AC Chapter 427

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Chapter 427: Make your move!

With the thirty thousand spectators having arrived and the three kings finished with their methods of posturing, the life-and-death battle between the three kings naturally had to begin.

The beginning of the fight often required a signal, but this life-and-death battle did not have any referees. As this was a battle where death determined the outcome, any means were permitted, so there was no need for a referee.

Without a referee announcing the start, the beginning of the fight would be grasped by the three kings themselves.

And Shi Xiaobai’s words of ‘It’s about time. Let’s begin?’ was actually the signal to begin fighting.

The audience quickly fell silent and waited with bated breaths.

The gargantuan gave his answer through his actions. He straightened his body and charged out like a cheetah!

Unlike Shi Xiaobai and Speechless, the motivation behind the gargantuan’s participation in the life-and-death battle was not to end the war, but to vent his anger and seek revenge. He originally hated the Celestial King for burning the Transcendence Holy Tree, but now, he hated the Infernal King that disguised himself as a Braveheart which ’caused the death’ of Leonis. The double hatred he felt made him eager to tear apart the two enemies in front of him!

When the massive body that was a hundred-meters-tall ran, it was like a raging tsunami. However, the speed at which the gargantuan charged was amazing. His massive body moved at a startling speed, but it had a strange lightness to it. It was as though the heavy body wasn’t running on the ground, but as though his footsteps were landing on air!

When the gargantuan ran, the land did not quake. There was no sound of footsteps like when he previously walked from the distance. There was only the resonating sound of the void tearing. His speed was fast despite its massive body, and in a blink of an eye, it had traversed more than ten kilometers! He appeared in front of Speechless!

The gargantuan’s first target was Speechless!

“Go to hell, despicable Celestial King!”

The gargantuan leaped up and he arched his right leg like a lance that was about to strike. However, his leg that was dozens of meters in diameter did not look like a lance but a gigantic pillar that could hold up the skies!

And this gigantic pillar flew into the sky and covered Speechless’ head before crashing down!

At that instant, the Celestials watched in horror because the gargantuan’s speed was too fast. From the moment he began running, leaping and then thrust his foot out in the sky, it all happened in a blink of an eye. Their Celestial King did not seem to react in time, as though he was sillily standing in place.

The Celestial King did not dodge, and at that moment, it was already too late to dodge!


There were Celestials that shouted in panic. They prayed in their hearts for a miracle that the Celestial King would be able to dodge the terrifying strike that seemed to cover several hundred square meters in area at the last moment.

But a miracle did not happen. The Celestial King remained in his spot even when the foot was about three meters away from him.

A smile curled on Speechless’ lips. When the gargantuan’s smelly foot was three meters above his head, he could not even be bothered to look up. Instead, his tying of his hands had screwed him up. He had no way to pinch his nose and could only painfully endure the stench from the smelly foot.

As for dodging?

There was no need for that!

Speechless suddenly raised his right foot and kicked out towards the sky!

At that moment, everyone stared with widened eyes. Even Shi Xiaobai, who was in the distance widened his eyes slightly!

There was no way for you to imagine such a strange scene, but it really happened!

A right foot as slender as a girl’s kicked out towards the sky.

A gigantic foot that could be comparable to a house came crashing down from the sky.

They met at a particular point, like a gigantic boulder smashing on a slender willow. But the outcome wasn’t the boulder crushing the willow. Instead…

“A stalemate!?”

“My heavens, how is that possible!?”

Yes, it was a stalemate. When the two feet collided, there was a boom as loud as thunder. After that, the scene seemed like a fixed frame. The massive body of the gargantuan was fixed in mid-air, and what smashed into that strike, to the point of holding up the massive body, was a slender right leg.

While Speechless used one foot to hold up the gargantuan’s massive body, his expression looked relaxed. It was as though the thing crushing down on his foot was an empty piece of tofu.

The Celestials fell into a daze for a moment before they cheered loudly. They recalled the battle when the Celestial King fought Field Marshal Awesomo. The Celestial King was just like he was now. Every time, he would use an unbelievable method to nullify Field Marshal Awesomo’s attacks, causing his power to be useless. Not a single move could trouble the Celestial King!

The gargantuan angrily roared as his body bent slightly. He sent a strong downward force, but he was unable to crush the ant-like existence beneath him. He was unable to snap the slender leg.

But the gargantuan did not continue on this matter. After a short attempt, he squatted and jumped ten kilometers back.

“Despicable Celestial King, what other tricks are you up to now?”

The gargantuan said angrily. From his point of view, the Celestial King’s physical toughness was something that he could leave in the dust, but he felt like he had struck the ground when facing the slender leg. There was no way for him to crush it any lower.

The despicable Celestial King must have used some unknown trick or it was impossible for him to accomplish such a feat!

Speechless remained silent while smiling. Putting his right foot down, he said with a chuckle, “It’s time for This King to make his move?”

The gargantuan immediately said with a sneer, “Make your move!”

He was unable to figure out what strange technique Speechless used to defend against his attack, but he was confident that regardless of his techniques, there was no way Speechless could break his defense!

The gargantuan began preparing to withstand the full power of Speechless’ attack.

The audience waited with bated breaths for the Celestial King and the gargantuan to begin their second round of battle.

However, the next moment was quite astounding. Speechless raised his right foot and swept in front of him. Suddenly, a tornado stirred, but it was no ordinary wind, but a tornado with blade beams dancing in them!

The tornado swept across the land and immediately left behind blade scratches in its wake. The rocks in the way were all diced into sand, which showed how sharp the blades were in the tornado!

Speechless’ production of a blade storm with a single kick could be said to be an astounding technique, but what was more shocking was the direction in which the tornado was heading!

The tornado was not rolling towards the gargantuan, but to the other end of the triangle where Shi Xiaobai was!

The gargantuan, who was already ready in defense, was immediately stunned. Was he fucking pulling his leg?

The gargantuan could only roar angrily and vent his grievance.

A smile suffused across Shi Xiaobai’s lips. Thankfully, Speechless had attacked him or he was prepared to forcefully interrupt the duel between Speechless and the gargantuan.

Don’t forget, this was not a duel of king against king.

But a battle royale between three kings!

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