AC Chapter 458-4

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Chapter 458 (4/5)

A distance away, Speechless was deep in thought. A smile suffused across his lips. “So China is filled with all sorts of hidden talents. Shi Xiaobai. Sunless. This was meant to be a meaningless selection, but who knew that there will be two geniuses that even This Emperor has to be serious about. Looks like this year’s World Youth Tournament will be rather interesting. Even This Emperor only reached the round-of-eight back then. Who knows how far they could go?”

The ‘abuse’ continued for three minutes but there were no signs of Sunless stopping. Field Marshal Awesomo had also failed to find an opportunity to launch a counterattack, but he similarly was not killed. Although he was covered in wounds, he was still able to barely protect his weak spots and survive through excruciating pain.

Feng Yuanlin scratched his head and said impatiently, “Sunless is clearly becoming stronger, but why isn’t Field Marshal Awesomo’s defense breaking apart yet?”

That was only something Feng Yuanlin said without any intentions, but although he did not have any intentions, the ones who heard it thought deeply about it. Liu Yu’s irises constricted as cold sweat began oozing out of his forehead.

Sunless was becoming stronger, but there was only one reason why Field Marshal Awesomo was still undefeated—Field Marshal Awesomo was also becoming stronger!

Why didn’t he realize such a simple matter!?

Idiot, to think you call yourself the world’s smartest Daoist!

You are a retarded idiot!

Liu Yu cursed silently as his eyebrows knitted together while he began thinking.

“What a craft minotaur, to fool me with his deceit. But I’m also to be blamed for being stupid enough to not realize that injuries can also make him stronger. I subconsciously ignored the crazy possibility and subjectively believed that only fatal damage would trigger his strength enhancement. I’m really dumb.”

“No, now is not the time to blame myself. If Field Marshal Awesomo is constantly becoming stronger, then the situation is disastrous. No matter how much of a genius Sunless is, her talent is ultimately limited. If she excavates her potential to her limits, while Field Marshal Awesomo constantly becomes stronger, the situation will eventually reverse. When the time comes, Sunless will be in trouble!”

“But it’s impossible for Sunless to stop now. Even though she knows she is in grave danger, she would ignore everything else. To her, saving Shi Xiaobai is something that cannot be delayed. It’s something more important than her life. I can’t stop her.”

“If she can’t be stopped, the only way is think of something else. Before the tide reverses on Sunless, I need to think of a method to kill Field Marshal Awesomo completely!”

Liu Yu began surveying his surroundings as he tried his best to think of every possibility. He did not have the strength needed to reverse the battle situation. Furthermore, he had received the backlash when he previously used the Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth. However, he possessed an intelligence that was above average. The only weapon he had now was his brain that was filled with knowledge.

Hurry up!

There is no more time left!

Rack your brains and think of something!

Suddenly, Liu Yu’s eyes captured a petite figure while he was surveying his surroundings. An odd flash of brilliance appeared in his mind.

The idea was somewhat risky, and the outcome was completely in the hands of that person.

But with the present situation, all he could do was trust her!

Liu Yu clenched his teeth and steeled his heart. He endured the pain his body was suffering and ran towards a particular direction at the fastest speed he could muster.

“Miss Lengxi!”

The sliver of hope Liu Yu saw was all in the hands of the bespectacled silver-haired girl!

Mu Lengxi gave a cursory glance at him but most of her attention was on Sunless. She was equally worried for Shi Xiaobai, but Sunless’ close-quarter combat with constantly changing positions prevented her from intervening. All she could do was stand by the side in nervousness.

As she could not speak, she could only gesture with her eyes to inquire about Liu Yu’s purpose.

Liu Yu did not delay and went straight to the point. “If this continues, Sunless might eventually lose, but you can help Sunless. Furthermore, it can kill Field Marshal Awesomo completely. Are you willing…”

When Mu Lengxi heard half of his sentence, she had quickly turned her head over and nodded her head vigorously. Although she did not know what Liu Yu was talking about, she was willing to give it a try regardless of the cost and effort if she could help Sunless and kill Field Marshal Awesomo.

Liu Yu gave a satisfied smile. He could long tell that Mu Lengxi had affections for Shi Xiaobai. Although it was not as intense as Sunless’, she clearly wouldn’t sit idle.

However, how much she was willing to help Shi Xiaobai would depend on how important Shi Xiaobai was in her heart.

Bro, it’s time to reveal the fruits of your flirting.

Liu Yu quickly said, “According to This Penniless Priest’s observations, when you helped suppress Field Marshal Awesomo, you likely used the soon-to-be lost art of ‘Magic’. First, This Penniless Priest has a few questions he needs to ask. Please answer truthfully.”

Magic was an art that was about to be lost in the present day and age.

Thousands of years ago, the human world’s combat system was filled with all sorts of techniques. Magic, Arcana, Ninjitsu, Dao Arts, Buddhist Dharma, Cybernetics, ESP… It could be said that humans had all sorts of combat systems, and each of them was different.

But ever since Psionic Power was discovered and researched, the other combat systems like Magic and Arcana quickly revealed their flaws, once the initial Psionic Power system was established. As for Psionic Power, it nearly perfected all the flaws of the other combat systems, and was approaching perfection. Its low barrier of entry gave it its biggest advantage. Therefore, the Psionic Power system gradually became mainstream.

When an extremely rewarding cultivation system like ‘Cogitation’ appeared in the world, it announced the decline of all other non-Psionic Power combat systems!

Magic was one of the combat systems that had waned. Although magic could do many things that the Psionic Power system could not do, the flaws magic had were huge. Using magic was extremely draining on one’s mental energies and most importantly, magic required an incantation to trigger it. The more powerful the spell, the longer the incantation.

In a high-level battle, Psionites could use movement techniques to close the distance, but magic needed a long period of time to produce a high-level spell that would possess any threat.

The Psionic Power system was not omnipotent, but it restrained the other systems. Furthermore, it did not have any clear nemesis that could threaten its spot; therefore, it became the only mainstream system in this day and age.

However, even though it had waned, there were ‘stubborn’ groups of other combat systems that passed down their heritage. Liu Yu’s Daoist temple was one of the inheritors of the Dao Arts, but Daoists these days would not only focus on Dao Arts. Psionic abilities were still mandatory.

When Liu Yu noticed that Mu Lengxi was using the nearly lost art of magic, he was rather shocked. That was because in an eastern country like China, the handing down the teachings of magic was more difficult than Dao Arts. Most mages were only dabblers.

But he immediately recalled that Mu Lengxi was the top scholar of Beijing. She was a super rookie among super rookies and was officially forecast to be second. She was one rank higher than Sunless, so he could only come to a conclusion that Mu Lengxi must be a genius among genius mages.

It was definitely an arduous undertaking for magic which was restrained by Psionic Ability in an age where Psionites were everywhere.

In his flash of brilliance, Liu Yu had thought of a solution. He needed the help of Mu Lengxi’s magic, but it was actually not simple because the premise required Mu Lengxi to possess extremely high attainments in magic.

However, he could only choose to believe in her. he had to believe that the beautiful girl had what it took to be labeled as the ‘king of super rookies’.

Towards Liu Yu’s request, Mu Lengxi naturally nodded her head in agreement.

Liu Yu immediately asked, “Do you know Spatial Magic?”

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