AC Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: I hate you

To prove that he was the most excellent imitation because that was the meaning of his existence.

To the people in the know, like Mu Yuesheng and the silver-haired girl, the sentence was a depressing form of deprecating himself in a way that shot strange pangs through the hearts of people. It was also a compromise to the ironic fate he had. It was something pitiable and heart-wrenching.

That year, Speechless was only four years old. At a stunning pace, he broke through to the fourth level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. His superpower was awoken and in that long but fleeting awakening dream, he dreamed the daily toil he had everyday from morning to night. It was one where he imitated the Hero King’s day. He dreamed of the family members who constantly said the word Hero King, while giving him ‘amiable’ looks.

In Speechless’ superpower awakening dream, he dreamed of a reality he wanted to escape from the most. It was a childhood that was void of joy and toys. All there existed was imitation after imitation.

After that, his superpower was awakened. It was a stunning S-class superpower. It was extremely rare in China, and he was immediately labeled as a prodigy.

However, his superpower was ironically called—Imitation.

For a boy who was arranged to imitate the life of another from his birth, the power he should have been proud of was still imitation. It was as though his life was being restrained by the gallows of ‘imitation’.

But Imitation allowed him to become stronger. It was a strength that made him far surpass his peers, even to the point of him surpassing adults.

The ability to imitate made him become the most promising Li family descendant in three thousand years as the one who could become the second Hero King. He had become the unquestioned number one existence of the younger generation in China.

He did not know if he should hate or thank ‘Imitation’.

However, he did not have the thoughts of rebelling against his family, fate or imitation. Hence, even though he grew up and gradually became more mentally mature, while his thoughts of becoming ‘Speechless Li’ and not someone else became even more intense, he still did not choose to rebel.

That was because Imitation gave him kind loved ones and a warm family. It gave him powerful strength and glorious fame. Imitation gave him too much that he could no longer return.

Speechless Li took the initiative to be partners with Imitation.

Therefore, Imitation became the meaning behind his existence.

Then, within the meaning of such an existence, what he could do was push imitation to its limits, which was—become that man’s most excellent imitation.

Therefore, when an imitated Hero King appeared, it was an enemy to the meaning behind his existence.

It was not an ordinary enemy.

It was an enemy he had to personally defeat.

It was the best enemy to prove the meaning of his ironic existence.

“Shi Xiaobai, can I borrow your sword?”

Speechless requested as he looked sideways.

Shi Xiaobai was someone who was not in the know, nor did he know what sort of existence the fake Hero King was to Speechless. But the sharp him was able to sense the complicated emotions Speechless was having.

Without any hesitation, he remerged the black and white swords and precisely threw it at Speechless.

The Hero King might be a pretty good opponent, but Shi Xiaobai had no lack of opponents.

As for Speechless, he was a pretty good friend. Shi Xiaobai did not wish to lose any friends.

“Thank you.”

Speechless apparently never expected Shi Xiaobai to be so straightforward as a  warm smile suffused across his lips.

By lending the sword, it meant that Shi Xiaobai was temporarily handing the opponent over to him.

Speechless turned to look at the gargantuan.

The gargantuan gave an angry laugh before turning around to walk to the wall to sit down. He said with a sneer, “As you wish. This King will quietly watch a good show.”

The gargantuan had a massive body that did not match his agility. He also had a perceptive mind that was unlike his violent appearance.

He would not easily believe the words of the blond youth that suddenly appeared because the Celestial Fire could only be used through the teachings of the Celestial King. He could not believe the blond youth’s words.

Therefore, the gargantuan chose to take a wait-and-see attitude.

Speechless was very pleased with the gargantuan’s ‘tactfulness’. He turned to look at the deadpan but apparently extremely patient blond youth. He said coldly, “Unsheathe your sword. Let me see how well you have imitated the sword techniques that he was best at during this period of time.”

The blond youth remained deadpan. His exquisite facial features looked like they were set in stone. Other than his nose moving slightly because of his breathing, and the occasional blinking, there was no other additional changes.

“Your words are very strange.”

The blond youth said in an emotionless tone, “As a fake NPC, your words have too much self-awareness. That is very strange. Furthermore, are you sure you want to fight one against one? You might have a chance if it was three against one. One against one would be a little too boring.”

If those words were said by someone else, it would have been said in a scoffing or arrogant manner, but from the mouth of the blond youth, it was calm and slow, as though he was depicting an objective fact.

Speechless sneered as he suddenly raised his sword and slashed to his side!

