AC Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: Everything was done by me

Only when Speechless sent a kick at Shi Xiaobai did the crowd suddenly recall that this was a battle royale between three kings, and not a duel between two people where they exchanged blows!

The storm surged as boulders flew into the sky and were diced into sand. The sharp blade storms headed straight for Shi Xiaobai!

The tornado’s speed was not as fast as lightning, but it was extremely expansive. Even if someone were to react in time, they would find it difficult to dodge it completely. However, to Shi Xiaobai, whose Crab Steps reached a very high level of attainment, the storm from the kick was too slow. He could easily dodge it.

However, Speechless’ kick that had managed to withstand the gargantuan made Shi Xiaobai’s fighting spirit boil over!

He did not know how Speechless had done it, but he knew that his physical toughness was still not sufficient to withstand the gargantuan’s massive body.

Regardless of how Speechless had done it, he was inferior to him in this point.

However, Shi Xiaobai similarly had things that Speechless could not accomplish!

Without dodging or moving even one bit, Shi Xiaobai allowed the tornado to hit him amid the cries of the crowd.

Shi Xiaobai bathed in the sharp blade storm!

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang…”

The incessant sound of blades hitting metal echoed as the wrinkles seemed to appear in the air. Shi Xiaobai was situated in the wrinkles as countless blades struck his body!

Shi Xiaobai grinned. After eating the three holy items, his Body of the Heretic King had reached the pinnacle of the third stage and was just short of breaking through to the fourth stage. The normal power of the blades could not deal any damage to him!

But just this alone wasn’t sufficient to compare with Speechless’ holding up the gargantuan with one leg. That was because Speechless definitely had the ability to remain unharmed in the blade storm.

Shi Xiaobai needed to do something that Speechless could not do.

With an idea flashing in his mind, he opened his mouth!

Immediately, a faltering scene happened. The spiraling tornado seemed to hit a black hole and was completely sucked into Shi Xiaobai’s throat!

Shi Xiaobai was astonished as well and never expected that he would truly succeed. His Power of Taotie was even able to consume wind and it tasted like he was drinking soy bean milk.

Speechless smacked his forehead and cursed, “Your mom’s a whore. When it comes to having fun, you are the best at it.”

The audience was stunned. The Celestial King had used his foot to hold up the gargantuan, but the Infernal King immediately returned tit for tat. He used his mouth to eat the storm. This was clearly a battle between fucking gods.

After Shi Xiaobai completely devoured the tornado, there was already complete silence.

Speechless said with smirk, “It’s your turn to make a move.”

Etiquette required reciprocity. With the gargantuan and Speechless attacking one after another, it was obviously Shi Xiaobai’s turn.

Although the gargantuan was in a hurry to rip apart his two enemies, his dignity as a mighty warrior ensured that he had to accept such a turn-based battle. However, after the Infernal King made his move, he would no longer hold back!

It was Shi Xiaobai’s turn but it was not as simple as just producing an attack.

After Speechless accepted the gargantuan’s attack and attacked Shi Xiaobai, it was clear what his intentions were—he wanted to fight against two!

And at that very moment, Shi Xiaobai’s attitude was very important. If he attacked Speechless, it would be silently accepting Speechless’ intentions of fighting two people alone. If he were to attack the gargantuan, the situation would become even more chaotic.

This was a battle royale between three kings.

In a duel between two people, it was a fight to determine who was stronger. However, in a battle royale between three, there was the possibility of cooperating to defeat one person first!

This was why the three kings had to each produce a strike. It was not a simple attack but to express their attitudes!

Now, it was time for Shi Xiaobai to express his attitude towards the battle royale.

A black-and-white sword appeared in Shi Xiaobai’s hand out of thin air.

“This King’s attitude?”

Shi Xiaobai grinned and suddenly shouted, “Is there a need to ask!?”

With both hands on the sword, he suddenly split them apart. The black-and-white sword separated and became two swords. One was deep black while the other was pure white!

With one sword in each hand, Shi Xiaobai slashed in two directions!

“Kun-Stewing Wok!”

A fiery force surged up from the ground, like a boiling hot wok was producing hot steam. The bubbles spread out like a gigantic snake that struck at the gargantuan!

“Two Peng Grills!”

A cross-shaped flare tore apart in the sky. It was more blinding than the sun and its heat caused the air to combust into black smoke. There was bubbling lava that fell from the sky, as it rained down on Speechless like a black and red waterfall!

“This King obviously wants to fight two alone!”

Shi Xiaobai’s two strikes had expressed his attitude!

Speechless clearly was not surprised by Shi Xiaobai’s choice. With a smile, he looked up slightly!

“Frost Dragon’s Breath!”

A snow-white frost beam suddenly shot out from Speechless’ mouth and blasted straight at the lava sword intent!

When the frost beam and the lava collided, it immediately merged together while issuing sizzling sounds like boiling water. It seemed like the ice had melted, but it also seemed like the flames were extinguished. The snow-white and blackish-red colors merged together into a light pink color before it transformed into snowflakes or rain that fell from the sky.

