AC Chapter 425

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Chapter 425: Does the naked Infernal Queen look good?

“Sorry about that. This King forgot to tell you that This King is actually the Infernal King…”

Shi Xiaobai sighed while having mixed feelings. He never expected that Speechless would be the Celestial King.

What was he to do now?

If he wanted to complete the Absolute Choice’s mission, he needed to kill the Celestial King, but the Celestial King was Speechless, who was a friend and the silver-haired girl’s brother. He also seemed to be related to Mu Yuesheng, so how could he possibly kill him?

But if he did not kill him, in the event the Absolute Choice failed…

Shi Xiaobai immediately began to have a headache.

Speechless was also feeling mixed feelings. He said with a dry laugh, “Why didn’t you fucking say so earlier. This is somewhat embarrassing.”

Speechless originally thought he had been cool. To be the Celestial King despite being a trial-taker was something pretty cool when said out loud. Furthermore, he had just ‘tricked’ Shi Xiaobai to enter a bet he was bound to lose. He had perfectly grasped the opportunity to reveal his identity. Supposedly, Shi Xiaobai should have been extremely angry and shock everyone else. It would have been a great act of posturing.

But he never expected that Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King!

Shi Xiaobai was the supreme existence in the Infernal domain, the Infernal domain that stood by his word!

Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King who had the most beautiful Infernal Queen!

Shi Xiaobai was the Infernal King who he was once envious and jealous of!

And looking back at himself, as Celestial King, not only did he have to shoulder the blame of losing the Celestial Jade, instigating the war, burning the Transcendence Holy Tree and all sorts of blames, he was also not the strongest person in name, and he wasn’t a ruler with any power.

Fuck, it would be harmless if there wasn’t any comparison.

Speechless immediately felt that his role as Celestial King and Shi Xiaobai’s role as Infernal King were like night and day.

Shi Xiaobai seemed to be telling him—You think you are cool? That doesn’t exist!

Speechless felt very upset.

Speechless fell silent for a long while before he said in a hoarse manner, “It’s said that the Infernal Queen is the most beautiful person in the world. Is the Infernal Queen beautiful?”

Shi Xiaobai was racking his head about the problem with the Absolute Choice, so when he heard this strange question, he was momentarily unsure of the answer. He could only give a vague answer, “Probably?”

Speechless immediately said with a hoarse voice, “Then…does the naked Infernal Queen look good?”

Shi Xiaobai was appalled. What sort of question was that?

However, Shi Xiaobai’s mind could not help but flash the scene of the naked Infernal Queen. To be honest, to say that she did not look good was something unconscionable. Shi Xiaobai always felt that he was a person with a ‘conscience’, so he nodded and said, “Not bad.”

“Oh my!”

Speechless held his chest and uttered a strange scream. His expression was one of utter pitifulness.

Speechless felt like he had received 10,000 damage. Why was he the king of blame, while Shi Xiaobai was the king of good fortune. He had to face seven old fools every day, while Shi Xiaobai could face the naked Infernal Queen every night?

“Shi Xiaobai, This Emperor will definitely not show any mercy. Prepare to get beaten up by This Emperor!”

Speechless put down some smack talk as he silently turned and walked to the corner of a wall. He felt like he had received such a huge shock that he needed to rest his mind.

Shi Xiaobai was somewhat flabbergasted. He found Speechless weird. Not only were his questions weird, his reaction was also very weird.


Shi Xiaobai came out with such a conclusion before he began racking his brains again.

Above the basin, Sunless and company were equally feeling complicated.

Feng Yuanlin said with a dry chuckle, “To be honest, I have always been looking forward to Boss Shi Xiaobai’s battle with Speechless, but who knew it would be under such circumstances.”

Liu Yu muttered to himself, “Shi Xiaobai is made the Infernal King, while Speechless is made the Celestial King. It looks like it’s not a coincidence or mistake, but because they were chosen. But by who? Indeed, the two of them were the chosen ones?”

Pulp Farmer said with a heavy voice, “This is a life-and-death battle. Victory can only be determined only through death. What will the two do?”

Mu Yuesheng said with a frown, “The two of them wouldn’t…really fight to the death, right?”

Sunless stared at Shi Xiaobai as her eyes flashed with a look of worry.

The silver-haired girl swung her gaze between Shi Xiaobai and Speechless. Her eyes were filled with anxiety and fear.

As the new Transcendent king, the gatekeeping gargantuan had even more complicated feelings. He never expected that the human that defeated his father, Leonis, in the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament was the Infernal King that pretended to be a Braveheart!

“Shameless Infernal King. You pretended to be a Braveheart to become the tournament’s champion and make the Transcendents think that the race of the Transcendents is not the strongest race in the world. What a sinister plot! You have to die today. This King will make you die a horrible death!”

The gatekeeping gargantuan bellowed angrily!

If not for Shi Xiaobai, his father, Leonis, would not have been defeated. The faith of the Transcendents would not be questioned. They would not be in a hurry to prove the bloodline of the Transcendents and Leonis would not have died. The Transcendence Holy Tree would also not be destroyed by the sinister Celestial King…

If Shi Xiaobai did not appear, the gears of fate would not have turned towards such a tragic end!

Everything was Shi Xiaobai’s fault!

And the human who called himself Shi Xiaobai was the disguise of the Infernal King!

This was a grudge added over an older grudge. The gargantuan was extremely infuriated!

There were more and more Transcendents gathered above the basin as they looked at Shi Xiaobai. They recalled everything that had happened at the Braveheart Martial Arts Tournament. After recalling the story that King Leonis exploded to his death due to the internal injuries left behind from that battle, their angry emotions could no longer be curbed!

“Shameless Infernal King!”

“The Infernal King and Celestial King are fucking bastards!”

“My heavens, how can there be such an insidious Infernal King!?”

The Transcendents angrily voiced their grievances. And the Infernals that were present naturally could not tolerate the Transcendents scolding their king. They immediately scolded back angrily.

The scene immediately turned into a din as both sides almost began to fight!


Shi Xiaobai shouted towards the Infernal domain group. The Infernals hurriedly shut their mouths and their stunning discipline showed once again.

Shi Xiaobai turned to look at the Transcendents and said loudly, “The matter isn’t as you imagined. After this life-and-death battle is over, This King will find a time to explain it to all of you. This matter…is very complicated.”

The matter was indeed very complicated. Shi Xiaobai found it very difficult to explain it. He also did not expect that he would suddenly go from being a Braveheart to the Infernal King.

Everything did seem like a shameless plot, but it was not the case.

However, the gargantuan clearly would not believe him. He said with a sneer, “After the life-and-death battle is over, you will be a corpse. No, you wouldn’t even have a corpse left.”

Shi Xiaobai could only give a helpless smile. He did not speak another word because even if there wasn’t a misunderstanding, the Transcendents would hate him greatly after the life-and-death battle because if nothing surprising happened, the gargantuan would definitely die in battle.

Shi Xiaobai was feeling very complicated.

A battle that used death to determine the outcome was supposed to be simple and brutal.

But now, it would be a complex life-and-death battle.

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