AC Chapter 460-3

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Chapter 460: Earthbound Yaksha (3/3)

Speechless could not help but clench his fist. He had indeed underestimated Earthbound Yaksha’s strength, but it was not because of the strike called ‘Vaiśravaṇa Heavenly Slash’, but the ‘Soul Suppression’ the Earthbound Yaksha had dealt to them before it struck.

That intimidating instant was what determined the outcome.

In the psionic cultivation realms, only entities with cultivation at the Psionic Might Realm could deliver ‘Soul Suppression’. Although the Earthbound Yaksha’s power did not come from psionic power, it was possible to estimate that its strength was above the Psionic Might Realm at the very least.

Psionic Mortal Realm, Psionic Soul Realm, Psionic Might Realm. Their cultivation levels were two full realms away from Earthbound Yaksha’s!

Speechless had a certain amount of immunity when it came to ‘Soul Suppression’, because he had undergone training to resist ‘Soul Suppression’ from a young age. It was termed ‘resistance training’, and he had long imbued the ‘resistance’ into his being.

But the rest likely had not experienced any strict form of ‘resistance training’. Their ability to resist stem purely from their personal willpower. The more resolute one’s willpower was, the less influence ‘Soul Suppression’ had on them.

From the looks of it, Mu Yuesheng, Pulp Farmer, Liu Yu, and Feng Yuanlin were unable to resist ‘Soul Suppression’. Although they were only momentarily suppressed, it was deadly enough. If Earthbound Yaksha had not fulfilled his promise to Field Marshal Awesomo and spared their lives, they would probably already be dead.

Mu Lengxi had barely managed to withstand the ‘Soul Suppression’, and was able to conjure an ice shield to defend, but she was unable to change the outcome of her spellbook being destroyed.

From the looks of it, even if the five of them did not lose their ability to do combat, they would be useless in the battle if they could not withstand ‘Soul Suppression’.

Therefore, this battle was a solo duel for the only person who could withstand the ‘Soul Suppression’—Speechless.

No, that’s not right. There was another person.

Speechless glanced at Sunless, who was in the distance.

She looked like she was eager to strike, and with her close to madness willpower, it was unlikely for her to succumb to ‘Soul Suppression’, right?

However, was it really good to let her join the battle?

The most important thing to do now was not to defeat Earthbound Yaksha but to kill Field Marshal Awesomo to save Shi Xiaobai!

The plan could not change, so he could only hold back Earthbound Yaksha himself!

Speechless decided firmly on the spot as he charged at Earthbound Yaksha once again. At the same time, he shouted at Sunless, “Sunless, try finding an opportunity from the side. Remember, your goal is Field Marshal Awesomo! Leave Earthbound Yaksha to me. You just need to think of ways to kill Field Marshal Awesomo!”

Sunless nodded and expressed her agreement to his proposal.

Earthbound Yaksha responded with a sneer, “What’s the point of struggling?”


A cold smile suffused in Speechless’s heart.

Arrogance was a fatal weakness. People who belittled others would typically pay a terrible price.

As he was blessed by God, he possessed the most outstanding human genes. He had awakened his S-class superpower—’Mirror Replication’.

‘Mirror Replication’ had several usage limitations.

First, ‘Mirror Replication’ was automatically triggered. When someone near him used a move, the move would be automatically replicated and stored.

Second, ‘Mirror Replication’ could only store ten moves. When the eleventh move was stored, the first move would be deleted.

Third, the storage time of ‘Mirror Replication’ only lasted an hour. The move would be deleted after an hour.

Fourth, moves that surpassed his own strength could not be replicated.

Although there were many limitations, the usage effects were extremely monstrous. It perfectly matched the evaluation of a ‘S-class’ superpower. And its effects were—zero energy consumption, zero cost, perfectly stored moves.

The concept of perfect replication lay in delay time, duration, released strength, and various other aspects. However, Dawn had previously spotted certain flaws in it, proving that it was not perfect replication. It actually had very minute differences.

Despite the many limitations and flaws, Speechless’s superpower still allowed him to have inestimable upper limits to his strength.

Although Mu Lengxi and company had their attacks interrupted, thankfully, his automatic replication was triggered, so he had stored ten mirrored moves.

Therefore, he alone was able to complete a plan that needed six people!

Speechless charged straight at Earthbound Yaksha and used familiar psionic conjuration to construct a psionic samurai sword. His first blade he slashed out was ‘Vaiśravaṇa Heavenly Slash’!

A look of surprise flashed in Earthbound Yaksha’s eyes. It never expected that the human was able to ignore its ‘Soul Suppression’, and was able to slash out a ‘Vaiśravaṇa Heavenly Slash’ that was extremely close in strength as the one it could produce. However, it faced the attack in a composed manner. It easily shattered the black blade beam as though it was teasing its prey.