“Sword with one’s fingers—Three Thousand Li!”

A blue sword beam flashed like a jumping pixie. Speechless brandished the sword and slashed out as the sword beam suddenly appeared from one end of the blade into the distant rock cliff.


The sword beam shattered, producing a diameter wide hole in the cliff surrounding the basin. It was impossible to see any end to the hole, as though the entirety of the thick stone cliff had been penetrated.

“Three Thousand Li Sword. It was a move created by that man when he was eight years old. The speed of the sword beam allows it to instantly behead the enemy at a distance of three thousand Li.”

Speechless retracted his sword and said with a sneer, “What do you think of my imitation?”

The blond youth fell silent for a moment and suddenly reached his hand to his waist that did not have anything.


As he said that, he gestured the motion of unsheathing a sword.

However, in the eyes of everyone, the blond youth seemed to be making the motions of holding a sword in his right hand, but there was nothing in it. It was as though he had pulled air out and that he was holding air.

Speechless pricked his eyebrows up slightly and said, “The sword that doesn’t exist. I never expected that you could even imitate that sword.”

The blond youth did not say a word. But when he finished the gesture of pulling the sword out, his aura had a drastic change. A second earlier, he was like still water in an ancient well, but at that moment, his eyes had an undetectable glimmer that seemed to rage like a tsunami.

The blond youth suddenly made a slashing action!

There was no sword in his hand, but when he made the slash, a sharp sword beam sparkled brightly like a thunderbolt during a sunny day. The surging sword intent that emanated out could be felt even by the most ordinary spectators above the basin.

The sword intent only had bloodlust to it. It was the purest of killing intents.

And at the same time, Speechless made a slashing motion as well. His actions were identical to the blond youth!


Two sword beams that could not be seen by the naked eye clashed in mid-air. With a deafening blast, they exploded into pieces like fireworks. The sword beams were like mirror images and none was stronger than the other.

“Hundred-eighty Thousand Li Sword.”

A smile that could not be distinguished as mockery or self-deprecating suffused across Speechless’ mouth. He said, “At the age of nine, that man had enhanced the sword move he created at the age of eight to a brand new level. The distance of the sword strike went from 3000 Li to 180,000 Li. What seems like a sixty-fold increase is actually a difficulty of six hundred or even six thousand-fold. That man used the insights he gained from creating that one move to be ranked as one of the top ten Sword Masters in the world at the age of nine. As for me, in order to learn it by the age of nine, I didn’t get to sleep for an entire month. When I finally managed to master it, all I got was—’Far from the mark. That man created it himself, but all you did was imitate it. You should have learned it at the age of eight’.”

Speechless lowered his head slightly as his expression seemed somewhat melancholic.

The blond youth remained expressionless after hearing his words. However, there was an undetectable cold glint that flashed in his eyes.

“I have a rough understanding of your designation, but I do not know how you managed to obtain information from my world. However, I do not like how you call me as ‘that man’.”

The blond youth was still using an emotionless tone to speak, “To be precise, I hate it greatly, so I hate you.”

I hate you.

The words that seemed like what a girl would say in a fit of anger did not have the coquettishness of a young girl when it was said from the blond youth’s mouth. His tone was even colder than a snowstorm in the dead of winter. It contained killing intent that seemed like it could even freeze air.

Speechless shook his head as he could not control his laughter. “Perfect, I happen to hate you very much as well. So, only one of the two of us can exist.”

“Alright, then die.”

The blond youth used modal particles to enhance his toneless tone.

Then he raised his hand and slashed out.

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  1. I like how this was sort of foreshadowed in a previous chapter title, you know, the one where “Speechless questions his own existence” when learning of how badly the celestial king is treated.

  2. “After that, his superpower was awakened. It was a stunning S-class superpower. It was extremely rare in China, and he was immediately labeled as a prodigy.

    However, his superpower was ironically called—Imitation.”

    ^ I feel triggered from this. Cause China is Best for Copy, Imitation. But that superpower is “extremely rare” in China……….
    There are so many Copy-ability Characters out there that I don’t know which one of them did the Author base for Speechless, or maybe he didn’t?
    Thanks for the chapter/teaser.

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      A) The entire arc was really messy. I feel like everything the Author does is fairly “perfect” with a smooth flow in the MC’s progression. The other times it was “messy” the Author would use the Absolute Choice system to allow SX to redo the event perfectly.

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      1. C) Finnaly, the Author recently has been focusing on Speachless’ life/purpose which I feel is a pretty strong deathflag.

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