AC Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Posturing before the battle

Noon was quickly approaching. Soon, the life-and-death battle between the three kings would begin. The thirty thousand members of audience had already reached and they had circled above the basin. It was quite an amazing scene.

And in the basin, the three kings were standing at each corner of the basin, forming a triangular formation. A repressed atmosphere filled the entire basin as the gatekeeping gargantuan exuded a killing intent that made the audience above the basin feel suffocated.

At that moment, someone in the audience yelled.

“Ah, quick look. What is the Celestial King doing!?”

The yell made many surrounding spectators involuntarily turn their heads to look at Speechless.

They saw Speechless’ hands behind his back. From the front, it looked like he was making a cool pose of only having his hands behind his back, but from the back, keen-eyed spectators saw a strange scene.

Speechless’ hands were crossed and there was a strong rope that tied them together!

In the basin, there was no one else other than the three kings. Furthermore, the distance between the three kings was quite considerable. Who could have tied the Celestial King’s hands together?

“The Celestial King is tying up himself!”

“What is going on? Why did the Celestial King tie his own hands? Could it be a warm-up before the battle?”

“It can’t be? How can there be such a strange warm-up before the battle?”

The audience began buzzing. Pulp Farmer and the other two looked at each other and discussed about Speechless’ actions. Sunless only stared in Shi Xiaobai’s direction. She was completely unconcerned with the development on Speechless’ side. As for the silver-haired girl and Mu Yuesheng, they spontaneously rolled their eyes at that moment.

Shi Xiaobai and the gargantuan heard the audience’s discussion as they turned to look at Speechless.

The gargantuan asked in a deep voice, “Despicable Celestial King, what games are you playing now?”

The gargantuan found himself too naive so in the face of the shameless Infernal King and the despicable Celestial King, he needed to constantly increase vigilance and intelligence or it was very likely he would be deceived.

Now, even a game of tying hands came out.

Was this playing to the gallery? Or was it to make him underestimate his opponent?

Speechless was very pleased that everyone’s eyes were on him. The corner of his lips curled up slightly and his eyes looked on with disdain. In an invincible and lonely looking pose, he said, “From This King’s point of view, defeating the both of you doesn’t require hands.”

This was Speechless’ answer as to why he tied his two hands.

It had to be said that his answer was rendering everyone speechless.

The Infernal and Transcendent audience went into an uproar as they found the Celestial King extremely arrogant to dare make such a bold statement and belittle their kings.

On the Celestial domain side, the members of the audience had changes in expression. They knew that the Celestial King was very strong, so strong that he could crush Field Marshal Awesomo, but the Infernal King and the new Transcendent King were not weak either. Why the heck was he not using both hands!?

The silver-haired girl and Mu Yuesheng both revealed disdainful looks, giving “I knew it” expressions.

Feng Yuanlin’s eyes shimmered with a look of enlightenment, as he shouted, “Holy crap, how could I have forgotten it. Posturing before battles is a hallmark of Speechless, right?”

Liu Yu smacked his lips and said, “Posturing before battles is indeed Speechless’ famous habit, but who knew that he would dare to do so against the gargantuan and Shi Xiaobai.”

Pulp Farmer said in a deep voice, “Isn’t this posturing a bit too much? Although Speechless is considered the number one youth in China, with unfathomable strength, Shi Xiaobai doesn’t seem much weaker than him, right? By tying his own hands, he might be biting off more than he can chew.”

In the basin, the gargantuan produced a deafening laughter, “You will pay a bitter price for your arrogance.”

On the other hand, Shi Xiaobai remained calm. He knew that Speechless was not a brainless, arrogant person. Speechless definitely had a way to fight if he said that he did not need his hands.

However, the posturing was done in a very stiff manner.

At that moment, the gargantuan suddenly turned his head and said to a spot above the basin, “Moya, throw that thing over!”

Everyone’s attention was immediately diverted by the gargantuan’s words.

Moya, who was on the edge of the basin, responded, “Your Majesty, the Infernal King is clearly a shameless wretch. Are you really going to do it?”

The gargantuan angrily said, “Cut the crap, throw the thing over!”

Just as the gargantuan’s words faded, a black object was thrown towards the sky and landed inside the basin.

Everyone stared with widened eyes as they tried to discern the black object.

What was the object the gargantuan got Moya to throw over? What did it have to do with the Infernal King?

Under the blinding sunlight, they finally managed to discern the black object’s true shape. It was a black sword.

The black sword not only had a black blade, even its surroundings was lingering with a faint black mist. It was like ghosts of darkness were swirling around it as they continuously exuded a daunting cold aura in the burning sunlight.

