AC Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: The Seductive Infernal Queen

“Who the hell are you!?”

Shi Xiaobai asked the question that puzzled him the most.

He could tell that the Infernal Queen in front of him was not the real Infernal Queen, but he could not figure out who the fake Infernal Queen was.

With absolute strength that overwhelmed him but had to pretend to be the Infernal Queen to seduce him. Who would do that?

“Clap! Clap! Clap…”

The crisp sound of applause sounded. The Infernal Queen beamed as she clapped. She said softly, “I never expected you to see through me so fast. That’s right, I’m really not the real Infernal Queen, but…don’t you want to turn something fake into reality?”

The Infernal Queen’s eyes flashed with a seductive look as she took a step forward. She lifted her arms and raised the jade bunnies in front of her chest. She split her legs slightly and exposed the most enticing but unspeakable things.

“As long as you want it, this lovely body will be yours to play with.”

The Infernal Queen’s voice was charming and seductive. It sounded like decadent moaning which could easily stir the desires of others.

Shi Xiaobai calmly focused on the Infernal Queen’s naked body but he did not show the slightest bit of fascination, nor did he deliberately turn his head away. He studied the enticing private parts of the Infernal Queen as though he was looking at a cold piece of rock.

“You pretended to be the Infernal Queen and made so many lies. The goal is to seduce This King, so how could This King fall for it despite knowing it?”

Shi Xiaobai said with a sneer, “If you still have any sense of shame, put your clothes on.”

The Infernal Queen was stunned when she heard this and she snorted coldly, “Shi Xiaobai, is it possible that you are impotent? Or is it possible that you do not like tainted goods? Don’t worry, this body has never been touched by anyone else. If you wish, you can become her only man. Aren’t you even stirred at all?”

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said with a scoff, “It seems like you still haven’t figured out the situation. It’s not that This King does not have any physiological response. By stripping naked, This King will obviously harden as a form of courtesy, but This King is not like the perverted schlocks that only think with their dicks.”

“How boring.”

The Infernal Queen sighed before turning around to pick up her clothes. She wore them at an adequate pace, but it was apparent that the Infernal Queen was still insistent. She continued posing in a seductive manner as she put the clothes on while staring at Shi Xiaobai. She looked even more enticing than when she was taking the clothes off.

Shi Xiaobai continued ignoring the Infernal Queen’s final efforts as he calmly asked, “Who are you?”

The Infernal Queen slowly pulled up her panties that were already between her legs. When she raised her thigh, she deliberately came to a stop. When she heard Shi Xiaobai’s question, she smiled with squinted eyes, “Try guessing?”

Shi Xiaobai was appalled. The Infernal Queen’s remark revealed something completely different from her mature demeanor. It resembled more like a playful girl.

Shi Xiaobai was momentarily left at a loss as to how to respond.

However, the Infernal Queen’s interest was suddenly stirred. As she looked at Shi Xiaobai with a grin, she said, “I’ll give you three chances. If you are able to guess my identity correct in the three chances, I’ll honestly admit to it. However, if you are unable to guess it after three times, you will never know the truth. Cherish the precious opportunity. I suddenly look forward to the question of whether you are able to guess of my identity with your intelligence.”

Shi Xiaobai faltered for a moment but he did not reject the Infernal Queen’s suggestion.

He was very confident in his own intelligence.

“For This King to be designated as the Infernal King by the assessment program, it means the scheme must be related to the assessment program. This King is unable to precisely guess your identity, but there is one thing that can’t be wrong!”

Shi Xiaobai said confidently, “You were created by the assessment program. The assessment program gave you the Infernal Queen’s body and identity, and provided you with information regarding This King. It also gave you immense strength and also the mission of seducing This King!”

This was the only information that Shi Xiaobai had managed to infer. He was confident that he wasn’t wrong.

However, the Infernal Queen shook her head and said without even thinking, “Wrong, especially wrong!”

