AC Chapter 458-2

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Chapter 458 (2/5)

Liu Yu’s gaze quivered gently as he noticed that the shoe on Feng Yuanlin’s right foot was already gone. It was dozens of meters away.

Feng Yuanlin was near him, but the distance wasn’t that much closer. However, he had rushed over with all his might. Even though he had dropped his shoe in his moment of haste, he did not stop for even a second.

“What an…exaggerated shield.”

Liu Yu dragged his injured body forward as he was having mixed emotions. He still had a bit of lingering fear and also feeling somewhat lucky, but mostly, he was feeling touched and grateful.

Feng Yuanlin grinned and said, “This isn’t like those crappy shields from before. No, it should be said that I’m no longer the Feng Yuanlin of the past. For the past ten days in the Infernal Armory, I…”

“Got it.”

Liu Yu patted Feng Yuanlin on the shoulder and cut short his bragging that would have no end the moment he began. He said softly, “Thank you.”

Feng Yuanlin scratched his head and simpered. This was probably the first time he was thanked by Liu Yu ever since he got to know him.

Liu Yu gave Feng Yuanlin another grateful look and hobbled out of the side of the shield. At that moment, Field Marshal Awesomo’s wounds were basically healed. If not for his body still being covered in blood, who would believe that just ten seconds ago, the burly minotaur was filled with wounds, a pierced chest and a shattered heart?

Feng Yuanlin kept his shield and when he saw the situation, he wailed, “Holy shit, a full recovery and revival!?”

At that moment, Sunless, Pulp Farmer, Mu Yuesheng, and Mu Lengxi were standing on four opposite sides around Field Marshal Awesomo. Although they were rather far from him, they were in a formation that surrounded him. All four of them looked alert and wary. None of them acted rashly and even Sunless became more subdued.

Why was Field Marshal Awesomo able to revive and make a full recovery in ten seconds?

What were they supposed to do when facing such an unreasonable opponent?

The four were alarmed and puzzled, but at the same time, they cast their eyes at Liu Yu, who had walked out from behind Feng Yuanlin.

The youth in a Dao outfit had made two correct judgements consecutively. He seemed to know something.

Liu Yu did not plan on hiding the truth to which he inferred. With a sigh, he said, “It probably…isn’t only a full recovery and revival.”

Feng Yuanlin said in appallment, “What does that mean?”

Liu Yu said with a heavy expression, “If This Penniless Priest didn’t guess wrong, not only will he fully recover, every revival would also enhance his strength!”

With that said, everyone had a drastic change in expression as they revealed looks of disbelief.

Not only could he have a full recovery and revival, he would become stronger after revival?

What sort of perverse ability was that?

How could there exist such a perverse ability?

However, Field Marshal Awesomo did not seem like he planned to deny it. He stretched his body as though he was getting used to the newfound strength he had obtained.

He looked at Liu Yu and said with a chuckle, “Interesting, can you tell This Field Marshal how you guessed that? Did This Field Marshal expose a flaw?”

Liu Yu said with a sneer, “That’s because you are too weak and it was too deliberate!”

Field Marshal Awesomo pricked his eyebrows and said, “What does that mean?”

Everyone gave Liu Yu puzzled looks.

Liu Yu hesitated for a moment before saying solemnly, “Your strength is not at the level of a Level Lord, but the ‘plot’ you fabricated makes you match the requirements of a Level Lord. This Penniless Priest was stumped initially by the question of ‘are you the Level Lord or not’, so nothing could be figured out. But thankfully, This Penniless Priest recalled of a method used by a boy that likes to address himself as This King—Supposition!”

“This Penniless Priest assumed that if you were the Level Lord, and believed that this assumption was true, This Penniless Priest continued pondering from that starting point.”

“Since you are the Level Lord, why are you so weak?”

“Since you are so weak, why did you make such a bold statement at the beginning, to the point of claiming to have killed Shi Xiaobai to attract aggro?”

“Since you have already attracted aggro, why did you deliberately emphasize that again at the end? It was like you were afraid that Sunless would not be ruthless enough to kill you.”

“This Penniless Priest thought of many answers, but there was no way for This Penniless Priest to convince himself. Only when Sunless was about to pierce through your heart did your expression enlighten This Penniless Priest. That expression was not hysterical madness, fearless mockery, or release from giving up a struggle. Instead, it was complacency, a complacency of your scheme having succeeded!”