At that moment, Speechless suddenly leaped high into the sky and used psionic power to give him a forward burst. He stayed in mid-air for a few seconds as he quickly chanted, “Vileness Begone From the Heaven and Earth, Mysteries and Gods Encaved in Unfathomable Profoundness, Imbue Me with World Power of the Highest Order, Announcing to the Nine Heavens, Inviting the Purifying Generals and Ambassadors, The Slaying of Demons, A Sending for Myriad Souls…”

In the short period of time taken to chant, he was able to construct more than a hundred psionic talismans with the stored memories of ‘Mirror Replication’. At the final instance of his chant, he scattered the talismans into the sky.

“Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth!”

A divine white light fell from the sky and shot straight at Earthbound Yaksha.

Liu Yu stared in disbelief.

However, Earthbound Yaksha only sneered, “Trivial tricks!”

Following that, it swept its blade towards the sky. Black smoke that billowed immediately devoured the holy light.

But at the same time, Speechless had already landed. When he stepped on the ground, two bolts of lightning meandered straight at Earthbound Yaksha’s feet like snakes.


Earthbound Yaksha shook its head in a mocking fashion. It suavely slashed towards the ground, producing a fine crack. When the bolts struck the crack, they turned to smoke with a sizzle, but lost all momentum to proceed forward.

However, at that split instant, it was unknown when Speechless managed to traverse more than a kilometer. With psionic spear in hand, he thrust it at Earthbound Yaksha.

“Courting death?”

Earthbound Yaksha finally lost its patience as it raised its blade. It was prepared to slice the charging human that did not cherish his life into two. However, just as it raised its blade, it keenly felt something strange.

A sneer suffused across Speechless’s lips. At the moment Earthbound Yaksha was not paying attention to its back, a six-pointed star nexus had already lit up with a gorgeous brilliance.

Charging head on with a spear was just a trick to divert Earthbound Yaksha’s attention. His only target from the very beginning was to use ‘Spatial Transference’ to move the hiding Field Marshal Awesomo near Sunless!

“It all depends on you! Sunless!”

Speechless roared in his heart!

However, just as he believed his plans had succeeded, he saw Earthbound Yaksha suddenly turn its torso around and stab the ground behind it. It exposed its waist completely to his spear.


Speechless did not expect Earthbound Yaksha to so quickly notice his goal, much less expect that it would make such a choice.

Did it completely turn a blind eye to the damage he could cause?

Foolish creature, you shall pay the price for your arrogance!

Speechless thundered angrily as a cold beam preceded before his spear thrust forward like a dragon. It stabbed straight into Earthbound Yaksha’s waist, but when it hit its mark, it felt like it had stabbed straight into a mud pool. The spear had been devoured by Earthbound Yaksha’s body!

At the same time, Earthbound Yaksha’s black blade had ruptured the six-pointed star array, forcefully ending the channeling of ‘Spatial Transference’.

“Knowest thou not this? Feeble human!

Earthbound Yaksha sneered as it turned back and slashed ‘Vaiśravaṇa Heavenly Slash’!

Speechless hurriedly retreated but due to the close distance, he was injured by the blade beam despite managing to partially dodge it. The already injured him immediately turned pale as he knelt to the ground.

So close. Success was so close.

But he had ultimately failed.

He never expected that the Earthbound Yaksha could keenly smell the scent of magic, much less expect that its body could turn around in such a freakish manner.

“As a Yaksha, evil spirits from hell art extremely comptible to magical elements. It is unfortunate. Thou art clever, but thee hadst hath used a wrong strategy.”

Earthbound Yaksha sneered as it raised its blade at Speechless, “Thou art the most dangerous, so it’s most important that thee kicketh the bucket.”

Earthbound Yaksha had identified Speechless as the greatest threat and it had decided not to spare his life.

From afar, Sunless sighed as she walked towards Earthbound Yaksha with her sword raised.

Although Speechless had failed, wasting a great deal of her time, the kind her was not one to leave him in the lurch.

However, in the end, it required Earthbound Yaksha to be defeated before Field Marshal Awesomo could be killed.

In the end, she still had to battle alone.

In the end, she still could only trust herself.

Sunless felt somewhat disappointed.

Earthbound Yaksha glanced at Sunless as a light smile suffused across its lips. From the looks of it, the game was about to end. Its appearance had completely broken the balance of the game. It only wished that the last toy was able to struggle a little longer. But before that, it needed to dice up the youth that had nearly embarrassed it.

Earthbound Yaksha raised its blade slowly and was about to let it fall.

Speechless knelt on the ground while holding his chest. His face was pale and his gaze looked clouded. He did not seem like he had any strength left for resisting.

The other injured ones limped over, but the moment they made contact with the formless ‘Soul Suppression’, their already weakened bodies were left rooted to the ground.

The fog of despair had already covered the heavens.

Who could save this battle situation of defeat?


A hymn of ‘lalala’ suddenly sounded.

At the moment the song sounded, a miracle happened.

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