AC Chapter 420

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Chapter 420: So, apparently Field Marshal Awesomo is very awesome?

Celestial domain, round table meeting room

Speechless looked at the letter in his hand and could not help but laugh. “Impressive. Why didn’t This King think of such a move. When it comes to having fun, the Infernal King is the best at it.”

The seven Elders looked at each other and never expected the Celestial King to have such a reaction after seeing the letter. The Grand Elder said in a heavy tone, “What does Your Majesty thinks about the life-and-death battle between the three kings?”

Speechless said in a matter of fact tone, “Of course, it will be accepted.”

The Grand Elder pondered for a moment before he said, “To decide the outcome of a war with a fight, isn’t this too much of a child’s play? I believe that it’s best to refuse it. Furthermore, it’s a life-and-death battle. The dead will be the loser and the loser will definitely die. The Infernal King and the Transcendents’ new king are not nobodies. What if…”

Speechless waved his hand and said, “There are no ifs. This King will definitely be the ultimate winner. Now, the Infernal domain is hunkered down in defense, and the three sides are restrained. War can’t be continued on. It might as well be decided in a battle between kings. The Infernal King really chose a perfect time. However, it seems like the timing was planned by the Infernal domain. Tsk, the Infernal King is that clever? Alright, there is no need to discuss this matter further. It has been decided. Whatever you want to win back through the war, This King will return it through the life-and-death battle.”

The Grand Elder fell silent for a moment before he said in a heavy tone, “The Celestial domain and Your Majesty cannot accept the life-and-death battle. We can just treat the Infernal King as a silly clown and completely ignore him. Although the present situation of the war doesn’t have much of an advantage, the Celestial army has the absolute advantage. As long as this form of attrition continues on, we will definitely obtain final victory. Why is there a need to take the risk? The life-and-death battle is way too risky for Your Majesty and the Celestial domain.”

Speechless frowned slightly before he said, “It seems like you don’t trust in This King’s strength? Don’t worry. The Infernal King and the Transcendents’ new king is not This King’s match, Furthermore, this life-and-death battle cannot be refused. The timing the Infernal King chose is perfect. When the three domains were mocking him as the most cowardly Infernal King in all of eternity, he had issued this life-and-death battle. If This King were to refuse it, what would This King become? To not dare to accept the challenge from the most cowardly Infernal King in all of eternity, then wouldn’t that mean This King is the most cowardly Celestial King in all of eternity? This life-and-death battle is not that simple. It affects the reputation of the three kings, the morale of the soldiers, and the hearts of the people. It has to be accepted.”

The Grand Elder frowned deeply as he hesitated for a moment. He said, “Although this shouldn’t be said, but if Your Majesty continuously refuses to acknowledge the error of his ways, then I will have to say it. With all due respect, Your Majesty is probably not the match of the Infernal King and the Transcendents’ new king! The Infernal King and the Transcendents’s new king are publicly considered the strongest warriors in the Infernal domain and Transcendence, as for Your Majesty…”

Speechless was stunned as he said, “Is This King not the strongest warrior in the Celestial domain?”

The Elders looked at each other. The rumors that said that the Celestial King had suffered some agitation that made him forget many important things appeared to be true.

The Grand Elder gave a light cough and said, “Your Majesty, your strength…is about the standard of the third Divine General. Compared to the Infernal King and the new Transcendent king, there is logically a bit of a gap. I thought Your Majesty would flatly refuse the life-and-death battle, but I never expected Your Majesty to…appear unaware of the situation?”

The Grand Elder tried his best to say something uneuphemistic with the most euphemistic tone.

Speechless finally understood that the real Celestial King was not the strongest warrior in the Celestial domain. Furthermore, his strength was only on the level of the third Divine General. There was no way to compare to the Infernal King and the new Transcendent king.

Speechless’ mouth suffused an enlightened but wry smile. It was no wonder the Celestial King’s position in the Celestial domain was so awkward. The seven Elders and Field Marshal Awesomo only treated him with respect on the surface because the Celestial King was not the strongest warrior in the Celestial domain!

Why was being the Celestial King so fucking tragic?

Not only did he have to shoulder the blame, he was also fucking not the strongest warrior?

When Speechless thought of this, he nearly cursed out loud. He took a few deep breaths before he managed to calm down.

However, Speechless felt like he was burning in rage that he needed to vent.

Speechless looked at the Grand Elder and said with a heavy tone, “Who is publicly recognized as the strongest warrior in the Celestial domain?”

The Grand Elder pricked up his eyebrows slightly and after some hesitation, he said, “The strongest warrior publicly recognized in the Celestial domain is none other than—Field Marshal Awesomo!”

