AC Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Watching the meteor rain fall onto Earth with you1

On the soft sofa, the girl was only a body distance away from Shi Xiaobai. Her knees were folded to her side. The black gothic-style dress covered her long and slender legs, but could not conceal her moving curves.

Her exquisite body was tilted, leaning on the sofa. One palm was gently holding up her delicate cheek, while her wrist revealed jade-like skin. A revealed blue eye squinted into the shape of a crescent, as she quietly exchanged gazes with Shi Xiaobai. An enchanting smile could be seen on her beautiful face.

If this world truly had fairies, then her smile was so beautiful that it would make fairies sigh.

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment. They looked at each other in silence, as black starry eyes and a blue oceanic eye reflected each other’s figures in them. The girl was still smiling sweetly, while Shi Xiaobai’s breathing gradually began to speed up.

Shi Xiaobai’s tear-stained cheeks began to flush, as though he was enduring something. His slightly red eyes flashed a burning desire, while the hot breathing from his nose seemed to give him a strange impulse.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai raised his right hand. His eyes were still staring intently at the girl’s eye, but his right hand was already stretching towards the girl’s face. At the same time, his body was leaning slightly forward, as though he was going to press down on the girl.

That look was like an excited teenager trying to touch the face of a girl he admired.

The girl’s smile stiffened slightly. There was a shimmer in her eye, but she did not say or do anything to stop him. She quietly watched as Shi Xiaobai’s finger approached her face.

Slowly, Shi Xiaobai’s fingers touched… the white eyepatch that covered the girl’s left eye.

Shi Xiaobai’s breathing stagnated as he suddenly used his strength to lift it up. His body suddenly jerked forward as the girl’s face became inches away from him, but all he did was stare intently at the girl’s revealed left eye.

It was an eye with a golden pupil, emitting dazzling bright light, like the dazzling charm of dawn.

Suddenly, Shi Xiaobai’s expression changed drastically. He released his right hand and jumped backwards. He covered his eyes and said in pain, “Eye, eye, This King’s eye!”

The white eyepatch fell back over the eye with the golden pupil. The girl’s deep blue eye looked at him with a slight look of doubt.

Shi Xiaobai’s right hand covered his eyes as he reached out his left hand to point at the girl. He said coldly, “To think your eye can resonate with This King’s True Heretic King Eyes. Heh! This King did not guess wrongly. Your eye is a—True Demon King Eye! And you are a pixie witch with the Demon King’s bloodline!”

The girl was momentarily stunned. Her face suddenly burst out with a soul-stirring smile. She wagged a finger and said with a laugh, “What an ignorant boy. Eyes that can resonate with a True Heretic King Eye is not only limited to True Demon King Eye. *Giggle* What I have is the True God King Eye!”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned, as his gaze immediately turned soft. However, just as he thought of something, his eyes turned sharp again. He said solemnly, “Don’t you dare deceive This King. This King can already smell the demonic girl aura that you are deliberately concealing from your body!”

The girl said in a soft voice, “I previously fought in the Darkness with numerous demonic girls over a hundred years. Then I removed the aura from their bodies, so what you smell is the smell of time.”

“Smell of time?”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised as he ruminated over those words. Moments later, he asked doubtfully, “Are you really not a demonic girl?”

“No.” The girl shook her head.

“Then who are you?” Shi Xiaobai asked.

“Who am I? That will be a long story. Do you really want to listen?” the girl asked with a smile.

“Of course!” Shi Xiaobai answered without hesitation.

The girl paused and moved her body to close the gap between them. She said in a mysterious manner, “Ten thousand years ago, I was a pixie that guarded the World Tree, leading a carefree life. Then because of the first apocalypse, the World Tree lost its life, and before it withered, it chose me to be the inheritor of its power. Back then, I was a pixie, as well as a World Tree.”

“9300 years ago, I traversed the world, killing numerous villains, and destroyed quite a number of righteous people. I was sick of the human world, so I went to the Light. There I saw so-called God Kings and leader of gods. I kicked a God King off his throne and took over the God King’s eye. I was a God Queen then.”

“9000 years ago, I got sick of the worship received by gods, so I left the Light and headed to the Darkness. There I met a Demon King and the demonic girls he bred. I spent a hundred years to convert all the demonic girls in the Darkness into pixies. I then banished the Demon King to an endless abyss. Back then, I was the Queen of the dark pixies.”

“8500 years ago, I realized that there were numerous civilizations other than the Darkness and the Light, hence I left the Darkness and wandered the thousands of worlds. Back then, I was a lonely traveler.”

