AC Chapter 409

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Chapter 409: Complicated and Confusing Changes

The silver-haired girl carried Shi Xiaobai with her a hundred meters into the sky before she headed for the other side of the battlefield. The Celestial soldiers that were embroiled in battle on the ground could only watch helplessly.

In the sky, the silver-haired girl’s arms were hugging Shi Xiaobai with increasing force. It was as though she was afraid that she would accidentally drop him.

Shi Xiaobai acutely noticed that the silver-haired girl was flying rather unstably and somewhat slowly. It was apparent that she was not accustomed to it.

“First time?”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but turn his head and ask.

His voice was nearly drowned by the strong winds high up in the air, but it still managed to reach the silver-haired girl’s ears.

The silver-haired girl’s face that was turning cold from the blowing wind immediately turned hot once again. She hesitated for a moment before nodding gently.

This was the first time she was carrying another person in flight. It was much more difficult than flying alone. It was not because Shi Xiaobai was heavy, but because he was too important.

She was afraid that if she made a mistake, she would cause Shi Xiaobai to plummet from a high altitude.

Due to the incident in the afternoon, she had accidentally cried out in pain due to not being able to hold back the pain of her broken tooth. It had caused four succubi to die and it also made her unable to trust herself.

Shi Xiaobai easily guessed at the silver-haired girl’s mental state. He could not help but sigh. He felt even more pity for the silver-haired girl’s kindness.

Shi Xiaobai said softly, “Relax, even if This King falls from here, This King will still be left unscathed.”

Shi Xiaobai was not joking. After consuming the Transcendence Holy Tree’s fruit, with his physical strength and psionic protection, it would definitely not be fatal if he fell from a few hundred meters. He might not necessarily escape unscathed, but the greatest injury he could get would be bone fractures.

But when the silver-haired girl heard Shi Xiaobai’s comforting, she immediately imagined the scene of Shi Xiaobai plummeting. She immediately tensed up as she hugged him even tighter, as though she wanted to merge Shi Xiaobai into her body.

Shi Xiaobai gave a helpless smile. He had wanted to ask about the matter of her suddenly having crystal wings because he had previously witnessed Speechless using similar crystal wings to cross the vast ravine back in the Silent Desolate Lands.

However, from the way the silver-haired girl’s arms were nervously trembling, he decided not to distract her.

The duo flew high in the air and nearly melted into the night. Soon, they passed the chaotic battlefield. Although the silver-haired girl flew rather clumsily, she had managed to successfully reach the destination. The spot they arrived was directly above the Divine General Centaur.

Shi Xiaobai said, “Fly to a height of hundred meters and let This King down.”

The silver-haired girl hurriedly shook her head. She didn’t dare to let Shi Xiaobai drop at a hundred meters.

Shi Xiaobai said helplessly, “Then make it fifty meters. Only by falling from the sky can This King end the battle in the fastest possible way.”

The silver-haired girl shook her head like a rattle. It was clear that she did not wish to let Shi Xiaobai take the risk of fifty meters.

“Thirty meters?”

The silver-haired girl shook her head.

“Twenty meters?”

The silver-haired girl still shook her head.

“Ten meters!?”

The silver-haired girl nearly turned dizzy from shaking her head.

Shi Xiaobai was rendered speechless as he suddenly reached out his hands to hold onto the silver-haired girl’s soft arms. With a hard pull, he opened the silver-haired girl’s arms.

Shi Xiaobai’s strength was clearly not one the silver-haired girl could match. Instantly, Shi Xiaobai had freed himself from her embrace.

The silver-haired girl was given a fright as she nearly screamed. But she quickly covered her mouth subconsciously as she stared with widened eyes at Shi Xiaobai while swooping quickly downwards.

They were at an altitude of two hundred meters. With Shi Xiaobai plummeting from such a height, the silver-haired girl’s heart was so nervous that it nearly jumped out of her chest. She tried her best to chase after the plummeting Shi Xiaobai.

But for some reason, Shi Xiaobai’s descending speed was many times faster than hers. There was no way for her to catch up!

Suddenly, the silver-haired girl saw a black and white sword appear in Shi Xiaobai’s hand. Golden bits of light appeared in the air as they gathered around Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai lifted his sword high up with both hands and plummeted straight towards the ground. The golden light was gathered on the black and white sword as suddenly a gigantic golden sword phantom appeared!

A hundred meters!

Fifty meters!

Thirty meters!

Twenty meters!

Ten meters!

The phantom of the golden sword grew increasing corporeal. It was dazzling in the dark night and was even brighter than the stars and more beautiful than the moon!

The Celestial army on the ground clearly noticed the falling golden sword phantom. They hurriedly yelled and fled. Even the Divine General Centaur widened his eyes as he tried to flee!

However, Shi Xiaobai’s speed of descent was too fast. It was unbelievable!

The silver-haired girl noticed that despite using all her strength to descend, Shi Xiaobai had already landed on the ground when she was still a hundred meters in the air!