The corners of Speechless’s mouth suffused a sneer as he said coldly, “None of you know anything about This King’s true strength. Fine. This King needs a warm up before the life-and-death battle between the three kings anyway. So Field Marshal Awesomo is very awesome?”

Speechless sneered as he walked out of the meeting room. He ordered the guard outside the meeting room, “Get Field Marshal Awesomo prepare a battle arena and inform all Celestial soldiers that This King will be sparring with Field Marshal Awesomo.”

When the guard heard him, he froze for a moment and was suspecting if he had heard wrongly.

The seven Elders in the meeting room looked at each other as a faint and derisive smile suffused across their lips.

The Celestial King must have lost his wits.

When Speechless noticed how the guard remained motionless for a long time, he frowned and said, “What are you dazing around for? Quickly spread the news. This King can no longer wait to posture.”

The guard’s mouth twitched.

“Let’s hope Field Marshal Awesomo would go slightly easy on him. Although he’s an idiot, he is still the Celestial King after all.”

With this thought in mind, the guard turned around and executed Speechless’s order.

The ‘sparring match’ of the Celestial King and Field Marshal Awesomo was scheduled in the afternoon. The Celestial army filled the entire arena.

The Celestial King had once sparred with the second Divine General and was ‘completely thrashed. Many people spared his feelings and classified his strength to be at the third Divine General’s level. However, it was a question if the Celestial King could really defeat the third Divine General.

As for Field Marshal Awesomo, he was always considered the strongest warrior in the Celestial domain. He was an existence that could completely thrash the first Divine General. To the Celestial commoners, Field Marshal Awesomo’s strength was what the Celestial King should possess, so as to be an existence that could match the Infernal King.

As such, not a single Celestial soldier thought well of the Celestial King in the sparring match. They could even guess at how bad the thrashing would be!

And the sparring happened as they expected—it was a one-sided thrashing!

However, the thrashing and the person being thrashed were completely different from what they expected. It was quite the opposite!

Throughout the entire match, Field Marshal Awesomo was being suppressed. He was not even given a chance to breathe!

It was not true that Field Marshal Awesomo was not as good as the stories went. In fact, he had showcased stunning strength and destructive power, but the unfathomable Celestial King had all sorts of tactics. He could easily nullify Field Marshal Awesomo’s attacks and launch a counterstrike!

“Isn’t the Celestial King too strong?”

“How is the Celestial King so strong?”

“Heavens, this might be a fake Celestial King.”

The Celestial soldiers were extremely shocked. The seven Elders could not even sit still as they watched with widened eyes in disbelief at their Celestial King.

The final outcome of the match was naturally the Celestial King coming out victorious. Furthermore, he had clinched victory unharmed.

On the contrary, Field Marshal Awesomo was not only bruised all over. Even one of his bull horns on his head had been bent. He looked extremely pathetic.

As Speechless stepped on Field Marshal Awesomo, he declared his victory. Speechless looked up and surveyed the crowd and said with a sneer, “Does anyone have any objections to This King’s decision on participating in the life-and-death battle between the three kings?”

At that moment, how could any Celestial soldier dare to object?

The seven Elders could only obediently shut their mouths.

The Celestial King, who could easily crush Field Marshal Awesomo, would probably win the life-and-death battle between the three kings easily.

Speechless walked down the stage after having enjoyed the entire process. The warm up process was only worth six points to him. Field Marshal Awesomo’s strength could indeed be considered the strongest in the Celestial domain, but unfortunately, to Speechless, he was still too weak.

Mu Yuesheng came up to him and with a complex look in her eyes she whispered, “I guessed that you are very strong, but I never expected you to be this strong.”

Speechless chuckled and said, “Silly girl. Do you think This Emperor stayed in the Psionic Mortal Realm for eight years to fool around? This Emperor’s present strength is about the same strength as the Hero King when he was in the Psionic Mortal Realm. Unfortunately, This Emperor won’t have the opportunity to fight the three kings alone.”

Mu Yuesheng smiled and said, “But you can fight two kings.”

Speechless shrugged and said, “It feels like something is ultimately missing. Whatever. Since the number is lower than the Hero King’s, This Emperor will do it at a faster speed than him. One minute. In one minute, This King will cleave off the heads of the Infernal King and the new Transcendent king.”

On the day Shi Xiaobai issued the life-and-death battle challenge, the Transcendents and the Celestial domain responded one after the other. The answer was—fight!

Finally all three parties sent ambassadors and discussed the time and venue of the life-and-death battle.

Regarding the venue, after a round of discussion, it was decided to be at the Silent Desolate Lands which was not home ground to anyone.

The three ambassadors represented the views of the three king, and the three king’s surprisingly came to a unanimous decision—the sooner the better!

Therefore the life-and-death battle between the three kings was decided to be at noon tomorrow!

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