AC Chapter 414

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Chapter 414: Darling asked the right person

“What an appropriate saying. I have lost. Darling, ask any question you have. Other than my identity, I will definitely answer you truthfully, even if Darling asks which part of my body is the most sensitive,” The Infernal Queen said sultrily.

Shi Xiaobai ignored the Infernal Queen’s sultry words and asked her the number one question he wanted to ask, “How can the war be prevented?”

The Infernal Queen’s eyebrows pricked up, but there was not much of an astonishment on her face. It was as if she had guessed what Shi Xiaobai’s question would be as she chuckled and said, “Since time immemorial, gods and demons stood on opposite sides in an eternal clash. The war between the two factions had began from the first Celestial King and Infernal King. It lasted for three centuries until the Celestial domain finally had a Celestial King that was sick of war. A treaty with unfair terms and conditions was signed in exchange for thousands of years of peace. And now, the flames of war have been stirred once again. Just like a well-aged wine, how can the fragrance of the wine be suppressed any further once the wine cork is removed? It is very difficult to prevent the war.”

Upon saying that, the Infernal Queen paused. Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly as he said, “And then?”

When the Infernal Queen said a load of crap to end with an analysis that the war would be very difficult to prevent, Shi Xiaobai had an ominous feeling.

The Infernal Queen gave a small laugh and said, “Although it’s very difficult, I had actually thought of a solution prior to this. Does Darling want to hear it?”

Shi Xiaobai found her sentence somewhat odd, especially the words ‘prior to this’, but he naturally nodded.

The Infernal Queen said, “If I didn’t guess wrong, the reason for the Celestial King’s incitement of war is because of that Celestial Jade. If Darling had immediately returned the Celestial Jade and apologized with reparations, before signing some unfair treaties, there is a possibility of preventing the war.”

When Shi Xiaobai heard this, he was stunned as he said, “That’s your plan?”

The Infernal Queen nodded as though it was for granted, “I only managed to think of this plan.”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent and said helplessly, “The Celestial Jade has already been eaten by This King!”

The Infernal Queen blinked her eyes and said, “I saw that, which was why I said that it’s a method I thought of ‘prior to this’! Now, I can’t help even if I wanted to.”

Shi Xiaobai rolled his eyes and said, “Isn’t your answer too perfunctory? You had said that your intelligence is something that even you are afraid of? But now, you are giving me an answer anyone with a bit more intelligence can come up with?”

The Infernal Queen said with a shrug, “Wasn’t my intelligence just beaten by Darling? If Darling can’t figure out a solution to the problem, how would I be able to?”

Shi Xiaobai could tell that the Infernal Queen did not plan on seriously answering his question. It might be because she really did not know or she did not want to tell him because of some unknown reasons, but from the way things looked, the Infernal Queen was planning to go back on her word!

Shi Xiaobai was infuriated at that moment. He did not hold out all hope that he would be able to gain the method of stopping the war from the Infernal Queen, but after playing a round of mentally taxing Aeroplane Chess, which killed numerous brain cells, Shi Xiaobai felt that he had suffered a great loss.

Shi Xiaobai said with a deep voice, “This King is extremely unsatisfied with your answer. But since you can’t answer the question, This King won’t make it difficult for you. This King shall change questions.”

The Infernal Queen smirked as she said, “If Darling wants to ask another question, he will need to play another round of Aeroplane Chess with me.”

Shi Xiaobai’s mouth twitched as he said, “Your first answer isn’t to This King’s satisfaction, yet you think it’s right to get This King to play another round with you? If you bought a rotten fruit, will you continue buying from the same fruit stall a second time? You must at least prove that your answers are of value or why would This King waste his time to play a completely worthless game?”

The Infernal Queen was surprised as she chuckled and said, “What Darling said is very reasonable. I have nothing to offer to your viewpoint. In that case, as Darling said, I will answer another one of Darling’s question and satisfy Darling. But in return, Darling has to play at least one more round of Aeroplane Chess with me!”