And accompanying him was the gigantic golden sword phantom!

The silver-haired girl swore that she would never forget this scene that would follow her for the rest of her life!

The gigantic golden sword phantom stabbed straight into the ground as countless specks of golden light dispersed and inundated the ground. It was like a large golden lotus that had bloomed on the ground!


An explosion boomed as all sound was drowned. Ears went momentarily deaf as the world seemed to plunge into a moment of silence.

And in that lonely silence, one could see a golden lotus emanate through the darkened ground from the sky. The resplendent light spread as the golden dots of light rose into the air like bubbles. They appeared like stars that were returning back to their rightful place in the sky.

And in the middle of the golden lotus stood a youth. It was as if he was enveloped in light but it also seemed like he was emitting the light.

All of that was an unforgettable beauty.

The silver-haired girl’s eyes gradually blurred but she could not bear blinking her eyes. She only wanted to deeply etch the scene into her mind.

But the beautiful picture for the silver-haired girl was a nightmarish scene for the Celestial soldiers. It was because their Divine General, Centaur, was pulverized by that strike. Even the flag that represented the Celestial domain was reduced to dust in the light.

“The Divine General is dead!”

“Heavens, what a terrifying strike. How can we fight that?”

“Run, quickly run!”

With the Divine General dead, the Celestial soldiers that were only a probing first wave immediately lost all morale as they ran away screaming.

Fleeing soldiers were bound to be defeated.

The Infernal soldiers immediately pursued the escaping Celestial soldiers in excitement.

But at that moment, a deafening roar stopped them.

“Don’t pursue them! Return!”

It was none other than Shi Xiaobai’s voice. Only then did the Infernal soldiers realize that the golden sword phantom that shot down from the sky came from their beloved Infernal King.

The Infernal soldiers immediately stopped their pursuit. They did not ask for any reason, nor did they grumble about not pursuing. Instead, they threw up their hands and yelled, “Long live the Infernal King!”

Under the deafening shouts, the Celestial soldiers fled in defeat like crestfallen dogs!

Silent Desolate Lands, ten miles away from the Infernal domain

The scene of the golden sword phantom falling made the Transcendent soldiers shiver. The cheers of long live the Infernal King could still be heard clearly from a distance of ten miles.

Moya could not help but ask, “Your Majesty, what should we do now?”

“It looks like the Infernal domain won the first battle.”

The gargantuan fell silent for a moment before saying, “The war has only just begun. The Celestial domain has only sent its first wave of attacks as a probe. Continue waiting.”

Moya nodded.

At that moment, the sound of hurried footsteps came from the rear.

“No good! No good! No good!”

A green-skinned dwarf was running frantically and looked out of breath. Despite so, he continued shouting ‘no good’. He had rushed here from afar, as though something urgent had cropped up!

The gargantuan frowned and shouted to the green-skinned dwarf that had rushed over, “What happened?”

The green-skinned dwarf yelled at the top of his lungs, “Your Majesty, it’s bad! The Transcendence Holy Tree…has been burned down!”

There was immediately an uproar among the Transcendent soldiers when they heard this!

The gargantuan’s heart leaped as well as he loudly said, “Speak clearly! Why would the Transcendence Holy Tree burn down?”

The green-skinned dwarf immediately responded but he nearly choked. After taking three deep breaths, he said in a hurry, “Your Majesty, after you led the troops away…some scoundrel sneaked into Transcendence and…burned the Transcendence Holy Tree down! According to the Grand Elder, the power that burned the holy tree comes from…comes from…”

The gargantuan angrily bellowed, “Quickly say it. Where did it come from?”

The green-skinned dwarf gasped and nearly choked to death, but he endured it by shouting, “From the Celestials!”

Infernal domain, first line of defense

The cheers of long live the Infernal King lasted for several minutes before it was forced to come to halt by Shi Xiaobai. The soldiers began cleaning up the bloody battlefield. When they saw the corpses of their comrades-in-arms, the joy of victory immediately disappeared as they began wailing.

Shi Xiaobai sighed in his heart. This was the cruelty of war. So what if they had won?

After seeing familiar companions turning into cold corpses, was there a failure worse than such pain?

Shi Xiaobai quietly looked into the distance. He knew that the war had just begun. The next wave of attacks from the Celestial domain would quickly befall them.

How should he prevent the war?

At that moment, an Infernal general suddenly walked towards Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai asked in wonder, “Is there something?”

The Infernal general knelt down respectfully. With a nearly inaudible voice, he whispered, “Your Majesty, is tomorrow’s plan to be continued?”

Shi Xiaobai was startled as he asked in surprise, “Tomorrow’s plan?”

The Infernal general said with a nod, “Yes, Your Majesty. Didn’t you secretly arrange a plan of invading Transcendence three days ago. Now with the Celestial domain suddenly attacking us, are we to continue carrying out our plan?”

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