AC Chapter 432-1

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Chapter 432 (1/5)

Boiling hot blood spewed out of the hole in the left chest. It seemed like water that gushed out of the eye of a fountain. However, the eye of the fountain was about the size of a fist. It was crimson and emanated a sticky, bloody stench that was stifling. Furthermore, what gushed out of the ‘eye of the fountain’ was not water, nor was it blood, but life that was constantly depleting away—if that object still had any life to it.

Shi Xiaobai finally managed to see color in the white world. The blurry black and red gradually turned clear. Of course, it was not considered a gorgeous display of color, but it was not a dull single tone color. However, it purely but complicatedly mixed two commonly seen colors together before painting a picture with color.

However, the picture painted was not of a scenery, but life—a life that was about to wither.

Looking from a different angle at the mixed blackness and redness, while struggling to curb the disgust and grossness, despite his eyes were prickling in pain and feeling sour, he could see fractured bone mixed in the mangled flesh and blood.

But that was only it.

The most important thing, the thing that he wanted to see the most was gone.

What should be beating in the left chest, producing thumping sounds to let the quiet picture have throbbing life was gone.

Could a person still be alive without a heart?

Could a person be revived without a heart?

Finally, his concentrated eyes managed to discern everything clearly. Shi Xiaobai’s eyes once again seemed to turn disheartened. In his blank mind, the answer that was destined to be given to the two questions flashed.

Then, it was a confirmation of a cruel reality.

Speechless was dead.

Just as he expected, Speechless failed to survive that single strike.

If he had used the exit command, he might have been defeated, he might have escaped or even appear cowardly, but he could at least survive.

Speechless did not make such a choice. Instead, he had directly received the blond youth’s sword strike that had used the power of Sword Soul.

That was an overwhelming force for Speechless. It was a strike that he temporarily could not withstand. Even if he were a rare genius, one not seen in a hundred years or even a thousand years, he was only in his teens after all. To withstand the Sword Soul strike head on, the best outcome was what had just happened. His corpse was left relatively intact, but he had lost his life.

“It would be impressive for him if he could leave his corpse intact.”

Such a thought emerged in Shi Xiaobai’s mind when he saw the power of the strike slashing out.

“But why did This King feel that you would be able to survive if it were you?”

Shi Xiaobai gave a deep sigh in his heart.

In fact, he had only met Speechless twice. During their first meeting, they had come to blows. In the second meeting, they had for some baffling reason fought with their lives.

Perhaps it was as the saying goes, friendship grows only when you exchange blows or how the like knows the like. A few simple exchanges of blows and silly conversations made Shi Xiaobai firmly certain of a particular matter—Speechless, a young genius whose reputation was not as good as meeting him face to face, but also didn’t seem to live up to his reputation, could be a friend and opponent for the rest of his life.

While he grew and advanced, that youth may be running crazily in front of him, or the youth might be chasing behind him, or might very likely run by his side. But it was certain that as long as he existed, what should be a lonely journey would not be lonely.

Shi Xiaobai had such beliefs. Furthermore, he firmly believed in it while waiting and anticipating for it.

However, Speechless was dead. This friend he acknowledged, the opponent he was anticipating had his heart forever stopped in such a manner. It happened in this unfamiliar world, in the bleak basin and ice-cold world.

There was not much sadness or grief, but the feeling of regret and vexation suddenly surged to his heart. A sense of emptiness filled his chest, as though he suddenly felt furious over the ridiculous reality that had happened.

“You should not have died here. This shouldn’t have been where you died…”

Shi Xiaobai felt his chest heavy. It felt like a rock was crushing his heart. An unfamiliar but familiar emotion began emerging as it filled his brain.

His black hair seemed to be stained as if it was covered in snow. From the roots of his hair, his hair gradually turned white. It was not a bleak whiteness, but a beautiful silvery-white that appeared like it was breathing.

One strand after another seemed to ripple out silvery-white ripples on a black lake surface.

“Go ahead and rage!”

“Go ahead and vent!”

“Go ahead and annihilate!”

“Give everything to the instinct you need not resist!”

Such a voice suddenly resounded in his mind.

Shi Xiaobai closed his eyes.

Who was shouting?

Who was murmuring?

Who was cheering in delight?

Who was sobbing in sadness?

Who was it?

“It’s rage!”

Shi Xiaobai suddenly opened his eyes. They were as black as the night sky, but appeared bright like a star-filled sky. Suddenly, a golden vortex appeared in his pupils!

The golden vortex revolved and as it did, it accelerated, as though it was going to grind the world that was reflected in his pupils!


A painful cough was suddenly heard. It seemed like a tiny stone had dropped onto the calm lake surface.

With a splash, ripples spread out.

What was broken was not calmness, but his state of mind that could not remain calm.

Shi Xiaobai was jolted awake!

His body suddenly broke out into cold sweat as his heart came to a standstill.

The golden vortex in his pupils gradually vanished. The silvery-white hair that had emanated halfway began receding rapidly like melting ice. Lush black hair appeared like a starless night sky.

Shi Xiaobai traced the coughing sound that had awoken him from his meaningless rage. He saw a pair of eyes that opened in the night sky.

“I’m a man who wants to surpass the Hero King, so how can I die here?”

Words that seemed crazy and somewhat suspect of eight-grader syndrome sounded like a gong in the middle of the silent night.

Shi Xiaobai was surprised.

Speechless was still alive!

Speechless, who had his left chest penetrated, wasn’t dead. He seemed to be able to put up a struggle as he lived on. He trembled with great difficulty as he raised his left hand to cover his bloody wound. A warm, white light slowly began to heal his mangled flesh.

“Phew, thankfully I was born with my heart on the right side.”

The emotive words after having survived a disaster revealed the truth to the matter.

Speechless’ heart was still beating in his undamaged right chest!

Shi Xiaobai was jolted awake. He hurriedly reached out to hold onto Speechless’ shoulders. Without any holding back, he began using the Massage Technique of God. Although it did not have the ability to heal Speechless’ bone and flesh, it could reduce the pain and stop the blood to a certain extent.

Shi Xiaobai’s stiff lips gradually suffused a smile.

That was a joyous, but also an embarrassed smile.

He never expected that the normally calm him would be so easily left flustered. Just seeing the wound in the left chest made him panic and he had believed that Speechless’ heart had been pierced, sealing his fate. He had nearly lost his mind from the negative emotions.

This did not seem like the usual him.

“Who knew that you cared so much about me?”

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  1. Oh wait,he could restart,but he needs to do it instantly,cause if not the absolute choice is gonna say that he completed the choice,and if that happens,Speechless is gonna be dead for real (Preview)

    1. I don’t feel like restarting the AC. Tragedy in life is what makes who you are. The tragic death was beautifully written. Also I don’t want my tears to be a waste !!

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