AC Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Shall we make a bet?

Shi Xiaobai was not surprised when he saw Mu Yuesheng and Speechless arrive. After all, the life-and-death battle between the three kings was quite a startling event. If the two of them were still in the seventh level, they must have received the news and thought of a way to come watch the battle.

Shi Xiaobai smiled as he greeted Mu Yuesheng. Shi Xiaobai had been slightly worried when he did not meet Mu Yuesheng after knowing that she was the sixth Braveheart who slew the dragon. Now that Mu Yuesheng appeared safe and sound, Shi Xiaobai could finally heave a sigh of relief.

So Mu Yuesheng had gone to the same place with Speechless. Since he had not seen them in Transcendence and the Infernal domain, it was highly likely that they had gone to the Celestial domain.

When Shi Xiaobai came to this thought, he turned his head to give Speechless a knowing nod. They had previously met in the Silent Desolate Lands and after a battle, they eventually became friends.

Speechless was one of the few opponents that could make Shi Xiaobai’s head ache. Because of that battle that they did not finish, Shi Xiaobai still did not have absolute confidence in beating him.

Speechless smiled and gave Shi Xiaobai a nod. Seeing the silver-haired girl beside Shi Xiaobai, he turned to look at Shi Xiaobai and said, “Did my younger sister give you any trouble?”

Shi Xiaobai was slightly surprised and asked out of curiosity, “Your younger sister?”

Speechless said with a nod, “Sister by blood.”

Shi Xiaobai turned to his side and gave the silver-haired girl a look. She first gave a depressing nod before shaking her head indignantly. Finally, she turned her head and stared angrily at Speechless.

Speechless said with a smirk, “Look at that girl. She’s so naughty that she doesn’t want to recognize her own brother. In the past, she was like a twittering sparrow, and after a few years, she doesn’t like to speak at all. Who knows who taught her to pretend to be aloof and cold.”

Upon hearing Speechless’ denigration, Shi Xiaobai was startled for a moment.

The silver-haired girl did not like to speak? Pretend to be aloof and cold? Did Speechless not know that his sister had lost the courage to speak?

Shi Xiaobai frowned and he wanted to correct Speechless’ unintentional but extremely hurtful denigration.

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai’s right hand was gently pulled. Shi Xiaobai turned and saw the silver-haired girl looking at him with forlorn eyes. She shook her head gently when she saw him turn his head over. There was a trace of plea in her eyes.

Shi Xiaobai’s heart seemed to be pulled.

Speechless did not know.

And she did not want him to know.

Shi Xiaobai gaped and finally let out a gentle sigh.

Speechless saw how the silver-haired girl was pulling Shi Xiaobai’s hands. From their close proximity, they looked rather intimate. They could even exchange ideas through their eyes. As an elder brother, Speechless instinctively turned vigilant.

Speechless’ eyes shimmered before he suddenly pulled something out from his pocket. He said to Shi Xiaobai, “Found something good on the trip to the Celestial domain. Intended to give it to you as food the next time you were encountered. Here’s a treat, Shi Xiaobai.”

Speechless said and spread his hands open.

Shi Xiaobai looked over and saw two extremely beautiful night pearls in Speechless’ hands.

When the others heard Speechless’ words, they naturally looked over and wondered. Since when did Speechless and Shi Xiaobai have such a good relationship? He even specially brought a specialty from the Celestial domain to Shi Xiaobai. What sort of delicacy was it?

However, they never expected it to be two night pearls!

What was going on?

Letting Shi Xiaobai eat night pearls?

As Shi Xiaobai never displayed his Power of Taotie in front of them, they did not know that Shi Xiaobai had such a strange appetite.

Shi Xiaobai was first startled but he felt that it was not something he needed to deliberately conceal. He stretched his hand and took the night pearls in Speechless’ hands.

However, Shi Xiaobai did not immediately consume them. Instead, he held the night pearls tightly in his hand as he sensed the energy within the two night pearls. He was no longer as hungry to the point of eating anything like when he first met Speechless. After consuming the Transcendence fruit and Celestial Jade, he was basically satiated.

Shi Xiaobai probed for a moment before he was disappointed to learn that the two night pearls did not have a very high nutritional value. From the looks of it, it was an ordinary night pearl. But since it was Speechless’ good intentions, so it wasn’t right for Shi Xiaobai to rebuff him. After hesitating for a moment, he placed the night pearls into his pocket and said, “Thank you for your good intentions, but This King temporarily isn’t hungry.”

Everyone immediately let out a sigh of relief. Seeing how Shi Xiaobai did not really eat them, they figured it was probably an odd joke.

An imperceptible look of disappointment flashed in Speechless’ eyes.

Didn’t this rascal even eat rocks back then?

Speechless wanted to let Mu Yuesheng and the silver-haired girl see the fact that Shi Xiaobai would eat anything. In passing, he could also teach his two sisters and provide more evidence to “stay further away from Shi Xiaobai or he might eat you”.

But unfortunately, his ‘ploy’ did not succeed.

Speechless was feeling somewhat depressed. Seeing everyone casting odd looks at him, he immediately changed the topic of conversation. “The few of you are already gathered here and must have heard of the news regarding the life-and-death battle between the three kings. Where were you prior to this? Transcendence or the Infernal domain?”

Shi Xiaobai answered, “Infernal domain.”

Speechless’ eyes slightly lit up as he said, “Did you manage to meet the Infernal King? The Infernal King is quite different from what I imagined. He seems to be quite a pacifist? The timing he chose to propose the life-and-death battle between the three kings was perfect. It was full of wisdom. The Infernal King is actually so clever? It’s also unknown how powerful the Infernal King is?”

Shi Xiaobai and company looked at each other and had somewhat odd looks. They did not know how to tell Speechless that the Infernal King he was referring to was the Shi Xiaobai in front of him.

Shi Xiaobai coughed and was about to tell Speechless the truth that he was the Infernal King.

But at that moment, Speechless continued with his monologue, “However, regardless of the Infernal King’s strength, the victor of the life-and-death battle between the three kings will definitely be the Celestial King. Furthermore, the Celestial King will clinch victory in an overwhelming manner. Furthermore, the benevolent Celestial King will consider sparing the Infernal King and the new Transcendent king at the end. As long as they plead on their knees and shout, ‘Sire, spare us’, and everything will be good.”

Shi Xiaobai was surprised. For some baffling reason, he was condemned to being a definite loser. He even needed to kneel and plead for his life. This feeling was rather strange. Also, why did Speechless have such high regard for the Celestial King?

Mu Yuesheng, who knew the truth, rolled her eyes by his side. She hesitated if she should ruthlessly expose Speechless’ ‘naughtiness’.

Shi Xiaobai suddenly felt reluctant about revealing his identity as the Infernal King as it would cause the situation to turn awkward. He smiled and said seriously to Speechless, “It looks like you think highly of the Celestial King’s strength, but the story you said will not happen. That’s because the Infernal King’s strength is absolutely beyond your imagination. The final victor will be the Infernal King. Furthermore, the Infernal King suggested a life-and-death battle so it will be a battle that will have no end to it. Even if the Celestial King were to kneel down and shout grandpa, the Infernal King will not show him any mercy.”

Shi Xiaobai described the story that he thought would happen.

Speechless’ eyes shimmered as a smile suffused across his lips. He said, “I never knew you thought so highly of the Infernal King, but no matter what, the Celestial King will definitely be the ultimate victor. Shall…we make a bet?”

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