AC Chapter 417

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Chapter 417: Tolerate my ass!

With the Infernal domain’s barrier was destroyed, the Infernal domain should have been the target of everyone. If the mortal world and the Celestial domain combined forces and attacked the Infernal domain, it would be very difficult for it to defend itself after it lost its natural protection. However, in midday of the second day, something drastic happened to the situation. The eyes of the goddess of war turned favorably towards the Infernal domain.

At midday of the second day, a shocking news came from afar. The Transcendent army had successfully attacked the teleportation nexus that the Celestial domain used. Although the Celestial army managed to defend in time, preventing the Transcendents from taking control, the teleportation nexus’s switch was destroyed. As a result, the teleportation nexus temporarily could not be closed!

What did this mean?

It meant that the Celestial domain had entered a distressing situation just like the Infernal domain. If the teleportation nexus could not be closed, the greatest defense of the Celestial domain was constantly at danger of the enemy’s attack. The Celestial domain, which just needed to focus on attacking, now had to divert a sufficient number of their forces to defend their own lands!

The Celestial domain could not even act brazenly before it could do it!

What resulted in such an awkward situation with the Celestial domain was not because of the Infernal domain’s counterattack but because of the Transcendents’ sudden attack!

Why did the Transcendents, who were supposed to ally with the Celestial domain to destroy the Infernal domain, suddenly bite at the Celestial domain like a mad dog?

According to the furious Transcendents, the Celestial domain had burnt down their holy tree. The evidence was the power that had burnt down the holy tree. It was Celestial Fire that only the Celestial King could wield. No one could imitate it, so the evidence could not be clearer!

Everyone in the Celestial domain gave Speechless questioning looks.

Speechless, who was already questioning life, was rendered even more speechless. Why was the blame on him all the time?

However, Speechless couldn’t explain it. He could only shake his head and denied it. He claimed to not have destroyed the Transcendence Holy Tree. He did not have any motive, nor did he have the time to commit the crime.

The Celestial domain believed Speechless’ explanation because they knew that the Celestial King did not have the time to do such an act.

But the Transcendents would not believe it. The troops that were forced by the gargantuan to fight were originally rather reluctant, but now, it was as if they were on stimulants. The anger and hatred in them gave them sufficient motivation to wage war.

Therefore, the flames of war between the Transcendents and the Celestial domain were ignited by midday.

As for the Infernal domain that was about to suffer the fierce invasion of the Celestial domain, it felt like it was liberated. The Celestial domain could only fend for itself, so how could it have the time to attack them?

The tensed Infernal soldiers were finally able to heave a sigh of relief. The repairing of the Infernal domain’s barrier’s was still underway. When the Infernal domain’s barrier was restored, the Infernal domain would once again become unassailable!

There were Infernal generals that suggested to ally with the Transcendents and attack the Celestial domain together. Even if they did not ally, they could kick the Celestials while they were down. By launching attacks on the Celestial domain on one side, the Celestial domain would suffer attacks from multiple angles and would not be able to live in peace.

Such a suggestion was obviously rejected by Shi Xiaobai. Shi Xiaobai was overjoyed when the Infernal domain managed to extricate itself from the war in such a baffling manner, so how could he want it to implicate itself again?

Shi Xiaobai ordered the Infernal soldiers to not participate in the war between the Celestials and the Transcendents. He poured more manpower into the restoration of the Infernal domain’s barrier so as to speed it up.

Shi Xiaobai had a new trouble facing him. According to the ancient story and the Infernal Queen’s speculation, the Infernal King’s mandate was to kill the present Celestial King. Shi Xiaobai had basically agreed with the guess and did not have much reservations about it.

Shi Xiaobai did not know that the present Celestial King was Speechless. He was just like the popcorn eating crowd who blamed the Celestial domain’s attack of the Infernal domain on the Celestial King. Hence, he had a deep hatred for the present Celestial King. If he needed to complete the Absolute Choice’s mission, Shi Xiaobai did not mind sending the mastermind behind the war to his maker.

However, it was a problem when it came to killing the Celestial King.

Assassination? Murder? Deathtrap?

Shi Xiaobai was not good at killing, so the matter made him rather vexed.

However, what was considered a pleasant agony lasted for less than an afternoon because something that made Shi Xiaobai nearly curse out loud happened.

The Transcendents and Celestials’ battleground had moved!

As though it was agreed upon, the Transcendent and Celestial soldiers moved their battleground to the Infernal domain!

Shi Xiaobai could understand why the Transcendents and the Celestials had made such a choice. Although he had expressed the firm attitude of not participating in the war, it was hard for the Infernal domain to shy away from the possibility that it was waiting to benefit from the internecine struggle through its inaction. The Transcendent and Celestial armies naturally had the same worries—If the Infernal domain were to strike when all was over, what would happen?

And the way to resolve this worry was—to force the Infernal domain into joining the war!

The Transcendents and Celestials did not stop the war. They only moved the battleground to the Infernal domain’s first line of defense. However, it resulted in a fundamental change.

The Infernal soldiers were left astounded. They were planning on standing by the sidelines and watch the flames of war blaze while eating popcorn, but who knew that the flames would reach them!

How were they to fucking tolerate this?

Sorry about that, Shi Xiaobai tolerated it.

Shi Xiaobai, who had hardened his heart to not participate in the war, ordered for the Infernal soldiers to abandon the first line of defense and to not leave the boundary of the second line of defense.

You like fighting in someone else’s house?

Fine, This King will let you fight. The outcome is at most smashed furniture, broken walls, shattered grounds…right?

At the worse, This King can rebuild, repurchase and repair. This King won’t send the troops and allow you to do as you wish!

The Infernal King was placed on a high pedestal in the minds of the Infernals, so Shi Xiaobai’s policy of tolerance did not encounter much opposition.

However, tolerance was not the solution to the problem. That’s because when you take a step back, the other party would reach out for a yard after taking an inch!

The Celestial and Transcendent armies quickly expanded the battlefield to the second line of defense!

Shi Xiaobai clenched his fists. After some thought, he decided to continue tolerating!

However, in less than ten minutes, the battle reached the third line of defense!

Shi Xiaobai breathed in deeply for three minutes and after struggling for a long time, he finally decided to tolerate it again!

However, the Celestials and Transcendents ignored the Infernal domain’s tolerating stance. Soon, the battlefield expanded into the fourth line of defense.

It was the final line of defense for the Infernal domain. If the Celestial and Transcendent soldiers took another step, it will enter the civilian zone of the Infernal domain! When that happened, what was ignited was no longer cold buildings but burning warm-blooded lives!

At that moment, Shi Xiaobai looked up and sighed.

The Infernal Queen said with a smile, “Then, does it mean that Darling still plans on tolerating?”

Shi Xiaobai smirked and said angrily, “Tolerate my ass. Do those bastards really treat This King as some cowardly turtle? So there is no end to it? Fine, very fine! Since they dare to come all the way here, then don’t fucking leave!”

Shi Xiaobai’s angry voice reached outside the palace. And in a hidden corner outside the palace hid a shadow that the palace maids and guards did not discover despite walking past it several times.

The shadow laughed inaudibly.

“Is the show finally about to begin?”

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