AC Chapter 407

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Chapter 407: A Fool that did not care for his life

Infernal domain

After the sudden explosion, a high-pitched alarm rang incessantly throughout the entire Infernal domain. There were panicked footsteps and noisy shouts in the Infernal Palace.

Shi Xiaobai placed down the book in his hand and walked out of his bedroom.

Under the bright lights, he could see many succubi and Infernals running in panic. Just as Shi Xiaobai walked out of his bedroom, an armored Infernal guard ran towards the bedroom.

“Your Majesty!”

Despite his haste, the Infernal guard never forgot to kneel and address him appropriately.

Shi Xiaobai immediately asked, “What happened?”

The Infernal guard clearly was here to report on the alarm that had sounded in the Infernal domain. Without even catching his breath, he immediately said, “Your Majesty, an enemy has intruded into the Infernal domain at night. According to the reports, those soldiers are apparently Celestials from the Celestial domain, who had signed a peace agreement of never stepping out of the Celestial domain a thousand years ago! It is very likely for the Celestial domain to have violated the peace agreement, launching a sneak attack on the Infernal domain!”

Shi Xiaobai faltered slightly. He did not know much of the history between the Celestial domain and Infernal domain, so he could only continue asking, “What was that explosion from before?”

The Infernal guard answered respectfully, “Your Majesty, a Celestial soldier did a suicide attack and destroyed a segment of the array formation! However, all the intruders have already been vanquished. Your Majesty, please rest assured. The enemy’s sneak attack has only managed to destroy one of the segments of the array formation. The artisans are already carrying out emergency repairs. It will not cause any problems to the Infernal domain’s barrier!”

Shi Xiaobai frowned slightly. Although he was unsure what the array formation and the Infernal domain barrier were, it was clear there was an ulterior motive for the enemy to choose to launch a suicide attack to destroy the formation array.

“Carefully confirm that there are no more intruders. Pass This King’s command. Strengthen the defenses and patrols. The enemy’s offense is definitely not over.”

Although Shi Xiaobai was not the real Infernal King, he would not go as far as not do a thing. After a moment of consideration, he said with a deep voice, “Send troops to heavily guard every segment of the array formation. The enemy’s goals is definitely not a single segment. If there are any abnormal occurrences later, send someone immediately to inform This King.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The Infernal guard immediately replied in deference. Then, he scrambled to carry out Shi Xiaobai’s orders.

Shi Xiaobai was still able to make a reasonable judgement and pass orders calmly despite the blurry state of events.

However, Shi Xiaobai had an ominous feeling. He began to regret that he had exposed the Infernal Queen too early. If not, he could consult the Infernal Queen and obtain more important information.

How infuriating. A free source of information was gone just like that.

The alarm was still sounding incessantly. It was shrill and brought with it an uneasy panic. It wasn’t true that the Infernal domain had never encountered an intrusion before. In fact, many Bravehearts had attempted to infiltrate the Infernal domain at night, but this was the first time a segment of the Infernal domain’s barrier was destroyed. This was supposed to be an important secret of the Infernal domain and it seemed like the enemy had learned of this.

And according to the reports, the enemy was likely the arch-nemesis of the Infernal domain for millennia—the Celestial domain.

This seemed to suggest that a bitter war was about to begin.

The person that was stirred by the alarms was not limited to Shi Xiaobai. Liu Yu, Pulp Farmer, Feng Yuanlin, and Sunless quickly came to the Infernal King’s palace. Even the silver-haired girl who had went to bed early on was awoken as she rushed over.

The silver-haired girl’s expression did not seem very good. Her eyes were slightly red and lumpy. Clearly, she had cried in remorse after returning to her room. When she came to the palace, she immediately blushed when she saw Shi Xiaobai. Clearly, she had recalled of the embarrassing matter in the afternoon. She quietly hid behind Sunless, but could not help but steal a few glances at Shi Xiaobai.

Shi Xiaobai gave the silver-haired girl a concerned glance. Although he noticed that she did not look well, her mental state was not as unstable as it was in the afternoon. He was slightly relieved.

With everyone gathered, Shi Xiaobai immediately explained to them about the reason behind the explosion and the alarm. He had an ominous feeling about the matter, but he was unsure about its severity.

Shi Xiaobai repeated the report given to him by the Infernal guard ad verbatim to them. He wished that Liu Yu and company, who had done some research of the seventh level’s world, would be able to provide him with some information.

It was unexpected that Liu Yu had a drastic change of expression when he finished listening to Shi Xiaobai’s description!

Liu Yu exclaimed, “Oh no, the Infernal domain’s barrier will be destroyed!”

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly asked, “Why do you say so?”