“8000 years ago, I got tired. In a world called ‘Heaven’, I settled down. ‘Bird people’ with white wings on their backs lived in Heaven. They called themselves angels, so back then, I was a hermitic angel.”

“7000 years ago…”

More than ten minutes later, the girl finally finished describing her numerous identities. It was unknown if she had fabricated them or was just speaking nonsense, but finally she sighed and said, “A thousand years ago, I returned to the world of the humans. I slept deep underground for a thousand years before waking up ten years ago. So now, I’m a human, my name is Kali.”

Shi Xiaobai was listening with his eyes glistening. He said, having enjoyed the entire process, “It’s so interesting!”

Kali quietly looked at Shi Xiaobai and could not help but giggle. “Youth, you truly believed that?”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned and pointed to himself and said, “Intuition tells This King that you are not lying. This King doesn’t believe you, but believes in his intuition.”

Kali burst into laughter as she could not help but reach out to touch Shi Xiaobai’s head. She said gently, “If I met you earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have been bored for 10,000 years.”

Shi Xiaobai, who had his head touched, suddenly felt a strange feeling. He hastily retreated backwards, evading Kali’s “demonic talons”. He reached out to smoothen his hair that Kali had messed up and sneered, “Don’t you think of stealing This King’s invisible crown!


Kali laughed heartily once again. Her bell-like voice was pleasant to the ears, like the chimes from Heaven.

Shi Xiaobai’s gaze slowly turned soft as the corners of his mouth suffused a smile.

Why was she laughing so happily?

Shi Xiaobai found it strange. Could her laughter have some magic in them?

Kali laughed for a long while before she gradually stopped. Her expression gradually calmed down as she looked at Shi Xiaobai and said in all seriousness, “Your Light makes people feel fondness, your Darkness makes people cherish tenderly. You are a true and pure, a flawless existence.”

“You believed my every word, and even truly believe in every word you say. You are different from those tragic people who have the power of fantasy, but doubt their fantasies. You believe that you are a weak King, you believe that weakness is temporary. You believe you possess the True Heretic King Eyes and believe that you wear an invisible crown. You firmly believe your every imagination.”

“You are the most interesting human I have ever met, so I am willing to fulfill your greatest desire.”

Shi Xiaobai was stunned. He looked at the pixieish girl with purple hair and was momentarily unsure as to what to say.

Kali stood up from the sofa and walked in front of Shi Xiaobai. She looked down into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes and asked softly, “Then, let’s go back to the original question. Youth, do you desire power?”

Shi Xiaobai looked up and stared into the blue eye. From the beginning, the question he had been evading came at him again, forcing him into deep thought.

Did he desire power?


But… what he desired, was it truly power?

The realistic feeling he desired during the rookie training, was that truly power?

Shi Xiaobai wanted to answer, “Yes, it is power!”

But his intuition told him, “No, not necessarily.” What he desired was not necessarily power, what he desired was not only power!

“I don’t know.”

Shi Xiaobai gave his answer. His voice sounded a bit dry and hoarse, and seemed to have a touch of fear.

“I know you do not know. You do not know what you truly desire. You don’t even know what is power.”

Kali chuckled and suddenly stretched her hand out towards Shi Xiaobai and said, “Then, I’ll help you seek out the answer.”

Seek out the answer?

Shi Xiaobai’s breathing stagnated as he looked at the hand Kali stretched out.

That white, slender hand looked like it was so soft that there were no bones in them.

Shi Xiaobai fell silent for a moment before stretching out his right hand to grab Kali’s hand. He experienced a sense of warmth and softness, but suddenly the Light and Darkness appeared at the spot their hands touched. A black hole filled with light devoured them from their contact point.

Shi Xiaobai was alarmed and hurriedly wanted to release his right hand, but realized that his hand was being held tightly. He had no way of retracting his hand. He looked up to see Kali’s eye. That eye was as soft as the morning sunlight.

His intuition told him that this girl would not harm him, so Shi Xiaobai stopped struggling.

The black hole that was filled with light slowly expanded and soon engulfed half their bodies.

“It just happens that there’s a meteor shower tonight. I’ll accompany you stargazing.” Kali said as the black hole’s light engulfed them completely.

Author’s Note: To be honest, Kali’s eye-patch and golden pupil, as well as one syllable of her name is inspired from Takanashi Rikka. Nothing else will be the same. Of course, her personality is also different, after all, everyone leads different lives, so the situations they encounter are different.

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  1. This happens to be a line in the lyrics of Mandarin-pop song, Meteor Shower.


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