Shi Xiaobai could tell from her words. The Infernal Queen had deliberately gone back on her word because she was worried that he would no longer play another round with her after he obtained the answers he wanted. He could tell that the Infernal Queen wanted to seek revenge on the chessboard.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment before finally nodding. Shi Xiaobai admitted that he did not have any match when it came to Aeroplane Chess. He had a myriad of methods to beat the Infernal Queen into submission.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes flickered as he asked the next question he wanted to know about the most.

“What is the Infernal King’s Mandate?”

The Infernal Queen fell into a daze. Clearly, Shi Xiaobai’s question had exceeded her expectations. She could not help but say, “Darling, why do you keep asking such odd questions?”

Shi Xiaobai rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t tell This King that you can’t answer this question either?”

The Infernal Queen’s eyes flickered for a moment as she slowly shook her head and said, “Just the opposite. Darling asked the right person. I am probably the only person who can answer this question.”

Celestial domain, in front of a teleportation nexus

With war beginning, the Celestial domain had naturally opened up a teleportation nexus that connected the Celestial domain to the mortal world. Troops of Celestial soldiers were sent through the nexus to the mortal world.

The teleportation nexus was two-way. By activating it in the Celestial domain, there would be one opened up in the mortal world as well. It was equivalent to opening a path from the mortal world to the Celestial domain as well.

This was a hidden risk for the Celestial domain because it meant that although the Celestial domain could enter the mortal world, it also meant that mortals could enter the Celestial domain.

And at that moment, there were a hundred thousand elite soldiers gathered in front of the Celestial domain’s teleportation nexus. They were the second wave that was meant to invade the Celestial domain. After the first wave was defeated early last night, they were supposed to have set off and continuously strike at the Infernal domain.

However, they had no choice but to stay in front of the teleportation nexus for an entire night.

That’s because in front of the teleportation nexus’s switch, there stood an existence that was not easily touched.

Their king, the Celestial domain’s Celestial King had switched off the teleportation nexus. Furthermore, he was standing at the switch and prevented any soldier from approaching it!

Divine General Blood Leopard, ranked eighth among the ten Divine Generals, tried to persuade him all night, but the Celestial King remained cold. Anyone who dared to approach it would be met with a heartless slash of the sword!

The Celestial King had blocked a hundred thousand soldiers alone, but the soldiers did not dare to group up and attack him.

It was already nearing noon. Divine General Blood Leopard had not given up trying to persuade the Celestial King. He repeatedly stressed, “Your Majesty, please turn on the teleportation nexus. The defenses placed at the teleportation nexus that we set up in the moral world are far from sufficient. If the Infernal domain were to invade now, the nexus will likely fall! Your Majesty, please think again!”

Speechless remained silent. This was the only method he could think of to prevent the war. In the country with a parliament, he did not have much authority as the Celestial King so Speechless was forced to act in this manner.

As for Divine General Blood Leopard’s mentioning of sending guards to defend the nexus, Speechless wasn’t foolish enough to believe him. He was certain that if he were to let the hundred thousand soldiers reach the mortal world, it would immediately mean the beginning of a bloody and cruel battle.

From the intelligence from last night, the Infernal soldiers did not pursue them. From the looks of it, the Infernal domain did not plan on fighting the war. As long as he could stop the Celestial soldiers from proceeding, he could be able to prevent this one-sided war.

With this thought in mind, Speechless was even more determined to not let the hundred thousand soldiers use the teleportation nexus.

At that moment, the hundred thousand soldiers suddenly spread out like a tide and made way for a wide path. A figure slowly walked over.

Speechless looked over as his expression changed slightly.

That was a tall and and muscular man with bullhorns on his head. He was dressed in the garb of a guard. From the beginning, Speechless had guessed that the bull-horned guard was not an ordinary guard. When he later learned of the bull-horned guard’s identity, he was truly given a scare.

The bull-horned guard was not a guard, nor was he a Divine General, but the—Celestial domain’s Field Marshal!

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