Liu Yu said anxiously, “In fact, This Penniless Priest also doesn’t know much about the story behind the Celestial domain and Infernal domain. I happened to see some information in the library this afternoon. I learned that the Infernal domain and the Celestial domain had a war that extinguished many lives a thousand years ago. In the end, the Celestial King chose to sign a peace agreement to never step out of the Celestial domain. That finally ended the war! But now, the Celestial domain has suddenly launched a sneak attack. They have violated the agreement, which is equivalent to tearing up the peace treaty! They want to start a war!”

“Infernal domain and its defensive barrier is an impenetrable fort that is almost impossible to be taken down! The only way for the Celestial domain to wage a war is to destroy the Infernal domain’s barrier! Although they have destroyed only one segment of the array formation, don’t forget the saying—an ant hole can cause the collapse of a great dike! Benefactor Shi Xiaobai, we can’t just stand here waiting. We need to personally protect the array formation!”

Shi Xiaobai felt his heart jump when he heard that. He finally realized the seriousness of the situation, but before he could say a thing, he suddenly heard a deafening explosion!

Everyone was startled but the explosions did not come to a stop as another explosion rang!

Immediately following that, the second, third, fourth…segments were next. In less than a minute, there were hundreds of explosions that echoed throughout the Infernal domain!

The entire Infernal domain shook from the explosions. Wails from children could be heard as the screams of the Infernals constantly filled the sky. It was as if Armageddon had begun.

A minute later, the explosions came to a stop.

Liu Yu said with a pale face, “It’s too late. The Infernal domain’s barrier has been destroyed.”

At that moment, the Infernal guard that previously came to report stumbled in as he ran. Before he reached the hall, his anxious voice could be heard!

“Your Majesty, things are bad! The barrier of the Infernal domain has been destroyed. The Celestial army is beginning their invasion!”

In the Silent Desolate Lands, in a barren land about ten miles from the Infernal domain, more than ten thousand Transcendent soldiers were resting. They were exhausted from the night march here.

But looking at the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan in front of them, they were reminded of his terrifying power. They did not dare to accommodate the thought of desertion. There were soldiers that had previously attempted to desert but were easily discovered by the gargantuan. With a simple jump, he crossed thousands of soldiers and squashed the fleeing soldiers into a meat pulp. The massive body that did not seem to match his speed and agility was appalling. It made them not even dare to resist him.

The gargantuan was sitting down at the moment, and watching the Infernal domain from a distance like a mountain.

And behind the gargantuan was Moya, who looked apprehensive and respectful.

Moya, who had once repeatedly abused the gargantuan verbally was afraid that the gargantuan would pursue the matter. Therefore, he appeared very loyal and humble. He knew that he was no different from an ant in front of the gargantuan.

When the explosions that lasted for a minute and billowing smoke came from the Infernal domain, Moya could not resist asking, “What happened to the Infernal domain? Was that previously planned by Your Majesty?”

The gargantuan gave Moya a sidewards glance before turning his head back. He said softly, “It’s only someone that has taken action before This King. If This King isn’t wrong, it’s the Celestial army.”

Moya was appalled as he said, “The Celestial domain has sent troops to attack the Infernal domain as well? Then what should we do now?”

The gargantuan coldly said a single word, “Wait.”

Moya instinctively asked, “What are we waiting for?”

The gargantuan impatiently stared at Moya. It made Moya shiver in fear but the gargantuan finally said, “If a snipe and a clam are locked in fight, it is only to the advantage of the fisherman. What do you think This King is waiting for?”

Moya was enlightened as he felt lucky!

Thankfully, the gargantuan was not a fool. He did not choose to forcibly intrude in the war between the Celestial domain and Infernal domain. Instead, he had wisely chosen to strike at the end. This gave their slim hopes of victory a boost.

Moya said in excitement, “Your Majesty is wise! When the Celestial domain’s armies are mostly destroyed, the Infernal domain would definitely be almost exhausted of their supplies and ammunition! When the time comes, we will send our troops and cooperate with the Celestial domain. In that case, we will definitely be able to conquer the Infernal domain!”


It was unexpected that the gargantuan sneered and scolded Moya after hearing him. He said coldly, “Who says that This King will be cooperating with the Celestial domain? Remember, the race of the Transcendents is the strongest race in the world. The Infernals and Celestials will definitely kneel before the Transcendents! This King is only waiting for the Celestials to go into full force. When the time comes, This King will not only kill all the Infernal and Celestial soldiers in the Infernal domain, but the next step would be to invade the Celestial domain. Both the Infernal domain and Celestial domain will be destroyed!”

Moya felt like a bolt of lightning struck him when he heard that!

He never expected that the gargantuan’s ambitions were so high that it was ridiculous.

Heavens, using ten thousand exhausted soldiers and weak generals, he wanted to destroy both the Infernal domain and Celestial domain?

Fuck, after all that, the gargantuan was a fucking fool that did not care for his life!

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