“Thus, when This Penniless Priest realized that, the act of being killed was the goal of this series of machinations! The reason why you were so weak but you still continuously attracted aggro was deliberate, because you were trying to be killed! And through reverse thinking, the reason why you wanted to be killed is because you are too weak!”

“Therefore, This Penniless Priest came to a conclusion. Even if your heart is pierced, you would not die and instead become stronger! However, what caught This Penniless Priest by surprise is that your recovery ability is too terrifying!”

“If This Penniless Priest did not guess wrong, the reason why you do not possess the strength required of a Level Lord is because of a limitation. ‘Fatal damage’ might be the condition for lifting that limitation.”

Everyone was somewhat dumbfounded by Liu Yu’s series of explanations, but they could tell the rationale behind it. However, all of this was established on the assumption that Field Marshal Awesomo was the Level Lord. It was unknown if Liu Yu should be said to have amazing insights or if he had been led astray by a particular boy to be able to come up with such an astonishing conclusion based on an assumption.

Field Marshal Awesomo was clearly given a fright. He was stunned as his expression turned capricious.

“To be able to do deduce so much with that bit of information…”

Field Marshal Awesomo’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he pretended to remain calm. He said with a sneer, “You are half right. It doesn’t matter even if the truth is told to you. All of this is actually a tiny game designed by that Excellency. In order to make all of you struggle a little, that Excellency had greatly reduced This Field Marshal’s strength. If not, This Field Marshal would smack all of you to death with a single strike.”

“That Excellency?”

Liu Yu muttered, “To make a Level Lord address the existence as ‘that Excellency’ and also be able to freely restrict a Level Lord’s strength can only be the assessment program. But the assessment program is a program after all. How can it have such a strong level of self-awareness?”

Field Marshal Awesomo gave a disdainful smile, but he did not answer Liu Yu’s question. Instead, he said with a sneer, “The real game has only just begun.”

Liu Yu said with a sneer, “Your scheme has been exposed. The game is over! Although your strength has been enhanced after being ‘killed’ once, but from the strike that you produced just now, you are still far from the strength of a Level Lord. Unfortunately, if the trial-takers here combine forces and attack with all their might, they can even match a real Level Lord in battle. We might not be able to kill you, but we can definitely subdue you!”

Although it was somewhat exaggerated, after seeing Sunless’ strength in her ‘crazy’ mode, Liu Yu believed that once Speechless recovered from his injuries, the combined forces of the seven trial-takers present could battle a Level Lord in his optimum state.


Field Marshal Awesomo seemed to think of something as he suddenly guffawed. His maniacal laughter eventually turned into a sneer.

“You are really smart. Indeed, if none of you kill me, This Field Marshal would be in trouble, but unfortunately, all of you have to kill This Field Marshal, because there is no choice but to kill!”

Liu Yu said with a sneer, “No choice but to kill?”

Field Marshal Awesomo nodded and with squinted eyes, he said, “Aren’t all of you eager to know where that boy is? This Field Marshall shall now tell you where he is!”

When Sunless heard that, she immediately lifted her head and took a step forward. A moment ago, she was like a mild and beautiful azure lotus but at that moment, she was like an unsheathed sword.

Liu Yu was appalled but he thought of something shortly after. He said warily, “What are you plotting now?”

Field Marshal Awesomo sneered and said, “Just as you believed, This Field Marshal did not kill that boy. It’s of course that all part of that Excellency’s game. In fact, that boy and the person you call the Hero King are being trapped in an array world. But unfortunately, that is no ordinary array. It is a God Slaughtering Formation that even gods will have trouble escaping from!”

“This Field Marshal has no idea if they are still alive or not, but it is for certain that they will definitely die. They will die out of exhaustion sooner or later!”

“So, all you can do is pray that the boy is still alive and think of ways to kill This Field Marshal.”

“That’s because only by killing This Field Marshal will the God Slaughtering Formation be nullified! And it’s best you do it as fast as possible because every second now, might be that boy’s last second!”

Field Marshal Awesomo laughed maniacally as he said, “Do you understand? The game has only just begun!”

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