AC Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: The precursor before one person takes all

When Song Xiao’s explosive punch hit Shi Xiaobai’s Wavelet Shield, but only caused it to slightly vibrate, with not a single crack, everyone was dumbfounded. They even forgot to breathe for a moment.

When Song Xiao frantically hit the shield but failed to shatter it, they could only gulp with great difficulty.

When Shi Xiaobai lamented about giving the title of “weakest person” to Song Xiao, the truth dawned on them. Everything was not a dream. The bumpkin in front of them was still that dumb bumpkin, while the extremely hard shield and the defeated Song Xiao was reality.

At this moment, everyone erupted into chaos!

“Song Xiao, who is ranked second in strength, has lost. This… This…”

“Holy shit, Song Xiao lost so badly. Don’t tell me Tu Dahei has been posing as a pig all this while in order to eat a tiger!?”

“Heh heh, this Tu Dahei is clearly above or at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. He has been concealing it all along.”

“We were fooled by Song Xiao’s Psionic Ability realm. All he has is an F Class Psionic Blast. At the same realm, it’s natural he can’t shatter the E Class Wavelet Shield.”

“Eh, I was still suspecting that Tu Dahei is actually Shi Xiaobai. Now, it seems like I was overthinking it. No matter how powerful Shi Xiaobai is, it’s impossible he can reach the third level of the Psionic Mortal realm in ten days.”

“Why do I feel that Tu Dahei is actually a scheming bastard acting the fool. When Instructor Hisith was around, he was so weak, but once Instructor Hisith left, he immediately turned awesome! Did you hear his derision? The weakest person. Haha, I guess Song Xiao probably passed out from anger.”

“Scheming bastard+1!”

“Scheming bastard+10086!”

“Well, why do I think Tu Dahei isn’t faking it. Look at his expression, it’s as though he really thinks Song Xiao is very weak…”


The rookies erupted into a din, and used their words to vent their disbelieving emotions as well as the feeling of having been “duped”.

In a corner, Xiang Wu looked at Shi Xiaobai’s Wavelet Shield that had thickened by several layers. His eyes were burning with fighting spirit. He knew that he too could not shatter that shield at this moment, but he still wanted to give it a go.

The strongest Wang Lin, who had short hair, remained silent as always. His expression was calm, but similarly, an undetectable fighting spirit flashed in his eyes.

Ye Jiaquan’s face was filled with a honest and happy smile. He whispered, “Dahei, so strong! But Me still thinks Shi Xiaobai is stronger!”

Lingcun was the only person in the entire room that knew Tu Dahei was Shi Xiaobai. The shock he received was the greatest. Shi Xiaobai had actually managed to use ten days to go from an ordinary mortal to the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm. This was already beyond common sense.

But with the emergence of this critical news, it made the messy speculation in Lingcun’s mind turn clear. All his doubts received a critical explanation. The truth slowly unweaved itself in Lingcun’s brain, emerging bit by bit.

“Since Shi Xiaobai possesses S Class Mind Expanse, to obtain such heaven-defying cultivation speed, it has to do with his heaven-defying Cogitation technique. If people with ulterior motives know of this matter, they would definitely covet Shi Xiaobai’s Cogitation technique as well as do some unlawful act. In order to protect Shi Xiaobai, someone had set up a ‘Realm Seal’ on his body.”

“Instructor Hisith must have seen through the ‘Realm Seal’, which was why he became so interested in Shi Xiaobai. There were likely two goals in the series of actions after this. One of them is to let Shi Xiaobai grow faster, and secondly, it is to force the person, who set up the ‘Realm Seal’, out from behind the scenes.”

“The person behind the scenes clearly was One-Pun, who appeared during the crisis just now. After One-Pun appeared, the two of them had to end their standoff due to some urgent matters. One-Pun waited for several minutes after Hisith left before he felt relieved to leave, but he did not expect Hisith to have left a contingency plan.”

“Hisith’s contingency plan had two motives. One of them looked like it was torturing Shi Xiaobai, but it was actually to release the seal on his body. And the second motive was to let the game continue. The two matters, when combined, actually only had one motive. He wanted to make the ‘Realm Seal’ set up by One-Pun be for nothing, allowing Shi Xiaobai to reveal his true strength in the game, exposing himself to risk.”

