AC Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Kali

That petite figure came out from the light, not in a metaphorical way, but literally walking out of the light. It was as if the brilliant light was an invisible door. She had stepped through from the other end, and immediately entered this room.

The bright but not dazzling light illuminated the entire room, as the five people who were accustomed to the darkness squinted their eyes. Their facial expressions looked nervous when their eyes landed on the figure, minds deeply reflecting over the monologue.

When the petite figured walked out the of the light, she did not land on the ground. Her feet were a few centimeters off the ground, floating quietly midair.

A black, gothic-style full length skirt wrapped around her petite figure, while her skin looked so delicate as though it would be torn apart by a cold wind. Dark purple hair reached down her waist, as a red headband was tied into a butterfly knot. From far, they looked like a pair of standing cat ears. An ahoge stuck out her hair, adding a hint of moe to her1.

The petite figure looked like she was a 12 to 13 year-old girl. Her facial features were delicate like a pixie’s, and for some reason, she wore a white eyepatch over her left eye. Only her blue right eye could be seen, but it looked as a clear as a crystal. The eye was calm, but it seemed to contain the mountains and rivers, as though a sea of stars filled it. It added a sacred flair to her beautiful looks2.

“Her Excellency, Kali!”

The first person to react was Chaos. Following that, the other three people at each corner politely greeted her. Finally, the white-haired elder also lowered his head slightly, greeting the girl “Her Excellency, Kali”.

Kali frowned slightly and coldly harrumphed, “If the chatter of elves is the sweet, ringing chimes of Heaven, then your ravings are the most ear-piercing noise. I could not force my noble ears to carry on listening to your silly argument, so I came out to say a few words, and also let the Light dispel the nauseating atmosphere in this room.”

The five people’s expressions changed. Chaos’ squinting eyes were wavering constantly, as if thinking of an explanation for the disrespectful words they had just said. Although they secretly complained over the three powerhouses’ conduct, they had to still dutifully show their respect. If the three powerhouses were to depart [Gaia], then [Gaia], which was already heading downhill, might be devoured by other organizations.

These three people did not give any glory to [Gaia], but were important pillars of support for [Gaia] to continue surviving. Gaia was expendable, the four Division Ministers were expendable, but not a single one of the three powerhouses could leave!

“Esteemed Her Excellency, Kali…” Chaos, who was the best smooth talking and was often appointed to negotiate with other organizations, quickly thought of an excuse.


Kali immediately prevented Chaos from proceeding with her sophistry, as she said coldly, “I came from the Darkness, not to hear you speak. Quietly listen to me is what you need to do the most.”

The five people’s expression changed slightly as they lowered their heads. They tried their best to maintain a respectful expression, but they also carefully hid the anger in their eyes.

“You don’t have to be worried that I will be angered by certain words you said, because what you said was true. This organization is expendable in my opinion, and its nonexistence would be even better. If not for the ice coffin that I slept for a millennium was buried under this Steel City, and have some nostalgia for this piece of land, I would have long left for a brighter world.”

Kali sighed slightly and said, “However, since that person was willing to exchange three sacred level items to exchange for my promise a decade ago, I will force myself to be considered a member of [Gaia] before I leave. I do not know nor do I need to know what sort of person Shi Xiaobai is. However, I will put an end to your disputed topic.”

Upon hearing this, the four Division Ministers could not help but look up at the beautiful girl. Although Kali’s interference with their competition to be Shi Xiaobai’s mentor made them indignant, if they could end the dispute because of her, it was still a good thing. Every one of them could not help but wish that Kali would designate themselves to be Shi Xiaobai’s mentor.

Kali turned around to look at the bulky Annihilation, and said, “What is righteousness? If killing one person to save a hundred is righteousness, is killing one loved one to save a hundred strangers righteousness? Everyone’s belief in righteousness is eventually different. There is no need for your guidance, time is the best teacher.”

Annihilation looked slightly surprised as he fell into deep thought.

Kali turned to look at the thin Chaos and said, “If you insist that machinations and viciousness is the key to living, then you can try. Let’s see if you can survive for three seconds in front of me, do you understand? Absolute strength is the most important thing required for survival.”

Chaos’ heart missed a beat as he felt a coldness rise up his heart. He did not dare retort.

Kali turned to the charming Creation and said, “I have not experienced matters of the heart, so I can’t make an evaluation. However, I don’t like the smell from your body. It reminds me of a demonic dragon I saw thousands of years ago. It’s filled with that salacious smell, and it’s nauseating.”

Creation’s face flushed as she cursed in her heart. Is being a virgin something to show off for? However, she immediately realized the importance of the matter. Annihilation and Chaos had also already sensed it as all three of them looked up at Order, who was as fat as a pig.

Since the three of them had been dismissed, wouldn’t the position of Shi Xiaobai’s mentor fall upon Order?

“I don’t think Order is suitable to be Shi Xiaobai’s mentor, because…” The unsettled Creation immediately wanted to speak out against it.


Kali suddenly gave a light “yes”, interrupting Creation’s words. At the same time, a pale icy aura suddenly appeared, sweeping straight for Creation. With a scream, Creation struggled for a second before becoming an ice sculpture.

“Yes, I heard your words. Just wait inside that column of ice,” Kali spoke softly before turning to the pig-like Order.

Order appeared extremely tensed. He kept rubbing his thighs with his fat hands, as though he wanted to speak but did not dare to. It looked funny.

Kali knit her eyebrows slightly and said, “Between a human and a swine, I believe that child named Shi Xiaobai would prefer to be the former. I am very disappointed. All four of you are not suitable as role models. That’s because what all of you should do is to find a good mentor to learn from.”

The four people were rendered speechless. With the four candidates rejected, who was to become Shi Xiaobai’s mentor? So in the end, you were here just to cause trouble!?

Instead, the eyes of the elder, who had been silent, lit up. The opportunity he had been waiting finally came. As long as he thickened his face to recommend himself at this moment, he could obtain the position of mentor.

The elder coughed, about to speak.

“I’ll do it,” Kali suddenly said softly.

The elder simply stared while the other four were stunned silent. They had ignored a possibility. As Kali always showed disdain for mixing with humans, and preferred sleeping in the darkest depths, it was impossible she would be willing to be Shi Xiaobai’s mentor even if they were willing to give her three sacred items. From what they knew, Kali was the person who was least likely to vie the position of Shi Xiaobai’s mentor from them. As such, when they considered the three powerhouses, they immediately excluded her.

But at this moment, what were the words she said?

“I will become his mentor, but I will not teach him anything. Of course, as a mentor in name, I will protect him, but give him the freedom to grow.”

Kali said softly, “This matter is decided. I’ll be going to meet Shi Xiaobai now. I hope his darkness and light will not make me cringe.”

The moment she finished speaking, countless rays of light gathered in front of her, turning into a rift of light. She ignored everyone else and took a step forward, walking into the light. Immediately, she disappeared from the room. The light also disappeared along with her, as darkness fell back upon the room.

The shadows enshrouded the four people at each corner. The sound of three people wheezing in short bursts could be heard, they were filled with anger. With the sound of ice shattering, a woman screamed with a voice full of hate, while the elder in the middle sighed deeply.

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  1. Ahoge and moe are Japanese vernacular that has entered the Chinese vocabulary.
  2. Kali is modeled after Takanashi Rikka, but again, other than her appearance, her personality and backstory are different.


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