The black sword spun in mid-air before landing on the ground. With a final boom, it stabbed into the ground in front of Shi Xiaobai.

“This is your Infernal Sword.”

The gargantuan said coldly, “For some reason, this sword had appeared in Transcendence, but it is definitely not stolen by the Transcendents. Now, This King will return the Infernal Sword to you!”

Shi Xiaobai knew that the Infernal Sword was in Transcendence, but he never expected that the gargantuan would voluntarily return it. What was he up to?

Shi Xiaobai could not help but wonder aloud, “Never knew that you would be so honest.”


The gargantuan said with a sneer, “Shameless Infernal King, rumors say that with the Infernal Sword in hand, your strength will be enhanced to a whole new level. This King just wants to beat you into meat pulp when you are in your strongest state so as to prove the strength of the Transcendents.”

Even if the gargantuan knew that Shi Xiaobai was the shameless Infernal King who pretended to be a Braveheart, he had decided to go according to plan and return the Infernal Sword. He was confident that he could defeat the Infernal King in his strongest state. Furthermore, only by defeating the Infernal King in his strongest state was it fun enough!

This was the confidence of the strong!

“This is how the strong fucking posture!”

Feng Yuanlin said with mixed emotions, “First, it’s Speechless tying his own hands. Next, it’s the new Transcendent king returning the Infernal Sword. Their posturing methods seem to come from the same school. They both render people speechless, but you can’t help but admire their confidence. It gives people the feeling that the strong should be like that!”

When Liu Yu and Pulp Farmer heard this, they felt the same way and nodded.

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised. He never expected that after Speechless finished posturing, the gargantuan would also posture. However, Shi Xiaobai had no choice but to agree that the gargantuan’s posturing was done very well. To return the Infernal Sword to his hand was such an altruistic act.

Shi Xiaobai reached out his hand and held the Infernal Sword. As he sensed the surging power in the Infernal Sword, he could not help but smile delightfully.

It was the real Infernal Sword!

It was like a cooked duck was sent right to his mouth!

Shi Xiaobai surveyed his surroundings and struggled. There were a bit too many people, but he could not resist it!

“Didn’t eat breakfast. Kind of hungry.”

Shi Xiaobai pretended to mutter to himself as he could not help but gulp.

Everyone was startled and was unsure what Shi Xiaobai meant by suddenly shouting that he was hungry. Only Speechless’ eyes lit up slightly, but immediately, his eyes flashed with a look of disbelief.

And at the next moment, Shi Xiaobai suddenly raised the Infernal Sword and inserted it vertically into his mouth!


Everyone screamed!

However, they soon saw the Infernal Sword with its swirling black aura enter straight into Shi Xiaobai’s throat. It was inserted completely in one move and finally, Shi Xiaobai closed his mouth and swallowed the entire sword!


Shi Xiaobai could not help but burp.

At that moment, there was complete silence.

Shi Xiaobai immediately felt somewhat embarrassed, but it was mostly delight. The Infernal Sword was a true holy item. The nutritional value was on the same level as the Celestial Jade and Transcendent fruit. Now, by eating the Infernal Sword, it would definitely be of help in the upcoming battle. Furthermore, he could not help but burp. This was delightful news for Shi Xiaobai, who had eaten countless ‘foods’ but remained unsatiated.

He was finally satiated!

But to the thirty thousand spectators, this scene was ridiculous.

“I suspect that I might have a fake pair of eyes.”

“I suspect that that might be a fake Infernal Sword.”

“I suspect that is the Infernal King’s trick.”

“I suspect…”

Feng Yuanlin looked in shock at his two other partners and said, “What do you think of that?”

Liu Yu waved his whisk and said, “This Penniless Priest suspects that Shi Xiaobai is not eating an Infernal Sword but posturing.”

Pulp Farmer said helplessly, “There is no need to suspect. In terms of posturing, I only believe in Shi Xiaobai.”

Feng Yuanlin exclaimed, “This is posturing using his life!?”

Shi Xiaobai obviously wasn’t posturing. You might not believe it if it was said. He was eating ice-cream and the Infernal Sword had already melted into his stomach.

That feeling was marvelous.

“It’s about time. Let’s begin?” Shi Xiaobai asked.

Shi Xiaobai felt that it was about time. It was time to do battle and it could not be delayed any further.

Because…if the battle did not begin, readers would begin cursing.

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    1. Shi Xiaobai felt that it was about time. It was time to do battle and it could not be delayed any further.

      Because…if the battle did not begin, readers would begin cursing.

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