AC Chapter 415

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Chapter 415: Speechless begins to question life

According to information pertaining to the Celestial domain from past trial-takers, Speechless had certainly never seen any description regarding the Celestial domain’s Field Marshal. But this time, the Celestial domain suddenly had an additional Field Marshal whose influence and power exceeded the ten Divine Generals!

All the military power of the Celestial domain was in the hands of the bull-horned Field Marshal!

The hundred thousand soldiers knelt down and chanted, “Field Marshal Awesomo!”

Field Marshal Awesomo’s expression was livid. As he walked slowly over, he said in a deep voice to Speechless, “Your Majesty, what are you trying to do!?”

Speechless could ignore Divine General Blood Leopard, but he had to contend with Field Marshal Awesomo because all the military power was in his hand. He could easily cause a revolt.

Speechless shrugged his shoulders and said, “This King simply wants to prevent the war. Field Marshal Awesomo obviously knows of the cruelty of war. This King is doing this to save the lives of these hundred thousand soldiers. All of you should thank This King instead.”

Field Marshal Awesomo said with a sullen expression, “Disregarding the Elders’ objections and using the Will of the King to start the war was because of you. Now, with the troops having high morale and fighting spirit, it’s the best opportunity for us to invade the Infernal domain. But the one singlehandedly stopping the war is also you, Your Majesty. What does Your Majesty intend to do?”

Speechless could only give a wry smile in his heart. There was no way for him to explain that the Celestial King that proposed the war wasn’t him. He could only shoulder the blame silently, so Speechless said, “This King has already said. The proposing of a war was done on impulse by This King. After considering it later, This King is filled with regret. So what if the war is won? Our troops will be dead with countless injured. How many people will lose their loved ones? The entire Celestial domain will wallow in the sorrow of death. Now, that the war has only just begun, preventing and ending this war that should not have happened is the only way for This King to redeem the sin he committed in his rashness!”

Speechless had a sincere expression and his words were very inspiring. All the Celestial soldiers that heard his words were lost in thought. There was an additional but different look in their impatient and anxious eyes.

When Field Marshal Awesomo saw this scene, a sneer suffused across his lips as he said coldly, “Your Majesty, I didn’t plan on exposing your lies, but I can’t stand hearing it any further—The reason why you stubbornly insisted on war was not because of a moment of impulse but because of carelessness. You caused the extremely valuable Celestial Jade to be stolen by a spy sent by the Infernal King. In order to take back the Celestial Jade, you had hidden your mistake and stubbornly launched the war! Your Majesty, by preventing the war, are you wallowing in self-defeat and have decided to ‘give’ the Celestial Jade to the Infernal King and pretend as if nothing had happened?”

When Field Marshal Awesomo said that, all the soldiers burst into an uproar. They did not know that the holy item, the Celestial Jade, had been stolen. They never expected that the cause for the war was because of such a reason!

If that was true…

“Are you maligning This King?”

Speechless frowned. “The Celestial Jade is clearly in This King’s…”

Speechless immediately took out the Celestial Jade from his pocket that he had been playing with previously. However, when he held it and seriously sensed it, Speechless’ expression changed. The words he said midway came to a halt.

“This is a fake piece of Celestial Jade!?”

Speechless looked in disbelief at the jade pendant in his hand.

Field Marshal Awesomo said with a laugh, “Your Majesty’s acting is really admirable. That fake Celestial Jade was specially crafted by an artisan under your special orders. You were worried that the seven Elders would realize that you had lost the Celestial Jade. The reason why you launched the war was because you wanted to get the Celestial Jade back as soon as possible. Everything you did was to cover up the mistake you did due to your carelessness. Are you actually questioning me?”

Speechless could not help but turn silent. He knew that Field Marshal Awesomo was right. What he said was probably the reason why the real Celestial King had launched the war. The plot was similar to the plot of the Hero King and now, he had to shoulder the blame.

Speechless immediately felt very helpless. He thought that by becoming the Celestial King for no good reason, he could at least enjoy the privileges of being the Celestial King. He never expected that not only did he need to shoulder the blame for the original Celestial King, he needed to clean up after the Celestial King’s mess. He might as well be the Infernal King! Although the Infernal King was infamous, he at least had the Infernal Queen, who was considered the number one beauty in the world!

When the soldiers saw how Speechless was silent, they immediately realized the truth of the matter. By not responding, the Celestial King had silently acknowledged it.


Was a Celestial King that would launch a war in order to cover up a sordid deed worthy to be their king?

The expression in the soldiers’ eyes changed as they could not help but take a step forward.

Speechless was immediately jolted awake as he swept his eyes coldly at the soldiers and said coldly, “Stop. Whoever dares take another step, don’t blame This King for being ruthless!”

Speechless’ intimidation was still effective. The soldiers came to a stop and looked at each other. They were not sure as to what to do, so they finally looked at Field Marshal Awesomo.

Field Marshal Awesomo said with a sneer, “Your Majesty, have you come to your senses? Do you know how much harm you are causing to the Celestial domain by what you are doing now? The teleportation nexus has been activated. Traces of its activation can’t be removed in a short period of time. The Infernal soldiers will quickly find the location of the teleportation nexus. If the teleportation nexus’s defense were to fall, once the Celestial army is sent through the nexus, they would be killed by an ambush set up by the Infernals. Furthermore, the Infernal army can easily launch a counteroffensive on the Celestial domain. Then, the location of the battlefield will reverse! Furthermore, first division’s Commander Maio had exchanged his life to destroy the Infernal domain’s barrier. If this drags on, the Infernals will repair the Infernal domain. We will probably end up in a situation of being beaten with no way to fight back! Your Majesty, every second you delay is wicking off life of the entire Celestial domain!”

Field Marshal Awesomo’s words startled Speechless. The Celestial soldiers also felt afraid and worried. They began stirring.

Speechless fell silent for a moment and said, “Don’t worry. From the fact that the Infernal domain did not enter a pursuit yesterday, it tells us that the Infernal domain does not plan on making the war turn more intense. As long as we give up the invasion, they would not take the initiative to invade. The teleportation nexus’s defense will not fall. If it falls, This King…”

Just as Speechless was speaking his assuring words, the teleportation nexus beneath everyone’s feet began to rumble. Rainbow colors began to chaotically flash.

Field Marshal Awesomo exclaimed in horror, “No good, someone is forcefully opening the teleportation nexus!”

Divine General Blood Leopard stared with widened eyes. “The teleportation nexus’s defense has fallen so quickly!?”

Speechless, who only finished mid-sentence, could not continue on. He lowered his head and looked at the flashing teleportation nexus and felt extremely speechless.

At that moment, Field Marshal Awesomo walked towards the switch. Speechless gaped but no longer stopped him. He knew that he no longer could stop it. Although he was the Celestial King, he could not will the situation that would affect every life in the Celestial domain.

Speechless could only curse angrily in his heart—Fuck you, you idiotic Infernal King. Can’t you fucking tolerate it for a moment? Do you fucking love war that much?

Speechless looked up and sighed.

He had tried his best.

But he couldn’t prevent the war.

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