AC Chapter 432-3

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Chapter 432 (3/5)

“Hey, Shi Xiaobai, are you going to hit on my sister in front of me?”

Speechless only felt vexed over his serious injuries, else he would have pulled out a sword to fight it out with Shi Xiaobai.

Why don’t you marry her if you want to hit on her!?

That’s not right. Even if he wanted to marry her, the way he hit on her was against the bro code!

At that moment, Sunless, Pulp Farmer and the rest finally arrived. They immediately saw the strange scene of Shi Xiaobai embracing the severely injured Speechless with one hand, while wiping the tears of the silver-haired girl with the other.

The Pulp Farmer trio looked at each other and secretly gave Shi Xiaobai a big thumbs up.

Mu Yuesheng gaped and took a worried glance at Sunless.

Sunless, who remained expressionless as per usual, was looking at Shi Xiaobai. Her eyes looked calm and she looked composed.

The silver-haired girl was finally jolted awake as her cheeks flushed red. She hurriedly took a step back and used her hands to wipe the remnant streaks of tears. She lowered her head in embarrassment before looking up to give Speechless an angry stare. After that, she gave a fleeting glance at Shi Xiaobai before lowering her head and stared at her shoes.

When Speechless saw this, he could not help but laugh out loud. However, it caused his wounds to hurt which resulted in him gnashing his teeth with a yelp.

When the rest saw how Speechless remained energetic despite his serious injuries, they immediately felt relieved. Liu Yu volunteered himself to help Speechless bandage him up.

Everyone seemed to forget an important matter.

Only when the blond youth in the distance suddenly raised the invisible sword that didn’t exist!

“Be careful!”

Shi Xiaobai exclaimed as everyone reacted in surprise. They quickly entered a battle ready pose.

According to the rules of the life-and-death battle between the three kings, Speechless was still alive, and Shi Xiaobai had yet to fight. The battle was far from over.

And it appeared as though the blond youth had lost his patience.

The group had serious expressions on their faces, but they spontaneously took a step forward.

The blond youth in front of them was an imitation of the Hero King. He had cracked the seemingly perfect Mirror Replication and had used a single strike to crush Speechless. His immense power far exceeded their imaginations.

It could be imagined that even if they had charged up together, there was a very high chance of them failing to be the blond youth’s match. But at that very moment, as trial-takers from the same human world, none of them chose to retreat.

The group made preparations to engage in a battle that needed their all. At that moment, the blond youth suddenly slashed the sword he had lifted up!

However, the direction in which the blond youth was slashing at was not in their direction!

A blazing fiery sword beam slashed at the gargantuan who was sitting in the distance!

The gargantuan gave a disdainful smile of mockery. Waving his gigantic right hand, he smacked at the fiery sword beam that struck him!


The burning fiery sword was swept by the gargantuan and was immediately extinguished like a punctured ball. Under the billowing dark smoke, not a single mark was left on his tough flesh.

The gargantuan suddenly had a drastic change in expression as he roared.

“Celestial Fire!?”

The fiery sword beam that the blond youth slashed out was no ordinary sword beam, nor was it any ordinary flame. The gargantuan noticed the familiar aura in the flames from a brief encounter with it.

The Transcendence Holy Tree that was burned down exuded a similar aura.

That was the aura of Celestial Fire!

From what the gargantuan knew, only the ruling Celestial King, who had inherited the power of the Celestial King, was able to use the power of Celestial Fire. That was the reason why he adamantly believed that the Transcendence Holy Tree was destroyed by the Celestial King. He did not heed any of the suspicious clues that led to the battle.

But at that moment, the blond youth had nonchalantly slashed at him with Celestial Fire. The gargantuan’s firm belief and knowledge immediately collapsed like a skyscraper.

“Do you get it? The person who burned down the Transcendence Holy Tree was me.”

The blond youth said without any expression.

That was the reason for him slashing out that strike.

It was a miscalculation on his part for not being able to kill Speechless with the power of Sword Soul because he never expected Speechless’ heart to be on the right side.

However, he was in no hurry to follow up his momentary victory with a hot pursuit and kick Speechless while he was down.

That was because in his eyes, Speechless was already a dead man. As for the black-haired youth that was caring for Speechless by his side was also going to die soon. He did not mind waiting a little longer.

Therefore, he turned his gaze to the gargantuan that was watching by the side.

The new Transcendent King was also a target he wanted to kill. However, the new king did not seem to believe that he was the mastermind behind the burning of the Transcendence Holy Tree.

Therefore, he slashed out that strike. That strike that could be mistaken as Celestial Fire was the one that burned down the Transcendence Holy Tree. Hence, he was not worried that the new Transcendent King would remain stupid and ignorant.

That strike was the best evidence.

“So it was you!”

The gargantuan roared in anger and immediately stood up. It caused the ground to quake incessantly.

The blond youth said in a deadpan manner, “Angry? Then kill me. Here’s a suggestion. Join forces with the Infernal King over there, or this battle will end in a very boring manner.”

The arrogant words were said in an emotionless and calm tone. It was as though he was depicting an objective fact. It was even more vexing than arrogance.

When the gargantuan heard him, he was immediately incensed to the limit!

“What arrogance and shamelessness, This King will definitely squash you into a pancake!”

The gargantuan roared before turning his head to shout at Shi Xiaobai, “He’s mine. You are not to do anything!”

It was clearly beneath the gargantuan’s dignity to join forces with Shi Xiaobai. Even though his reason told him that it was the best choice, but anger and pride demanded that he kill and smash the shameless enemy alone.

The gargantuan’s words were similar to what Speechless had said. It made Shi Xiaobai laugh helplessly. He naturally would not join forces with the gargantuan. If he wanted to fight the blond youth, it had to be a one-on-one battle.

Of course, he did not mind waiting a little longer as taking care of the severely injured Speechless was of utmost importance.

The gargantuan’s eyes shimmered when he noticed that Shi Xiaobai did not mind.

In fact, instinctively, he wished that the Infernal King could join forces with him. That was because the power of the Sword Soul that the blond youth had previously used had caused him to feel his life being threatened despite the distance as well.

That was a power that could very likely kill him.

However, the hatred that was a result of losing the Transcendence Holy Tree, the dignity of a king and his unbridled ambition immediately made him abandon the laughable thought.

“If this battle cannot be won, how would I prove that the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world?”

The gargantuan’s eyes turned firm once again.

“Ever since I was born, I was in the fourth Transcendent form. Just paying a tiny price would allow me to enter the fifth form. If I was driven to a corner, I could enter the mindless devil-like state of the sixth form. Even that strike from before would be easily withstood. So what do I have to fear!?”

With that thought in mind, the gargantuan took a step towards the blond youth.

The might of a single step shook the heaven and earth.

The blond youth readied himself by raising his sword and said, “Are you ready to die?”

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