“Even if the upper echelons of [Gaia] have kept information of Shi Xiaobai confidential, it is impossible for it to be airtight. The news of Shi Xiaobai reaching the third level of the Psionic Mortal realm in ten days will definitely fall into the ears of others. In that case, Shi Xiaobai will be coveted by other organizations. Hisith has pushed Shi Xiaobai into the most dangerous of situations because of his anger.”

“No, Hisith’s intent is far from that. He forced Shi Xiaobai into such a dangerous situation to force One-Pun to use ‘God’s Guardian’. With the function of the superpower, ‘God’s Guardian’ being so powerful, it must have numerous limitations and conditions, such as cooldown time, or a limitation like the number of times it can be used on the same target. Hisith was likely trying to expend One-Pun’s ‘God’s Guardian’ completely!”

“What terrifying intent, what a vicious heart! Shi Xiaobai can only try to maintain his fake identity as Tu Dahei, and reduce the dissemination of information. Finally, he will have to rely on the protection of [Gaia]. [Gaia]’s emphasis on Shi Xiaobai would likely move a step higher, and the protection would likely strengthen.”

“Sigh, Shi Xiaobai O’ Shi Xiaobai, you really exceed my expectations every time, but yet you are always so worrisome.”

Lingcun’s eyes flashed with a faint red glow as he heavily sighed. Immediately, he began to think of how he could help Shi Xiaobai pass any upcoming challenges.

Shi Xiaobai naturally did not know that he was already at the third level of the Psionic Mortal Realm, so when he said those words to Song Xiao, it was actually not mockery, but the truth. Previously, when his shield was easily shattered by four people consecutively, Shi Xiaobai could not help but consider himself very, very weak.

Yet when this youth with long hair smashed into shield so many times without even causing it to shake, it was like he was super weak!

However, when he heard the crowd’s noisy conversation, Shi Xiaobai finally realized the truth. It was not because his opponent was too weak, but because he was too strong!

“Is This King really that strong?”

Shi Xiaobai still found it unbelievable. He hurriedly rushed to Song Xiao, who was on the ground, and asked him, “Weakest person, did you go easy? Or are you sick? Or is it because you really want the title of ‘weakest person’?”

When Song Xiao heard this, a sense of hate rushed to his head, causing him to immediately spit out a mouthful of blood and then pass out.

Shi Xiaobai, who did not receive an answer, was slightly disappointed. He began studying his Wavelet Shield and immediately realized that the amount of Psionic Power he had was a lot more than before. Furthermore, the obstructive feeling whenever he released his Psionic Power had disappeared. That obstructive feeling had nothing to do with Psionic Ability control, but it limited the amount of Psionic Power he could produce!

“Right, seal!”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes lit up. He immediately recalled the word One-Pun and Hisith mentioned vaguely and was enlightened immediately.

“So that’s the case. One of the 81 seals set by the Evil Gods of the various worlds on This King has been finally been dispelled! Wahaha, This King is no longer the weakest person. This King has finally taken the first step on his conquering path!”

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai, who thought that he had realized the truth, was in high-spirits. He had recovered all his confidence!

At this moment, Mos’ cold voice sounded again, blanketing everyone’s voice, causing the venue to turn silent.

“The game carries on. Next, Gao Song.”

Shi Xiaobai and everyone else were stunned before they recovered instantly. Hisith’s game rules did not state that the game was over after one person was eliminated! Although Hisith had previously said that one toy would leave today, he did not clearly state that a person’s elimination meant the end of the game.

Clearly, in Mos’ point of view, the number of people eliminated was not something he cared for. This inhumane calamity fiend clearly would not accommodate the rookies. He would carry out the game rules to the end.

This game would not stop!

However, how could any of the rookies, other than Wang Lin, be capable of shattering it? It was a shield that even Song Xiao was helpless against!

Damn it, if this carried on, wouldn’t Tu Dahei be eliminating all the remaining rookies?

Everyone immediately looked with pitiable eyes at Shi Xiaobai, who was on the platform, but all they saw was Shi Xiaobai rubbing his fists, as though he was full of anticipation.

Shi Xiaobai sensed the strange looks of everyone as he shouted, “Come on, This King will definitely not go easy!”

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai, who had been looked down with contempt as the weakest person, became the largest giant in the entire room!

That day would likely become an unforgettable tragic memory for [Annihilation].

Author’s Note: This arc is finally coming to an end! But Shi Xiaobai’s story has only just begun!

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