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Chapter 408: Take you flying in awesomeness

From the very beginning with only one segment of the array formation destroyed to that very moment when the Infernal domain barrier suddenly collapsed, it was clear that it was a series of plans put into motion when the Celestial army came attacking ferociously.

“It looks like the Celestial domain is bent on invading the Infernal domain!”

Liu Yu said with a frown, “Why is this happening? Did someone stir the hatred between the Celestial domain and the Infernal domain?”

The Hero King once stole the Celestial King’s Celestial Jade and handed it to the Infernal King. It immediately sparked the Celestial King’s hatred for the Infernal domain which resulted in war. And the current situation seems somewhat familiar.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows began to knit together. He recalled that back in the Silent Desolate Lands, Speechless had once said that he wanted to replicate the legend of the Hero King.

Could it be possible that Speechless had replicated the Hero King’s methods and stirred hatred?

He had not received the Celestial Jade that Speechless sent, so none of it made sense.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment, but he chose not to tell the matter regarding Speechless to the rest. Although he had met Speechless once, he could sense that Speechless was a righteous person. It was unlikely he would do such a thing.

Everyone hastened their footsteps and rushed to the perimeter of the Infernal domain. According to the Infernal guard’s report, more than ten thousand Celestial soldiers were invading the Infernal domain’s first line of defense. As for the Infernal army, they were already gathered and were in the midst of destroying the enemy.

The more than ten thousand Celestial soldiers was in fact not a very large number compared to the immense size of the Celestial domain. This was likely just the first wave to probe the Infernal domain, but it also implied that the war had already begun.

Although Shi Xiaobai was a fake Infernal King, he had seen with his own eyes the love and respect the Infernal citizens gave to the Infernal King in the afternoon. Their pure loyalty had touched him. Therefore, even though there was no need for him to shoulder the responsibility of the Infernal domain’s life and death, he planned on reinforcing the Infernal soldiers without any hesitation.

As for Sunless and company, they had seen the Infernal domain’s book collection, tinkered with the Infernal domain’s weapons, and eaten the Infernal domain’s delicacies. They felt somewhat indebted to it and in addition to Shi Xiaobai being the Infernal domain’s Infernal King, they were prepared to lend a helping hand.

There was no need to mention the silver-haired girl. Her blunder had caused the death of four succubi. She was filled with remorse so there was no reason for her to hesitate.

Everyone had grim expressions, but none of them felt very nervous. Although it was possible that the war had been incited, the war had only just begun. They believed that with their strength, the war would quickly come to an end the moment they joined.

But when they arrived at the battlefield, all of them were somewhat stunned.

The Infernal domain’s soldiers were embroiled in a massacre with the Celestial domain’s soldiers. There were sounds of weapons clashing and blades piercing into flesh. There were angry shouts and shrill screams that kept assaulting their auditory senses. The battlefield was covered with blood and corpses. As the soldiers trampled over the corpses, they became the next to be trampled.

It was beyond their wildest imaginations that a battle between tens of thousands of soldiers would be such a bloody horror!

The silver-haired girl could not help but turn her head away as she did not dare to look any further. Sunless lowered her head slightly as well as she did not wish to see such a bloody scene. The expressions of Shi Xiaobai and company turned solemn.

The soldiers on both sides of the battlefield were like two differently colored sand mixed together. In the chaotic battle, an area-of-effect attack would result in friendly fire. However, if they killed one after another, how long would it take to kill more than ten thousand soldiers?

Furthermore, the few of them may have killed demonic beasts or monsters, but they had never killed Celestial soldiers or humanoid creatures. There would be a strong resistance that came from their instincts.

The cruelties of war caused people to flinch and shrink back at the sight of it.

Killing in war was so heartless and without reason. There was no way to do it as if it was only right and natural.

But if nothing was done, the Infernal and Celestial soldiers would die constantly. Doing nothing was also a form of killing.

Immediately, the trial-takers fell into confusion.

Shi Xiaobai looked at everyone and whispered, “If we participate in the war, it might be possible to end the war quickly. But it will just increase the killing. This King does not wish for that to happen, and it is likely you share the same thoughts. Therefore, what we do is not killing, but to utterly smash the enemy’s morale and force them to flee.”

Liu Yu said in surprise, “How do we do it?”

Shi Xiaobai said a few simple words gently, “Destroy the leader and the army will collapse!”

When the rest heard him, their glazed eyes lit up. They turned to look and saw that on the other end of the battlefield, there was a Celestial officer riding a horse. He was protected by several Celestial soldiers. He was located right behind the Celestial army, so he was clearly the general of the ten-thousand-strong army.

At that moment, Liu Yu, who looked far into the distance for a moment, said, “That is one of the ten Divine Generals of the Celestial domain. This Penniless Priest had seen him in the information. If This Penniless Priest remembers correctly, he is the Divine General Centaur, who is ranked tenth among the ten Divine Generals.”

When Liu Yu said this, everyone took a careful look. They discovered that the Celestial domain’s officer was not riding a horse, but that his lower half was that of a horse!

Shi Xiaobai immediately said, “Stay here and wait. This King will go and kill it.”

If one wanted to kill the Celestial army’s Divine General that was located right at the back, one needed to traverse the entirety of the bloody and chaotic battlefield. One would also face the obstruction of layer after layer of Celestial soldiers. To Shi Xiaobai, who had once traversed a land filled with demonic beasts, it was nothing. However, for the rest who did not have particularly good movement techniques, the difficulty and risk was self-evident.

Therefore, Shi Xiaobai did not wish for the rest to take any risks with him.

However, the rest clearly would not let Shi Xiaobai take the risk alone. Sunless took a step forward and said softly, “I’m going too.”

Pulp Farmer and company also brandished their weapons to express their determination.

The most exaggerated one was the silver-haired girl. She suddenly walked behind Shi Xiaobai and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Shi Xiaobai turned his head in surprise. The rest were also extremely startled.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Xiaobai asked in surprise.

Did the silver-haired girl’s suddenly hug him boldly from behind to stop him from risking his life?

No, such an action did not make sense.

The silver-haired girl’s eyes were shimmering but she did not dare to look into Shi Xiaobai’s eyes. She gradually blushed but at the next moment, with a whoosh, a gigantic pair of crystalline wings appeared from her back!

The silver-haired girl could not speak, so she used her actions to reveal her intentions. She flapped her crystalline wings and flew up into the sky. Shi Xiaobai, who was hugged from the back, naturally flew up into the sky with her!

Only at that moment did Shi Xiaobai and company understand the silver-haired girl’s intentions. She was planning to carry Shi Xiaobai and fly across the chaotic battlefield!

Shi Xiaobai gaped and wanted to tell the silver-haired girl that there was no need to do so. With his Crab Steps, it was not difficult for him to traverse the battlefield. However, he did not say a word after hesitating for a moment.

It was because the watery eyes that kept dodging him were filled with determination and persistence.

She wanted to do something and she had to do something so as to make herself feel less remorseful.

The silver-haired girl hugged Shi Xiaobai tightly as she flew towards the vast sky.

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