AC Chapter 431-3

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Chapter 431 (3/4)

A bitter smile suffused across Speechless’ lips. His Mirror Replication had been cracked. No excuse could deny it.

He had already lost the battle that proved that he was the most perfect imitation.

Because, his so-called perfect imitation always had a loophole that he believed did not exist.

The blond youth said with a deadpan manner, “An imitation is an imitation after all.”

When the emotionless voice landed in Speechless’ ears, his lowered eyes suddenly turned torpid.

“I don’t want to become anyone else, even if he is the Hero King. Because, I want to become Speechless Li!”

The handsome black-haired boy said with a determined look.

Sitting beside the boy was a girl who lightly blinked her beautiful brown eyes. Her hands were holding up her face that had a bit of baby fat. She said in a childish manner, “Brother Speechless is Brother Speechless, so why do you want to become Brother Speechless?”

The black-haired boy scratched his head. He seemed to be at a loss for an explanation. With a thought, he said to the girl, “That’s because everybody wishes for me to become the Hero King. Daddy, Mommy, Grandpa, Grandma, all of them wish for it. Furthermore…I’m good at imitating. I believe imitation might be my destiny.”

The words that sounded somewhat mature were clearly hard to understand for the girl. She shook her little head that had a mop of short, brown hair to indicate that she did not understand what he meant.

Following that, she pouted slightly and said naively, “Brother Speechless is good at imitating, then…wouldn’t imitating be enough?”

“Of course not!”

The boy shook his head adamantly. “I already said, I don’t want to become anyone else. I want to be Speechless Li. So how can I keep imitating all the way? Even if imitation is my destiny, as long as I refuse to bow down before it, as long as I do my best to resist it, my destiny can be conquered as well!”

The girl stared at the boy. A somewhat different glimmer suddenly appeared in her innocent brown eyes.

She muttered to herself repeatedly, “Destiny can be conquered as well” before she tilted her head. She laughed out innocently and said, “I see, Brother Speechless doesn’t like imitating.”

The boy nodded as he reached out his tiny hand to touch the girl’s head. He said, “An imitation is an imitation after all. Even if it can be replicated identically, so what? And if it can be replicated identically, wouldn’t the real Speechless Li…disappear?”

Speechless’ glazed eyes gradually had its luster restored. Memories that had nearly been forgotten returned to him once again. An unfamiliar palpitation made his heart start beating faster.

“An imitation is an imitation after all.”

The corners of Speechless’ mouth suffused a relieved smile. He looked up at the blond youth and said, “I have lost. Even as a counterfeit, you are still a counterfeit of that man. That man is indeed impressive.”

With his Mirror Replication cracked, it actually did not mean that Speechless was bound to be defeated. That was because he had many means that he had yet to use. The absolute balance had been displaced, but the true battle had only just begun.

However, Speechless admitted that he had lost. He had utterly lost the battle that proved who was the perfect imitation because the illusion of his perfect imitation had been broken.

However, the blond youth appeared to disagree with the outcome. He said with a deadpan manner, “You have yet to lose.”

Speechless said with a smile, “You might think that I have yet to lose because you only saw through my Mirror Replication. My true strength has not been displayed. However, victory and defeat are relative. To me, the meaning behind this battle is to prove that I’m the perfect imitation. And on that point, you have completely shattered that illusion. You have proved that a loophole exists in my perfection. From my point of view, you have already won, and I completely admit your superiority.”

“You have misunderstood me.”

A cold glimmer flashed in the blond youth’s calm eyes. He said, “You have yet to lose, because…you haven’t died.”

With that said, everyone present was appalled!

Speechless’ pupils constricted slightly as he wiped the smile off his face.

According to the rules of the life-and-death battle between the three kings, the dead were the losers, and the losers had to be the dead. Then, Speechless, who was still alive, was indeed far from considered defeated.

However, there was no prior indication that the sudden battle would follow the rules of the life-and-death battle between the three kings.

Speechless said calmly, “It looks like you want to kill me?”

The blond youth said with a nod, “That is the goal for my coming. You aren’t the only one. I will be killing all three kings. You can join forces. No, I advise the three of you to join forces now.”

When Speechless heard this, he suddenly recalled of the story of the Hero King. The Hero King had fought the three kings single-handedly and eventually killed all three kings.

“What a crappy plot setting.”

Speechless could not help but curse in his heart. He looked at the blond youth and said, “We will not join forces. It is impossible for you to kill me either. Although my imitation has loopholes, you are unable to kill me.”

Speechless’ eyes were filled with confidence. From a young age, he had been imitating the Hero King. He had worked hard to follow in the Hero King’s footsteps, so he knew very well that although he had yet to chase up to the Hero King at the same age, the gap wasn’t that large.

If the blond youth was a counterfeit of the Hero King, then his strength was insufficient to crush him.

“Won’t be able to kill you?”

The blond youth muttered to himself as he suddenly gestured a motion of clasping a sword with both hands.

Dots of crystalline purple light suddenly began to emerge from the ground as they gathered in the blond youth’s hands!

A layer of bright purple light emanated in the air before it suddenly took the form of a sword!

“That is…the outline of a sword?”

The purple halo formed the outline of a sword. A sword’s hilt was being held in the blond youth’s hands!

“That is the outline of the sword that doesn’t exist.”

The sword that didn’t exist had its outline carved out by the purple halo. From the looks of it, it did not look very different from an ordinary long sword.

A light smile suffused across Speechless’ lips. “The power of Sword Truth? It looks like you have discovered it as well.”

Without a doubt, the purple dots of light that suddenly emerged out of the ground as well as the purple halo that carved out the outline of the sword that did not exist was the blond youth’s Sword Truth!

In fact, Shi Xiaobai had previously discovered such a fact. Speechless’ Mirror Replication could only imitate techniques!

As for the power of Sword Truth, it was part of one’s physical strength, and was not part of the move.

Speechless was unable to imitate the power of Sword Truth!

The blond youth had used his sharp observational skills to notice this point.

“If you think using the power of Sword Truth is enough to defeat me, then you are overly naive!”

Speechless sneered as he suddenly clenched the black-and-white sword with both hands.

Purple points of light began to rise up from the ground as they augmented on the black-and-white sword. It formed the sword outline with a purple luster.

That scene was nearly identical to the blond youth’s usage of Sword Truth!

“Sorry about that. The person I imitate has always been that man you are modeled after. Although the power of Mirror Replication cannot imitate a Sword Truth, I, who have attempted to imitate that man, would not only rely on the power of Mirror Replication!”

Speechless said loudly, “That man’s Sword Truth is my Sword Truth!”

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