AC Chapter 432-2

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Chapter 432 (2/5)

“Who knew that you cared so much about me?”

Due to the large amounts of blood lost, Speechless was pale, but he was not particularly weak. His fine physique allowed him to not miss out on a chance for a joke even while in pain.

Speechless said with a laugh, “The look in your eyes touched me greatly. If I were a girl, I might marry you for life.”

Shi Xiaobai rolled his eyes and ignored the black humor. When he carefully observed Speechless’ wound, he realized that Speechless’ left hand was emitting a white light that was even stronger than the power of light of Holy Radiance. It looked like he only bled a lot but there was no threat to his life. Shi Xiaobai gradually calmed down.

“You should have died under This King’s sword. This King was only feeling regret over that matter.” Shi Xiaobai finally gave a forced explanation for his gaffe.

Speechless chuckled as a little ruddiness returned to his pale face.

“Thank you,” whispered Speechless. “Sorry.”

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat puzzled over Speechless’ act of saying two words with completely different meanings.

Speechless slowly handed the black-and-white sword to Shi Xiaobai. He had clenched it tightly and had never relaxed his grasp on it.

“Thank you for your sword. Sorry for losing.”

He had originally planned on using a victory that was achieved with ease and verve as repayment for the sword, but he had been defeated so terribly with Shi Xiaobai’s sword. He was sorry for that.

Speechless returned the sword.

As he no longer had any strength left to do battle, other than saying thank you and sorry, all he could do was still thank and apologize.

“They are very happy.”

Shi Xiaobai reached out his hand to retrieve the sword. He said gently, “This King can hear their voices. They say that to be used by an impressive swordsman and do battle with another impressive swordsman is still something delightful despite the loss.”

They were naturally referring to the black and white swords.

Speechless was slightly taken aback as he said with a laugh, “What a nice consolation. You are indeed a bastard that is good at sweet talking. No wonder Sunless and my sisters are smitten by you.”


A clear cough immediately sounded when Speechless said those words. Immediately, a clear and gentle voice was heard.

“Sorry for disturbing you lovebirds, but I can’t stand hearing what you just said. Shi Xiaobai and I are only ordinary friends. It is a pure platonic friendship, so you are not to speak nonsense. If Sister Sunless hears it, it would be terrible!”

The two turned their heads towards the voice and realized that Mu Yuesheng had somehow come behind them. The corners of her mouth were slanted as though she was grumbling over Speechless’ nonsense. When her brown eyes landed on Speechless’ wound, she gave a worried look.

Other than Mu Yuesheng, the silver-haired girl, Sunless, Pulp Farmer and company had descended from the top of the basin. They were rushing here, but Mu Yuesheng had used Lightning Flashstep, allowing her to arrive there first.

Speechless was seriously injured, so they naturally could not stand idly outside the arena.

When Speechless saw Mu Yuesheng’s worried look, he said with a laugh, “Don’t worry. It won’t kill.”

Mu Yuesheng gaped and did not say what she wanted to say. Eventually, she gave a helpless sigh.

Speechless’ choice was very foolish, but it was not wrong.

Blaming and grumbling words could best express her nervousness and concern, but those were not the best words to be said at the moment.

“Promise me. There won’t be a next time.”

Mu Yuesheng said gently after falling silent for a moment.

Speechless grinned and said, “Such a horrible defeat obviously is the last.”

Mu Yuesheng stared at him. The next time she was referring to was not do actions that could cost his life, but Speechless had given an irrelevant answer.

Before Mu Yuesheng said another word, a figure suddenly appeared beside her. As she gave an instinctive glance at it, a black shadow came smashing from top to bottom.


Without being able to stop it, Mu Yuesheng watched in horror as a thick book slammed heavily onto Speechless’ head.


Speechless cried out in an exaggerated manner. He reached out his hand to cover his head as he yelled, “Damn it girl. Do you really want to murder your brother?”

The silver-haired girl was standing beside Mu Yuesheng. She was holding a book with both hands. Her eyes were slightly red and as she bit her lower lip, she stared angrily at Speechless.

When she saw Speechless’ left chest penetrated from a distance, she was horrified of the possibility that she would be losing a loved one. It nearly gave her a mental breakdown. She struggled to rush forward but when she was running midway, she realized that Speechless had not died. However, she did not know how bad his injuries were or if his life was in danger. As she could not tell if it was momentary recovery before death, her worried heart felt like it was in her throat.

Only when she approached did she realize that Speechless appeared to be in good shape. He was still making stupid jokes as per normal.

Her heart which suddenly felt eased immediately produced complex emotions as her chest could not rest easy.

The silver-haired girl was very, very, very angry!

She wanted to angrily yell at Speechless, “Why did you not cherish your life!? Do you know how worried I was!?”

However, she could not open her mouth or speak. The emotions that had rushed to her throat seemed like a surge that was attempting to break through a valve. She wanted to yell while disregarding everything, but her reason clenched her throat tightly.


Why did she need to bury the voice in her heart in the deepest recesses of her soul?

Hot tears rolled down her eyes at that moment. They streamed down incessantly over her ice-cold face. She did not want to cry, but the aggrieved feelings she had, had completely destroyed her tear ducts.

Speechless sighed helplessly. He did not know how complicated the silver-haired girl’s emotions were. He only thought that she was crying because she was worried. He was momentarily unsure how he could console her.

Ever since their parents divorced, they had never met each other for several years. This sister who had endless things to say to him seemed to have many things he did not know about, as well as secrets she did not want him to know of.

However, Shi Xiaobai happened to know the secret that the silver-haired girl had, which she did not want Speechless to know. That biting of her lower lip, the streaming tears and the aggrieved crying, coupled with the appearance of having to force herself not to make a sound pricked at Shi Xiaobai’s heart.

This girl that was like an easily shattered crystal always made his heart ache for her.

Shi Xiaobai immediately turned his body sideways. Adjusting his body, he reached out his empty right hand and held the fair and exquisite cheek. Lightly and slowly, he gently wiped her tears.

The silver-haired girl turned her head sidewards and looked into Shi Xiaobai’s pained eyes. An indescribable feeling emerged from her heart. It was sour and warm, but it made her feel even more aggrieved. However, the grievance was different from the painful aggrieved feeling from before.

The silver-haired girl was momentarily stunned.

Speechless was immediately rendered speechless. The plot wasn’t right as he sensed the evil intentions of the author.

“Hey, Shi Xiaobai, are you going to hit on my sister in front of me?”

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