On the other side, the gargantuan stabbed his fists into the ground. With a loud roar, he lifted up the slab of ground. Although the boiling hot steam reached the gargantuan’s hands, he remained unaffected. Suddenly, he forcefully tore the slab of earth in his hands into two. The two pieces were hurled at Shi Xiaobai and Speechless!

The gargantuan similarly expressed his attitude. He wanted to fight the two alone!

The audience watched in a daze as the two slabs of earth that the gargantuan threw were slashed into fragments by the Infernal King, and kicked flying by the Celestial King. They found the scene in front of them utterly ridiculous. The battle had long exceeded their expectations.

And what was even more unbelievable was that the battle had yet to truly begin!

The few moves had allowed the three kings to express their intentions!

Liu Yu said with some regret, “This Penniless Priest has seen battle royales between three people before. They would try their best to keep a low profile and conceal their true strength so as to appear weak. They would then ally with others to get rid of the stronger party before baring their fangs. But for Shi Xiaobai and company, they only wish they could attract even more aggro. They yearn to fight two alone. This is the first time This Penniless Priest is seeing such a thing. This Penniless Priest has nothing he can say about it.”

Pulp Farmer’s face was covered in shock as he muttered, “I once thought I was one of the cream of the crop among the younger generation, but compared to Speechless and Shi Xiaobai, I’m nothing at all. They…are no longer existences on this level. The battle royale between the three kings had only just begun, but why are my knees already weak?”

Feng Yuanlin stared with widened eyes and said, “Don’t ask me why I’m watching the battle kneeling down. When the battle royale really begins, I think I can sprawl on the ground.”

The eyes of Mu Yuesheng and the silver-haired girl were filled with worry. The first round was only to express their attitudes, but it already looked like a battle between gods. What would happen when the battle royale began?

Even Sunless could not help but frown.

The battle royale had yet to truly begin.

The three kings had only attacked from a distance to express their attitudes.

And now, they all expressed their intentions of fighting two alone. There was no room for cooperation. It meant that the battle that followed would be a true battle royale.

No one knew who the other two opponents would attack next!

The three kings were eager to begin. They scanned their two opponents with eyes that seemed to have detected their prey. Their bodies simultaneously leaned forward, with the possibility of them charging forward at any moment. They were like sharp swords that were about to be unsheathed, with blades pointed at the enemy!

The true battle was about to begin!

“Could you stop for a moment?”

Suddenly, a soft and emotionless voice which sounded like flowing water resounded throughout the basin from a corner.

The three kings that were ready to charge forward in a serious battle came to a halt as they looked in the same direction in astonishment!

There, in the middle of their triangular positions, a figure had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

The figure was clearly the owner of the voice that suddenly sounded.

The audience quieted down and looked in disbelief at the figure that had said, “Can you stop for a moment”.

Who was this?

How did the person appear undetected in the basin and in the middle of the triangle?

Shi Xiaobai happened to be facing directly in front of the figure.

The person was a young boy dressed in loose white robes. He had resplendent golden hair that dazzled like the rays of the sun. His skin was white and supple. He looked like he was twelve or thirteen years old, and his facial features were exquisite and good-looking. He could be considered an adonis, but if one changed his short golden hair into long golden hair, one would mistake him for a pubescent young beauty.

The white-robed blond youth’s appearance and facial features resembled the sunlight at dawn. He was radiant and enchanting.

On careful look, one would discover that his eyes and expression was surprisingly cold. It was cold like a frozen lake in the dead of winter. It was like a pure white snowflake that didn’t have any other colors that made it seem impure. It was an emotionless coldness.

“Who are you?” Shi Xiaobai asked.

That was the question everyone present wanted to know. Who was this blond youth that suddenly appeared out of thin air and said “Could you stop for a moment”.

“I’m Dawn Li.”

The blond youth reported his name in a deadpan manner. His tone did not show any emotion, as though he was a machine reporting some numbers. Without stopping, he said, “The Infernal Sword was stolen by me. The Celestial Jade was stolen by me. The Transcendence Holy Tree was burnt down by me. The entire war was instigated by me. Everything was done by me. So, seek revenge against me.”

When this was said, everyone was stunned.

The thirty thousand spectators could not even react because the sentence contained too much information.

As for Speechless, he felt like lightning had struck him. He looked dumbfounded as he remained stupefied.

Pulp Farmer and company were equally stupefied.

Liu Yu stiffly turned his head and looked at the rest beside him. Stiffly, he opened his mouth and asked, “Uh, if This Penniless Priest did not remember wrongly… Isn’t the Hero King’s name Dawn Li?”

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      1. She’s the 6th. Add one Infernal King and one Celestial King and we have 8 trial takers. Personally, I would bet on the 7th Brave Heart being the Hero King.

        1. Why the hell would it be the Hero King? That’s retarded. You have: Speechless, Sunless, Mu Yuesheng, Silver Haired girl, Feng Yuanlin, Pulp Farmer and Liu Yu. That’s already 7. There is no ‘missing’ 7th braveheart…

          1. Was about to say what you just said also pretty sure hero king is dead and also most likely too strong to enter tower even if he was still alive.

