AC Chapter 458-1

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Chapter 458 (1/5)

Seventh level of the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, basin for the life-and-death battle

“Stop, don’t kill him!”

Just as Sunless thrust her sword forward, Liu Yu’s anxious roar sounded. It was timely because her sword being only a centimeter away from piercing through Field Marshal Awesomo’s heart.

Sunless subconsciously made a judgement. Although she believed that Shi Xiaobai was still alive and wished to wait for Shi Xiaobai to return safely, she was still flustered by her concern. Therefore, she would not give up any chance even if there was a minute possibility of helping Shi Xiaobai. Hence, she was already hesitant about killing Field Marshal Awesomo. Liu Yu’s shout for her to halt made her temporarily stop contemplating over her indecision.

With her precise control, Sunless managed to stop her sword just as it was about to pierce through Field Marshal Awesomo’s large heart!

However, what she did not expect happened simultaneously. When she stopped her sword, Field Marshal Awesomo suddenly took a step forward to crash into the sword.

Sunless failed to retreat in time as her sword pierced through Field Marshal Awesomo’s heart and out through his back!

Field Marshal Awesomo actually chose to commit suicide!?

The spectators watched in gaped surprise.. The rookies were left stupefied as Sunless stood in her spot.

“Sunless, quickly make way!”

Liu Yu shouted once again. He had already guessed the truth, so he was not as surprised as the rest. However, his expression was the heaviest. That was because if he had guessed correctly, the battle would be much tougher than they originally imagined!

When Sunless heard that, she immediately pulled her sword out and retreated back a hundred meters. For Field Marshal Awesomo to take the initiative to slam towards her proved that Liu Yu’s judgement of ‘not killing him’ was right. Therefore, Sunless chose to continue believing Liu Yu.

At the moment Sunless retreated, Liu Yu suddenly took out a huge stack of paper talismans from his Daoist outfit and threw them into the sky. He recited quickly, “Vileness Begone From the Heaven and Earth, Mysteries and Gods Encaved in Unfathomable Profoundness, Imbue Me with World Power of the Highest Order, Announcing to the Nine Heavens, Inviting the Purifying Generals and Ambassadors, The Slaying of Demons, A Sending for Myriad Souls…”

Liu Yu’s reciting speed was ridiculously fast. Despite it being a long incantation, it took him a few seconds to finish reciting it. When he finished saying the last word, he suddenly flicked his whisk towards the sky.

“Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth!”

The hundred paper talismans that were floating in the sky suddenly combusted. The flames produced a holy white light as the paper talismans were instantly burnt to ash. It turned into plumes of white smoke that merged into the sky.

A visible vanilla white beam of light suddenly scattered from the void and landed on Field Marshal Awesomo’s corpse that had already fallen to the ground!

“The Sending of Spirits. Pulverize, demon!”

At that moment, everyone realized for the first time that the youth in a Daoist outfit was a young Daoist who had inherited the orthodox learnings of Daoism!

The ‘Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth’ was the sixth incantation of the eight Daoist incantations. At a young age, Liu Yu was considered a true Daoist genius by being able to grasp it. However, due to his young age, he could only produce a tiny bit of the ‘Incantation for Pacifying the Heaven and the Earth”s power.

The true ‘Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth’ could genuinely purify the heaven and earth, but with Liu Yu’s present strength, all he could do was produce a purifying beam of holy light.

But even so, the effects when the holy light fell on Field Marshal Awesomo’s corpse were extremely evident. While Field Marshal Awesomo’s body was immersed in the white light, the body began to slowly melt like a piece of ice.

When Liu Yu saw that, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Be careful!”

A loud shout suddenly sounded. It was the voice of Speechless, who was recuperating from a distance.

The alert could be said to be extremely timely because Field Marshal Awesomo, who was melting away from the holy light suddenly stood up!

Field Marshal Awesomo was not dead!

At the instant he stood back up, his wounds were rapidly healing at an exaggerated speed. The heart that had been pierced was instantly restored to its original state. The hole that was left from the stab through his chest had also vanished!


Field Marshal Awesomo roared with his head up. The purifying light that was illuminating his body immediately dispersed. Field Marshal Awesomo suddenly brandished his battle axe and his strength seemed to increase to whole new level. His battle axe cleaved a wave that seemed like it could tear mountains apart straight at Liu Yu in the distance.


Liu Yu spat out a mouthful of blood. The ‘Incantation for Purifying the Heaven and the Earth’ had been forcefully dispelled, and the power immediately caused a backlash on him. That instant left him extremely weak to the point of it being fatal. It caused his body to basically be immobile. He could not dodge the battle axe’s wave, while Sunless and company were rather far away from him. They probably could not save him in time.

That strike was a well-timed sneak attack!

“Damn it. He should not have been underestimated!”

Liu Yu revealed a wry smile as he quickly racked his brains in an attempt to find a chance of survival in the desperate situation.

But he could not help but have a figure that he was worried about surface in his mind.

In the Daoist temple, there was his master, strict senior brothers, the playful junior brothers as well as…

The scenes in his mind came to a standstill. An adorable girl who was wearing a Daoist outfit was smiling with her babyfat cheeks as she ran around chasing butterflies in a bed of flowers.

“Senior Brother Liu, Master said that Daoists can’t get married. Is that true?”

“Junior Sister, you probably haven’t seen the Matron?”

“Ah? Matron?”

“Matron is the Master’s wife, although your Senior Brother, I, have only met her once.”

“What, Master is a big fat liar!”

“No, no, no, it’s because Junior Sister is gullible! Daoists aren’t monks, so they obviously can marry. Furthermore, in this day and age, there are even monks who have harems. You should have that bit of general knowledge, shouldn’t you?”

“Oh, so that’s the case! That’s great! Daoists can get married…”

“Eh? That’s great? Does…Junior Sister want to marry someone?”

“Ah? Not at all!”

“Haha, your face is so red that it’s like an apple!”

“Hmph! Senior Brother Liu is a baddy. You bully!”

Junior Sister!

Liu Yu widened his eyes suddenly!

How could he die here?

He could not die here!

The only thing left for him to do was…the exit command.

But if he were to use the exit command at that moment in time, the tiny bit of information he had barely analyzed would not amount to anything. He could only rely on the rest of the rookies to save Shi Xiaobai.

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!

But he was out of choices.


Liu Yu bit his lower lip as his heart was filled with shame and disgruntlement.

But at that moment, a figure suddenly rushed in front of him. Liu Yu hurriedly shut his mouth!

Feng Yuanlin!

At the most critical juncture, it was unknown when Feng Yuanlin, who was near him, rushed in front of him!

He saw Feng Yuanlin raise his arms. With a deep bellow, a gigantic shield about five meters in size appeared out of thin air in his hands!


The wave cleaved from the battle axe left a fresh scar on the ground as it slammed straight at the gigantic shield. Feng Yuanlin clenched his teeth and shook a bit. He had managed to take the strike head on!

The gigantic shield did not shatter. But from the front, there were a few shallow marks on it. The strength of defense was obviously good.

“Phew, thankfully I was nearby.”

Feng Yuanlin sighed with a lingering fear.

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