AC Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: This Sacrifice is too Great!

His tear-stained cheeks had yet to dry, and his voice even sounded nasal, but when Shi Xiaobai said, “no, I desire boobs, but you have none”, it sounded like Kali’s flat chest was so flat that pushed him beyond tears.

“Are… you serious?”

Kali’s hand immediately froze as she looked incredulously at Shi Xiaobai. She noticed Shi Xiaobai was staring right at her chest with all seriousness, with an extremely solemn expression. That look was completely at the limits of seriousness.

Kali received her answer.

This was neither a joke, nor a mockery, but illustrating a very objective fact. The fact was irrefutable, impossible for anyone to repress one’s anger.

How many years has it been since she sent the last fool, who mocked her flat chest, into the deep abyss?

It was a long, long time ago. It was so distant in the past that she had forgotten this lamentable fact. Due to the World Tree’s powers, she had stopped growing, but she had always desired for a mature and well-developed body! Even though it was a laughable form of self-satisfaction, nor was it to please anyone, she similarly wished the sacred grounds on her chest had the right to be proud. It was a woman’s nature!

But why? Why was the person who ripped this scar open, Shi Xiaobai? It had been so long since she “liked” a person, so long since she had the pleasure of talking to someone, so long since she placed someone in the soft spot in the deepest recesses of her heart.

Looking at him felt like she was looking at her past self. Hearing him call himself “This King” made her think of the warmth from those cold, desolate days. His existence in this boring world seemed like the sudden blooming of a wild flower in an eternal winter!

She even believed that in the next short period of a hundred years, her life would even turn interesting because of him.

However, the beautiful fantasy that was nearing on reality was so easily shattered. Like a floating bubble, it gently burst.

But why, why did you have to be the one who burst it?

Anger, embarrassment, disappointment… A potpourri of emotions intertwined themselves in Kali’s heart as it suddenly transmuted into a cold aura that emanated through the entire room.

In fact, Shi Xiaobai was staring at Kali’s chest in order to organize his words. By the time he reacted, a cold aura had crept up to his body. It was as though he was enclosed in an ice chamber, from head to toe.


With a gentle sigh, Kali suddenly turned around to merge into the light, disappearing from the room.


The sound of a thud was heard from the couch. Looking down at it, Shi Xiaobai noticed that at the spot where Kali sat, there was a droplet of water dampening the sofa, turning it into an ink-like wet stain.

There was no rebuttal, no cursing or reprimand, not even a single word. Kali gently turned around and left, leaving behind a teardrop.

Why did this happen?

“I never expected This King to enjoy such a high position in her heart.”

Shi Xiaobai very quickly came to a conclusion. Looking at the wet stain on the sofa, Shi Xiaobai’s heart suddenly felt heavy.

She was obviously angry, but she had left silently. Why?

This was because the disappointment and the despondency she felt reached their limits, so much so that her anger and embarrassment could be ignored!

The more important the person, the more complete the disappointment one felt. It would result in increasing neglection, or even choosing to disregard the person.

“When we meet in the future, we would probably be strangers, I guess?”

Shi Xiaobai suddenly felt a sense of loss. Although they had only known each other for less than an hour, the impression she gave him felt like they had known each other for several years. She listened carefully to his every word. She believed him, understood him, comforted him, and even treated the tender spot buried deep in his heart with affection.

She was like a confidant he had known for a very, very long time. A simple word, a simple smile, or even a gesture made him feel a comfort that came from the bottom of his heart. It was like being with her was a natural process, one that happened organically.

That feeling was truly very warm. He had already seen her as a friend in his heart.

But at this moment, Kali had left in disappointment. The bond between them was completely shattered with that teardrop. He was weak like an ant, while she was as powerful as the massive shape-shifting beast, Kun Peng. When the Kun Peng flew off, how was an ant able to chase after it?

However, there was no way for time to repeat itself. Even if the matter was regrettable, it could only become memories, too late for one to feel regret.

“Make your choice, youth!”

The fiery voice suddenly boomed as the familiar black text appeared once again.

[ Choice 1: In one minute, say three lines that mock flat chests. The target has to be Kali, and she has to hear it clearly! ] [ Choice 2: In one minute, say three lines that profess your love. The target has to be Kali, and she has to hear it clearly! ]

(Gentle Reminder: This choice is considered a “Mischief-style choice” where only the choice is performed. No reward.)

Time returned back to the moment the choices appeared. Kali’s fingers were still rested on Shi Xiaobai’s cheek. Her eye was filled with love and pity, and the warmth and fragrance from her body was just inches away.

Shi Xiaobai was stunned.

Who the f*ck said time wouldn’t repeat itself?

Who said that regrettable matters could only become memories? Too late for regret?

Pui! This King was feeling so many mixed emotions, and now it was all bullshit!

Darn you Absolute Choice, give This King’s melancholic feelings back!

If time had not suspended, Shi Xiaobai’s face would probably reveal the most brilliant and moving smile.

The choice required him to say three lines that mocked flat chest within a minute, and Shi Xiaobai only had the time to say one, hence he did not manage to fulfill the choice’s condition, turning back time.

Shi Xiaobai had a chance to choose again.

Mocking flat chests or profess his love.

Shi Xiaobai was once again in a dilemma. Although time had repeated itself, the choice was still as difficult as ever, and was even more difficult than before.

If he were to mock her flat chest, Kali would leave in disappointment. They would then be strangers that would probably never meet again.

However, if he were to confess to Kali, she might very likely transform into the terrifying “girlfriend”. Yang Wei’s depiction of those nightmarish scenes could very likely turn into reality.

“Sigh, she thinks so highly of This King, so how can This King chill her heart? Girlfriend… isn’t it just a girlfriend? This King has never… never feared!”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai felt like he was shouldering a great undertaking. To prevent Kali’s disappointment, he actually chose to sacrifice his own happiness by making Kali his girlfriend!

This meant that he would have to spare a large portion of his time in the future to accompany Kali shopping, eating, watching movies, walking the streets, engaging in lovey-dovey acts, rolling in sheets…

“This King sacrifices just too much!”

Shi Xiaobai lamented his great sacrifice and could not help but praise himself for shouldering this huge undertaking.

Since he had made a choice, then the preparation for his confession speech needed to be done. He could not repeat the same mistake.

“Heh heh, how can the Confession of a King be done hastily. It has to be world-shaking. It has to dry up the seas, rot the rocks, turn the sky desolate and mar the land!”

Shi Xiaobai began to think hard over it. Thankfully, Yang Wei often flaunted the confession lines girls used at him. Shi Xiaobai had memorized a few that he found interesting, and now, he was able to use them.

“I got it!”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes suddenly lit up, having filtered out the confession statement he liked the most.

“This King sacrifices just too much!”

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his mind, before choosing choice 2.

Author’s Note: You want to see a confession? Sure, This King will satisfy you! By the way, everyone, guess what happens after the confession is said. Hehe

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