          2. He killed dragon and probably wasn’t made celestial king until system changed infernal king to Shi Xiaobai. But even if he is no longer a braveheart doubt they would respawn the very first dragon so we would have only 6 bravehearts not 7 so still doesn’t matter we know who all the bravehearts are.

          3. Small correction: When you say “Braveheart”, you are speaking about the trial takers that passed the 6th level in the legit way. With that definition, I can’t disagree with you.

            When I say “Braveheart” in my comments, I was talking about the human champions in this 7th level. SxB was ‘defined’ as the Infernal King, so he isn’t one of them. Same for Speechless. That means there are 6 known ‘official’ human Bravehearts.
            If we make the assumption that there should be 7 spots for human Bravehearts in the scenario designed by the assessment program, there is still one free spot. Note that we do not have to make this assumption.
            My bet is that this assumption is true, and that the assessment program created a human character named “Hero King” and added him to the game. This character repeated the Hero King feat by stealing the treasures and destroying the tree, and he was waiting in the Infernal Domain while expecting war.

            I might be right or wrong. This is just a theory and I merely made the effort to make it clear, although the number of plot twists until now gives me little confidence.

          4. Well me and I assume the other guy are going off definition of people who passed legit way. We can’t know if you came up with some new definition/theory if you don’t mention it in your comment. Just made it sound like you didn’t read properly or something from your comment before. Whether your right or wrong who knows with this author especially since he changes the story based on readers opinion a few times now. I think their are only 6 bravehearts still and system either just magically caused the incidents like hero king or used level lord/some sort of apparition(like shadow figure few chapters back to cause it) But personally if such figure was cause I don’t think it would be a braveheart just a being/program to act on behalf of the system. Might even be the system itself in the form of some sort of being for all we know.

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          6. Well not all inhabitants as it was stated in a chapter that bravehearts are those who are suppose to fight the infernal king. Also I just remembered but even though Leonis was king of transcendence he was also recognized as transcedence strongest braveheart so if he could be a king and a braveheart why not Speechless? Afterall nothing states that Speechless can’t be both but since the purpose of a braveheart is to fight the infernal king then obviously Shi Xiaobai can’t be one since he is now forced to be infernal king by the system. (This will be my last response I think since your theory crafting anyways so your entitled to your own opinion and theories of future revelations who am I say whether your right or wrong since I’m not the author.)

    1. why is there a need for a 7th brave heart? what will happen in the scenario where only 1 person passed the 6th trial, there will be only 1 human brave heart, no? so why do you assume there’re 7 brave hearts?

  1. How do I say this… this novel is filled with too much discrepancy in power between participants…
    They are only at the end of first realm ( while One Pun was at third realm at least), and SXB and Speechless attacks are too big, don’t you think? If I’m not mistaken One-Pun instantly killed A class monster , and there were not only one of them. Many monters destroyed city, while SXB was with Kali in light observing from above, and those monsters were 2nd and 3rd realms. And now Speechless can withstand strike from gargantuan 100 metters tall, who had 4-level body or smth ( and by the scale of destruction already is at the end of 2nd realm or beginning of 3rd). Their strikes are powerfull and vast enough to destroy city alone. So author is implying that SXB and Speechless can rival 3-rd realm monsters, while being only at 10 level of first?

    And another thing, It seems like chinese authors create borders for power (realms and levels in them), only to shatter it aftewards, and it begins to smell like plot bullshit.

    1. I agree the levels are often shattered in these novels. On the other hand, I prefer it this way as it prevents the story from being too level based. There is nothing as annoying as a fight summed up by “With the +2lvl MC bonus, I am stronger than you…”. Even if it ends up like this, with some tricks to make it appears like superiority in a specific field the story can still be interesting.
      In any case, everyone knows the MC won’t be defeated (or very rarely), so the fights are all about the “how”.

      As for the measure of strength using level of destruction, I think it won’t ever be really accurate, mainly because the authors that manage to keep coherent scales in fights are pretty rare. The fighters often end up fighting in places smaller than the scale of destruction they are supposed to generate.
      In any case, the author may have trapped himself with this 9 levels trial that prevent him from doing good world building and plot progression, but it is also a convenient excuse: “They could do this because the world was weaker”. Yeah, that’s bullshit, but he only has to do it once.

    2. No, it isn’t. Go back a few chapters and you see that Speechless mentions that the Hero King at the 10th level of the mortal realm could fight elders 3 realms higher. He then went on to say that he was roughly at the Hero King’s level of power now as well, and with SXB being the MC, he’s gotta be at that level at least.
      Plus, it took Speechless like, 14-15 years altogether to get to the level he’s at and SXB did it in 1.5 months, if you go by the timeline, which is why Kali said that Speechless and the other silver haired girl were simply mediocrely talented humans and could not compare to SXB. She said this quite a few chapters ago, when she was flying over them in the last trial I think.

  2. it was obvious many chapters age that the system is using the story of the Hero as a storyline. everything has been happening the same as when Hero did his trial.

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