Shi Xiaobai was flabbergasted. That could actually be wrong?

However, from the Infernal Queen’s grinning expression, it looked like she was relishing Shi Xiaobai’s failure at guessing. It did not seem like she was lying

However, if the Infernal Queen was not sent by the assessment program, how did she gain the identity rights of the Infernal Queen?

Shi Xiaobai hurriedly turned his head as his eyes lit up. “You previously said—’this body has never been touched by anyone else. If you wish, you can become her only man’. You referred your body as ‘her’, which points to the fact that the body isn’t yours. You only replaced the Infernal Queen’s soul! You were not created by the assessment program, but you also have the ability to replace the Infernal Queen’s soul. Then there are two possibilities. Firstly, you do not belong to the land of the trials. You are an outsider! Secondly, you are the…Level Lord!?”

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she fell silent for a moment. She gave Shi Xiaobai a deep glance and said, “You are very smart. You were able to manage to notice such tiny details. Even I didn’t notice that I had revealed anything, but you were able to infer so much from it. You are indeed impressive. But…you guessed wrong.”

Shi Xiaobai gaped slightly. He did not shout out aghast ‘how can it be possible’ like ordinary people when facing such a situation. Instead, he continued thinking. Even though his extremely convincing theory had been denied without any reason, he was not thrown into confusion.

A look of admiration flashed in the Infernal Queen’s eyes as she chuckled and said, “You have already guessed twice, but gave three answers. Technically speaking, you have failed. However, I’m truly looking forward to you being able to guess my identity, so I’ll give you one last chance. You still have three other chances. Go ahead and guess. Who am I?”

Shi Xiaobai fell silent as he gave the Infernal Queen a silent glance. Suddenly, he turned towards the desk and nonchalantly picked up a book to flip through it.

“Have you given up?”

A look of disappointment flashed in the Infernal Queen’s eyes.

Shi Xiaobai shook his head and said, “Give up? Such a word does not exist. This King just doesn’t want to waste the third opportunity. Rest assured. This King will manage to guess your identity. Just wait till the moment when This King has enough clues. This King hopes that when he reveals your real identity, you would be able to uphold your promise and admit it honestly.”

Shi Xiaobai did not like to make blind guesses without any reason. He knew that if he were to blindly guess, it would be a waste of an opportunity.

When the Infernal Queen heard this, she beamed even more as she chuckled, “Then, I’ll look forward to it.”

As the Infernal Queen laughed, she walked towards the large and soft silk-laden bed.

“You are the fake Infernal King and I’m the Infernal Queen. Two fakes make it true, so why don’t you turn something fake into reality?”

The Infernal Queen threw herself onto the bed and rolled on it once. Squirming into the blanket, she said seductively, “I’ll first warm the bed. Whenever you want to come to bed, I’ll open my legs to warmly welcome you.”

Shi Xiaobai only smiled silently at the seductive Infernal Queen’s words. He cast his gaze back on the desk. He chose to expose her in order to prevent the Infernal Queen from sexual harassment. It gave him more time to investigate clues left behind by the real Infernal King.

However, just as Shi Xiaobai was flipping through a small notebook that resembled a diary, a loud explosion sounded from the distance.

Immediately following that, a high-pitched alarm resounded incessantly throughout the entire Infernal domain.

The silence outside the bedroom was instantly broken by panicked footsteps and noisy shouts.

“What’s the situation!?”

Shi Xiaobai instinctively looked at the Infernal Queen and asked.

In bed, the Infernal Queen yawned lazily and said with squinted eyes, “You ask me, but who can I ask?”

It was obvious that she was feigning ignorance, but her emotive acting was extremely playful. It was like she was saying ‘I know, but I’ll not tell you. Are you angry?’

Shi Xiaobai laughed from his anger, but there was nothing he could do about her. Putting down the notebook in hand, he walked out to figure out what had happened.

Damn it, it’s infuriating. Exposing her appeared a bit too early.

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