasion doesn’t work, then deceit… Deceit!

Yang Weiwei’s eyes suddenly lit up as a flash of brilliance came to her. She shouted loudly, “If you join the battle arena cafe, you have a chance of getting to know Shi Xiaobai, and might even become his friend.”

The moment she said those words, the youth in front of her had indeed come to a stop. He turned around and his face was filled with shock and incredulity.

Yang Weiwei chuckled in her heart. For all these tender young rookies, Shi Xiaobai’s name possessed great powers!

Since she needed to engage in deceit, she shall deceive him to the end!

With this thought in mind, Yang Weiwei walked over towards Shi Xiaobai and said with a beaming smile, “You should know a lot about Shi Xiaobai, right? This formidable genius with dual S Class talents along with the Perception of God is known by everyone in [Gaia]!”

“But there is a secret you might not know. Actually, Shi Xiaobai had become a most loyal customer of our battle arena cafe. He would often come to our battle arena cafe and spar with other customers. As long as you join the battle arena cafe, you will eventually encounter Shi Xiaobai. If you are lucky, you might even become his friend!”

“As long as you join the battle arena cafe, you will have the chance to become the friend of this year’s Rookie King, a future S Class Hero, Shi Xiaobai. How can you miss such a good opportunity? Why wait? Act now! Quickly become a member of the battle arena cafe! You just need 998 to become a member. That’s right, you’ll become a member, all for 998! A huge value all for just 998!”

As Yang Weiwei saw how the youth in front of her was looking at her in a daze, she felt fireworks of joy exploding in her heart. The promotion of anything really relies on lying!

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